Natural Healing for Chronic Mold Exposure


If you have been exposed to mold spores either from the ventilation system at work, or from your home, you know very well the devastating impact chronic exposure can have on your health.

The ill effects of Chronic Mold Exposure often results from the impact on the spleen-pancreas meridian, but also the Kidney's. 

Chronic mold exposure weakens the organs. The exposure can then weaken the endocrine glands, often having a profound impact on the adrenals, and the thyroid gland as well.

Symptoms of Chronic Mold Exposure.

Some of the symptoms of chronic mold exposure may be

  • short term memory difficulties
  • difficulty urinating, dribbling
  • mood swings
  • easily angered
  • difficulty sleeping
  • chronic fatigue
  • fatigue after eating reactive foods
  • allergies develop or become much stronger
  • reacting to different foods
    • vinegar
    • soy sauce
    • whole wheat bread
    • organic meats
  • development of the infection: chronic candidiasis
  • mental exhaustion or mental fatigue
  • aversion to chemicals in the air, air sprays
  • need for fresh air all the time
  • aversion to cold air
  • feeling a weakened immunity to colds/flu's
  • brain fog

People with chronic mould exposure often have the obvious respiratory difficulties.

Medicine Has No Cure For Chronic Mould Exposure

Medicine does not usually understand the effects of mold exposure on the organs and glands, because it does not understand the impact of weakening and congestion in the acupuncture meridian system.  Blood tests can appear normal. And most doctors would not suspect an affect on the normal functioning of the brain either.

However, one brain expert, Dr. Daniel Amen, a noted psychiatrist, and brain imaging expert who uses SPECT brain scans to understand the brain function of his patients, and who has written several best selling books, understands the devastating effects of previous chronic mold exposure on the brain.

Natural supplements and Energetic supplements are really the only thing that can help.

After removing the source of the mold, and preventing any off-gassing from other materials, the body has to be strengthened completely. Hanna Kroeger Healer provides a plan in a Vibrational Reading Supplement Plan that works. When multiple causes of ill-health have manifested they need to be treated in a priority.

We offer a thorough plan to get well, from even the slightest mold exposure, and a thorough understanding of why you are sick in the first place.

Master Healer Salvatore (the Natural Health Practitioner) talks to each client individually and offers Healing Coaching as the client progresses in restoring Health.

Mold Exposure really can be a difficult thing to deal with unless there is Real Expertise and understanding.

In fact, mold exposure can lead to mental imbalances, which can be subtle, and are probably caused by a weakening of the blood brain barrier, causing brain reactivity to mycotoxins (fungal toxins in food). For example, even the slightest amount of fungal toxins on Almonds, which are one of the nuts which have minimal mycotoxins on them can cause acute brain dysfunction!

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Women Are More Susceptible

Women in particular may be more susceptible to the effects of chronic mold spore exposure when they have had several pregnancies. The issue may be caused by a weakening of the organs during pregnancy, particularly the Kidneys.

The Most Significant Health Disturbances

These Effects of mold exposure are often very pronounced:

  1. Weakened immunity
  2. Weakened digestion
  3. Cold meridians
  4. Hypo-thyroidism difficulties
  5. Adrenal exhaustion
  6. Blood sugar imbalances: hypoglycemia

Many of these go hand in hand, and therefore are difficult to separate from each other. For example, when the thyroid is affected, the adrenals can be too.

However, medical tests may not show any sign of these.  If a medical test for TSH shows a low-functioning thyroid gland, the patient may still not suspect mold exposure.

It is important to not be in denial about what state of health your body is in, and speficially what resources you have at your disposal that really help.

Being totally honest with yourself can save you years of being sick before you start to get better again.

Energy or Chi Flow is Disturbed Throughout the Body

The issue of weakened immunity and digestion, and cold meridians results from a fundamental weakening of the flow of chi throughout the body. This chi flows through the meridians and into and through the organs and glands.

These three health difficulties are related by way of the Spleen. The spleen is the organ on the left hand side of the body, behind the rib cage. Through it passes the Spleen-Pancreas meridian.

When the Spleen is disturbed, there can also be a disturbance of the menstrual flow, because the Spleen is the source of blood in the body. Also there can be edema (water retention), and cold limbs.

The Spleen can get enlarged during mold exposure, called splenomegaly in medical terms because it continues to try to work, and do its job of transforming and transporting food. The Spleen is the source of Qi and blood. That means it supplies energy to make everything work in the body.   The other source of energy in the body is the breath.

Lack of Muscle Tone

One of the other important signs of a weakened spleen is muscle flaccidity medically called muscle hypotonicity. A trained medical doctor can see this lack of muscle tone in a physical evaluation.

There are obviously a large range of symptoms that are associated with a disturbed spleen due to mold exposure.

Herbals and Treatment Useful for Chronic Mold Exposure

The use of herbals to strengthen the spleen or kidneys is necessary to begin to feel better again. It can however take several months to feel better again.

That statement is true if you have the correct formulas, and also if you have additional formulas to detoxify any mold toxins in the body. A comprehensive Vibrational Reading Supplement Plan is the best option to Begin your Healing.

A Vibrational Reading Supplement Plan gives the proper choice of supplements and the correct dosages -- often staging the supplements as the body gets stronger. Often times the supplement needs to change with the season, or the dosage changed when the seasons change. There is no reason though that one particular supplement need be taken all the time.

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Why Do People with Chronic Mold Exposure Have Memory Problems?

The spleen and kidneys help with the energy to the brain, and so people with chronic mold exposure often have memory problems even after the mold exposure is abated. 

The Spleen-Pancreas meridian is connected to producing and circulation the energy throughout the body. When it get's weakened, which in TCM is called Spleen-Qi Deficiency, the digestion is weak. Fat's and oils are not digested well, and the bowel movements would float. Also there would be likely be food in the stools.

Often people with chronic mold exposure are too weak to even have acupuncture, or the acupuncture disturbs the body away from healing. The release of toxins may be too difficult for the body to handle.

Foods To Avoid or Minimize During Healing

Nuts would be the most difficult to digest when the Spleen is weak. Carrots and other orange or yellow foods are good for the spleen.

While in chinese medicine yams are good for the spleen, the use of yams can cause further difficulties because of the mold on the skin, and sometimes inside.

In fact, during the times of 9pm to 11pm at night, (this is directly opposed to the spleen time of 9am to 11am) are the times when the weakest signs show up for mental function, exhaustion, diarrhea, bloating, dizziness.

TCM Formulas for The Spleen

One very traditional chinese medicine (TCM) formula for the Spleen is Gui Pi Tang, which in English is Restore the Spleen Decoction; There are many others. The Tang in the name this formula is used in a decoctions. Gui Pi Wan would be a pill form of the herbs. However, the little pills in patented chinese formulas in small bottles are not recommended as the ingredients may be of poor and questionable quality including additional non medicinal ingredients.

Additional Advice

Eat Well Cooked Food. No Raw, or Cold Food, and minimize cooling foods.

You may notice that salad cannot be digested properly. Depending on the warmth generated in the body, it may be necessary to eat less yogurt, and or avoid acidophilus pills.

Avoid excessive thinking. Excessive thinking in jobs can create a weakened spleen, thus being a contributing cause to spleen disorders, and digestive disorders. Excessive thinking includes studying a great deal, without frequent breaks.

Most Important Supplements

Mushroom Extracts May Be Necessary for Immune Restoration.  These can be the most important supplements to heal the body.

For Best Results

For best results Purchase a Vibrational Reading Supplement Plan. The Supplements used will have a very high resonance to your body. You will receive dosage charts, additional information on food that can enhance your health, and foods that should be avoided.

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