Law of Attraction: What Was I Thinking?

If you signed up for the newsletter recently, you probably want to know what kind of value or information you will receive, and how I work to help people get much better health. In that respect, I usually write about Vibrant and Sustainable Health. The kind of health that keeps you well, and therefore away from the doctor. It is always on my mind when I work with a client.

Law of Attraction: What Are You Thinking?

It's been 3 weeks since my last newsletter, and this will be the first newsletter for March 2016.

I have written several newsletters about various topics of interest to various people. You can see the links for these below.

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Anyway's, every once and a while I feel compelled to write about Law of Attraction, affirmations, and thought work. It gives me great joy to explain it. Thought work is the most important thing when it comes to achieving vibrant health, or achieving any amount of better health for that matter. It is even more important than taking the correct pills. Almost everyone needs some coaching in thought work, and I do this when I work with clients if it is necessary. Anyone who wants to achieve better health must ensure that their thoughts and, therefore their vibration are in alignment to achieve that.

I guide people with the right thoughts, and then you continue on your own path with the right thoughts.

Everything comes to you because of your thoughts!

I try to do this writing about Law of Attraction without duplicating any previous content about this and make it very interesting. I have written a newsletter previously about this, and you can find it on-line at my website here: To Be Well Feel Well. It gives me great joy to explain it so that people can be freed from their own binding beliefs through awareness and achieve better health. Doing some thought work now, because of this newsletter can help you see the solution that is awaiting you!

In this newsletter I am going to persuade you how important your thoughts are in achieving anything, be it better health, or better financial success, or a better job to go with it.

I've been studying and working intensely with Law of Attraction thought work utilizing the Abraham-Hicks materials, books, and CDs, since 2007. The teachings of Abraham are voluminous and very enjoyable.

I first started my journey though by viewing The Secret DVD created by Rhonda Browne. I'm most grateful to Rhonda for such a beautiful and inspiring video. If you haven't seen it, and you want to learn more, you can view it or purchase it with Amazon.

I am a Master of the Law of Attraction as well as being a Healer and Long Distance Natural Health Practitioner, and Vibrational Healer.

When I work with clients I sometimes find out that there are negative affirmations lurking around. An affirmation is just affirming something to be true, something that is usually wanted.

A negative affirmation can be saying "I don't want this." For example, "I don't ever want to be in a car accident!" But you have to immediately turn your attention to what you do want and not keep affirming what you don't want. So, the correct affirmation would be "I want to always drive safely." or if you are a passenger, "I always want to feel safe in a vehicle."

It should not be about driving in "protection."

Negative affirmations always contradict positive affirmations. For example, someone affirms better health, but they can't seem to affirm moving out to a better residence with better air quality when it is an issue to be addressed immediately. So, they have a negative affirmation about moving.

"I won't be able to find an affordable new place!"

"I won't be able to find the right people to help me!"

Sometimes there is just a focus on the correct affirmation, with feeling good, about moving to a better air quality residence, and the Universe just gives you the solution. But you have to take it and be prepared to see it.

"My Health is Better and Better Every Day!"

Or someone affirms better health, by saying "My Health is Better and Better Every day!", but then they focus on what is missing in their health. And you can't do that and achieve better health.

Or they go to see a doctor to get diagnosed with more and disease, or take more and more tests.

Is There Anyone in Your Family With Great Health?

"I will always have this condition."

"We have a family history of disease."

"There is no one in my family with great health!" Actually, this affirmation is more positive than saying: "Everyone in my family has some kind of medical disease."

These are statements of pessimism, of being stuck in ill health.

Or you often look at people who have a medical disease who or are suffering, family members or otherwise, and wonder if you, yourself will get that disease.

These would not be thoughts of wellness because thoughts about wellness naturally find solutions to stay healthy!

Negative Affirmation Are Usually Subconscious!

Negative affirmations can be subconscious, and usually are. They are chronic beliefs which a person has. Chronic does not mean bad. Chronic might just mean it keeps going on and on, always there. Although we don't say it because we take it for granted, we might say, I have chronically running tap water on demand at home to wash my dishes.

A chronic belief or affirmation for one person might be, "If a person I just spoke to does not understand me the first time I've met them and speak to them, then they won't understand anything further in any conversation, and they would not make a good friend." You see it does not have to be about health. It can be about anything.

A further chronic belief might be to worry endlessly about the negative repercussions of such a negative conversation.

"I have to worry when something does not go my way perfectly, otherwise, I don't really love my Mother."

"The bus did not show up on time this morning. I'm going to be late for work, and will not have a great day."

These are examples of chronic beliefs running through a person's mind, saying these things over and over again. That becomes an instant affirmation, an instant self-fulfilling prophecy if you will.

Psychologist Say We Have More Than 50,000 Thoughts Per Day!

When I was in University, I heard the popular saying, "Psychologist say that people have about 50,000 thoughts per day." I could not fathom that at all during that time. How could one grasp their own thoughts? My thoughts then were to finish my education. Why would anyone want to grasp their own thoughts? It's pretty obvious we are thinking, feeling human beings. Even animals must think too!

The thoughts I would like you to be aware of are the thoughts which guide your well-being. Do you feel you are going to have excellent health for the rest of your life?

Every day, we make affirmations: spoken, written, or otherwise in our thoughts.

"I am going to take this lovely trip." a person might say with incredible enthusiasm and exhilaration. That statement is affirming it will come true.

Most people can do this, and in an instant their thoughts are on the trip, the vacation, and the journey to the destination begins! Their thoughts are on being at the destination, and enjoying the vacation.

This is the key to making it happen: thinking about the end result. Dr. Wayne Dyer calls this "Thinking from the end." The key to manifestation.

Let's face it: some of us are blessed to have picked up great thought patterns from our parents. Other's have to do a little bit more work to get vibrating at a higher thought pattern!

As soon as your thoughts are on the destination, everything you need to get there must come to you. Thought wise first, and then manifested in reality.

Booking the plane tickets, the hotel, showing up at the airport, making sure your luggage is intact, paying the extra fees, and boarding the plane.

It's like someone is talking to you, giving you impulses, saying, "Ok, you want to go on this trip, what airline are you going to take?" "What's it going to cost?", and so on.

But some people don't already realize how to get to the travel destination "Vibrant Health", or the shorter journey, "Better Health."

You went on your first plane trip to some wonderful destination probably when you were young and living with your parents. And so you figured out all these travel bits when you went on your first trip yourself as an adult. But did anyone guide you on removing all those thought patterns that could get you in to less than optimal health?

Some people sadly don't even realize there are destinations such as "Vibrant Health" or "Better Health".

The good news is once you achieve better or vibrant health through the journey (the plane ride), you once again know what you left behind, how you got there so to speak, and how to take an even greater journey from then on.

Is Being Positive All There is To Attracting Health, Wealth, and Well-Being?

Some people believe that being positive will attract all they want in life: health, wealth and vitality, relationships, the right partner, and so on.

But there is a difference between being positive, and having a higher thought vibration: positive expectation (joyful expectation) or an even higher vibration such as pure joy, enthusiasm, eagerness, which brings what you want to you faster. By being in these thought vibrations consistently, you attract more of what you want and allow it.

However, sometimes people get stuck in negative thinking and negative emotion. I've spoken to people who are pessimistic, who are not even at all hopeful about being well.

There was really no positive feeling about being well!

Negative emotion always stems from thinking about something that you have and don't want, or something that you want and don't have. Think about this statement for a few moments.

It is only through lifting yourself into believing you can have what you want that you begin to feel relief, and feel more optimistic, hopeful, and then finally into joyful expectation.

Positive or joyful expectation is saying, "What I want is just around the corner, and is unfolding in the most perfect way!" Believing it, and allowing it, and allowing the energy to flow.

I am very passionate about helping people reach a much higher quality of health. A sustainable Vibrant Health.

One of my intents in writing this newsletter, is to provide you with a simple powerful everyday example in convincing you that you are the creator of your reality with your thoughts.

Even if you have not immediately understood or believed what I have written so far, consider this thought example, which I really love.

Most people have gone through an episode one time in their life, where they ended up looking back, and saying to themselves:

"What Was I Thinking?". I am writing this statement with the sentiment of expressing relief. Joy. A revelation in awareness.

The implication in making this statement is that your own thoughts were not on the mark, and you failed to look at something from the best view point, or made the wrong decision, and you attracted something you did not want. I don't know about you, but I get this visual picture of Steve Guttenberg in some movie saying that with a big smile: "What Was I Thinking?"

Our thinking allows us to see one path or another! To make one kind of decision or another!

But looking back on it, you smile or laugh about it a little bit. There is joy in the revelation, in the new found awareness.

When seeking well-being, there are a few things that people do incorrectly.

As I mentioned they choose to focus on what is missing. When seeking a cure, it is important to focus on well-being, and not on curing the disease.

If a person is in joyful expectation, they might set up an appointment to speak to me about becoming a client, and after that because of thoughts of wellness abounding, think about joining a gym to get some strength training once a week, join a yoga class, start going for a regular walk in some fresh air, feel an impulse to look at a book about health, go and visit a bookstore that has a health book section, or just plain stop being so stressed out and relax!

If you are focused on your Well-Being, then you are allowing the solution, and your body is accepting it! Well-being is a natural state of health!

Clients that come to me are always focused on improving their Well-Being.

In the past, some people have made appointments to speak to me out of desperation. What kind of vibration is that? I'm not sure. It could be pessimism, or frustration, irritation, or impatience?

But that emotion needs to proceed towards joyful expectation very quickly.

It certainly isn't enthusiasm, eagerness, or happiness!

"I can't get answers from the regular medical system, so I'm going to try some alternative."

The medical system is so caring, and you are so used to it, you may not realize that it is a sick care system, and not usually intended to help you get well or stay well.

We usually go to the doctor to find out what is wrong with us, but not usually to speak about how well we are, and get even more pointers about achieving much better health!

We certainly don't usually go to see our doctors to make a correction about our thoughts.

But the medical system is so enormously caring! Perhaps it helped you when you were young too.

It helped me when I was young! I had to have my appendix out when I was in my teens. Then later on when I studied Natural Healing, I realized, not only did I not have to have my appendix out, but neither did I have to have my tonsils out. Having my appendix out was probably not even an emergency either! If we had the knowledge, it probably could have been prevented altogether.

Reverend Hanna Had a Motto: No Incurable Diseases

Reverend Hanna had a motto that there were no incurable diseases. In other words, everything could be cured!

The only thing we really need to cure is our thoughts! And we have full control over our thoughts!

The way to allowing better health is to start with thoughts like, "Wouldn't it be nice if I was completely well."

"Wouldn't it be nice if I felt great all the time."

"Wouldn't it be nice if my Adrenals were in tip-top shape."

"Wouldn't it be nice if this thyroid illness was gone." then jump to:

"Wouldn't it be nice if my thyroid was completely well."

"Wouldn't it be nice if I got well from this Candida infection, and I could do this..."

But the important thing is to put the proper feeling into it. You have to FEEL the end result. And therefore, you have to genuinely FEEL Good!

Almost everyone has heard someone sometime or another say, "I'm going to try." As a wise adult, you've probably heard this many times, but now you consider the feeling behind it.

The feeling is motivated from the intention. So, what is the intention or energy behind "I'll try."?

In reality, there is "I'm going to try, but I've no idea how to do this, and ... I'm going to fail." Failure is the expected outcome. Pessimism is the feeling and the vibration.

Then there's the feeling of joyful expectation behind "I'm going to try and succeed!". Then whatever you need to succeed comes to you through relationships, thoughts, impulses to do things, make decisions differently, read information that is vital, etc.

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