Law of Attraction: To Be Well, Feel Well

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In this newsletter, I am going to write about some principles of Law Of Attraction (LOA) and discuss how it has given me what I wanted, when I asked.

I will also write about what I mean by "To be well, you must feel well", and the power of Affirmations . That is the title of this newsletter.  This may sound like a paradox to you.

Before I explain this statement, I want to say that, every few months, I will write about LOA, because a reasonably good understanding of LOA is necessary to attract and keep your well being. Here's a big secret about staying well, and attracting wellness:

Your thoughts are the most important thing you can work on first. Only you can change your thoughts, and therefore your vibration.

Your thoughts allow you to attract information, people, and relationships which benefit you.

If you are happy, and you want to have a comfortable, excellent life, one full of abundance, vitality, and great health, you will attract it.

The difficulty that people who are sick, or who are wanting to attract better health have though, is that they keep noticing where they are, and they miss the solutions that are presented to themselves every day. It is like looking for lost keys in your home with a blindfold on. First adjust your thoughts to feeling wellness, and then your body can follow. You will be allowing, or be receptive to it. Take off the blindfold, and then you can find your keys. Everything about LOA is about Feeling Good!  From optimism, positive expectation, all the way to joy! Feeling Good, or Feeling Happiness is a choice.

So, how does your vibration affect your health? How do you affect your vibration? It is through your thoughts, and feeling the benefit of those thoughts that you change your vibration.

To more fully understand how your thoughts and your vibration created by your thoughts create health or ill-health, consider these examples.

Let's say you have a candida infection, which many people have, but are also not even aware of. It causes malaise, depression, and mood-swings to name a few symptoms.  It is usually caused by over-consumption of antibiotics early in life. But you can generalize what I'm about to write about in having any disease, whether medically diagnosed or not.

Here's some related negative thoughts, which keep a person stuck:

"I want to be healthy but I can't get over this candida infection in my body."

"I want to be healthy but my bowels don't work properly."

"I want to be healthy but I'm allergic to all these foods."

"I want to be healthy but my doctor has me on all these medications."

"I want to feel better but my body feels crappy all the time."

If you move your thoughts slowly to a positive affirmation, you can slowly see your body will be more receptive to Healing, and thus attracting well-being. You will become much more more receptive to healing, information, people, and rendezvous' that give you what you need. Soon enough your intuition is heightened and you will feel those impulses and understand what you need to do. Everything will become clear to you.

So, your thoughts can change to something like: "I can keep my Candida in control with probiotics".  Then you might say.

"If I take the right supplement for my liver, I can feel better, and get my liver energy back up!"

"There are people who know how to Heal a Candida Infection."

"It's only a matter of taking the right supplements in the right order."

It does not matter what dis-ease, malady, or ill-health you have: Your thoughts are your most important ally.

How I Used LOA to see Elderly People with Great Health

About 6 years ago, I wanted to see how healthy elderly people were, so I became much more observant and attracted elderly people to observe.

I want to honestly say now that I am writing this newsletter, and finding suitable examples of using LOA from my own work as a Natural Health Practitioner, I came to a realization just now of what I had attracted then. I had certain thoughts and therefore requirements that I specifically was focused on observing. I thought it would be easy, to do this, and it turned out very easy. I really wanted to meet elderly people with great health too, and find out a few things about their eating habits, possibly some health details.

My specific requirements were to observe, many elderly, who were on fixed incomes, and who could afford to purchase high quality food, and who lived comfortably, in other words no hard-ships.

I wanted to briefly observe them, by meeting them in public, and looking at them to see whether they were happy and showed vibrant health by the quality of their skin, face, smile, posture, and ability to walk freely, etc.

I also wanted to understand more about medical science's effectiveness in helping people achieve vibrant health at that age.

Mostly I spoke to and observed people closely in supermarkets, and mostly at the point of paying for groceries.

I also wanted to note how any public awareness campaigns showing people with medical disease, on Canadian TV, were affecting local elderly people's mental state, and whether they would attract medical disease as well. I will explain more below.

There were several LOA rendezvous' I set-up to show me what was working for elderly people, and what was not.

I also had a special requirement, to see what some elderly people who did not follow food combining could manifest as disease as well. Specifically I wanted to see those people who ignorantly followed the worst food combining errors, combining sweets with flesh proteins (such as cranberries with turkey) on a regular basis in their meals.

Two elderly women come clearly to my mind as I am writing this. They were the only 2 with vibrant looking health.

The First Note Worthy Person (Stunning Beauty)

The first woman looked stunningly beautiful for her age, and was probably in her early 70s.  She was paying for her groceries which I remember, included Almonds and other natural foods. Not a large quantity of food. I spoke with her. I asked, "Is that all you eat?" in a happy tone.

Woman At Beach in Rainbow Walk©

In other words, "Is that all you eat on a regular basis?" From my recollection, I believe she was purchasing Almonds, and various seeds. She gave me a sense she never ate any processed foods, did not over eat, and was unknowingly following food combining by eating fewer foods at meals, and smaller meals. She looked elegant and slim as well. Her skin looked vibrantly healthy. A sign of great health, because internal toxins and weak digestion would produce more toxins, and the skin would age faster. The more toxins you carry the less healthy you are and vice versa. When I think back about this timely encounter, I remember that in speaking with this woman, there was also a message from her of "I don't worry much about what I eat."

I want to also say, that I was looking for people who were elderly and who also had common sense in their eating habits, and lifestyle habits and had good mental thinking, a satisfying social life, and so on. In other words, people who also had not gone to any great measure to detoxify, by doing cleanses at least once a year, and did not use special diets (eating methodologies, such as the Zone, Paleo, South Beach Diet, Yo-Yo dieting, fad diets, etc). People who were not in the least bit fanatical about Natural Healing or were using it at all.

I was well aware of the common trend in elderly people over 70 to not put much faith in Natural Healing, because they have much faith in medical science.

In other words, I attracted people who did not spend excessive amounts of money on spas, special diets, skin care, and who could afford to eat high quality food, fish several times per week, better cuts of meat, etc.

The Second Noteworthy Elderly Woman (Excellent Mental Function)

The second woman was the most interesting to me. Another serendipitous encounter. When I was behind her in line waiting at the grocery isle, I believe I felt her vibration of worrying. She resonated worry. I then looked at her face. Both her face and actions showed her worrying nature. The way she placed items on the grocery conveyer belt showed a lack of trust for her own memory! As if putting her food items in a particular place, could be incorrectly forgotten in just a few moments, while in the cashier isle! I immediately thought this woman had seen the Alzheimer's awareness campaign on TV and is worried that it could develop in her brain as well. I assured her, "You don't have to worry about Alzheimer's". I honestly intuitively felt that she was waiting for the right person to tell her this. The reason I said that is because she looked so stunningly healthy. I was so astonished, that I wished I was her son, so I could know what she had done most of her life! I did have a brief conversation with her afterwards.

Let me back track a little and explain that a few weeks before this encounter, I was viewing a public awareness campaign on Canadian TV about Alzheimer's, probably developed by the Alzheimer Society of Canada. The frightening part about these commercials was that an Alzheimer's patient described her current state of health, and of course I was given a sense of the deterioration looming on the horizon. Information was given about the intention of early detection, and taking some effective pharmaceutical drug to help slow down the disease. My curiosity was so peaked by this public awareness campaign, that what I really wondered what mental effect it would impart to people? How would people really think about this? This is the reason I attracted a rendezvous with the right woman, who was healthy, and acting out her worry about getting such a dementia.

The message or point I'm wanting to impart on you is that here is a elderly woman who is extremely healthy as is evidence by her skin and posture, and working mental faculties, but who is wondering if she is a candidate (read in going to get) a disease such as Alzheimer's. She told me herself that she is in her 70s.

I was able to gratefully explain to her afterwards how healthy she actually looked, and hopefully allay any further worry for the rest of her life.

In Law of Attraction principles, you attract what you think about, so if you choose to worry chronically about getting some disease, you may have a belief that you are going to grow old with some disease, and that's exactly what will happen to you. You don't have to chronically worry to attract a disease, even if you are aware of the worrying. Chronic worry can bring ill health by itself, and bring about any disease. You could be a very calm person always at peace with yourself, but just have a belief of growing old with disease. And that belief is very easy to have in our society today. It is the default belief! If you had a belief that your life is always peaceful and tranquil, in other words, that YOU always attract peace and tranquility, you would also attract total well-being as well!

Besides the Dementia, what other non-serious disease are awaiting to capture your attention, and reduce your quality of life:

In the USA, in people 65 or over, 50% reported a diagnosis of Arthritis. Some medical thinkers in America, believe that 2/3 of the working population will have arthritis by 2030! Our society needs to be more focused on wellness, and not disease prevention. According to LOA these are 2 different things. Wellness focuses on wellness, and disease prevention focuses on disease!

However, if you always focus on well-being, you must learn to stay well through eating properly and nutritiously, balancing your energies, staying in tune with the seasons, have negligible inflammation, eliminate auto-immune disease, have healthy intestinal flora, take the right supplements, have a happy home environment, and a great work environment, mentally work your brain, perform physical exercise regularly, and perhaps more.

Positive Affirmations, Attracting the Default, and Deliberate Attraction

I encourage my clients to practice positive affirmations. This is because you need to expect and therefore vibrate good health, to achieve it. This is part of the thinking mindset that I mentioned at the beginning of this newsletter: to be well you must feel well, and to feel well you must change your thoughts. Changing your thoughts makes you feel well, become more receptive to Healing, and then you become well!

An affirmation is affirming, or asserting that something is true in your life. Affirmation are usually intended to attract good things in your life. An affirmation however, can be positive or negative. I wish to state that if you give yourself or accept a negative affirmation from someone else, then you are not impeccable with your word. In most people's lives, we practice negative affirmations. That's part of the "nightmare pill" we have taken, mentioned by Rev. Michael Beckwith in the SECRET DVD.

Here's a common negative affirmation for people with a Candida infection. "I'm going to be sick for the rest of my life." This usually happens after a few years of being sick, and going to see a medical doctor who does not understand what you have, because Candida Infection is an Energetic Disease.

The default in our society is to have disease. Otherwise, we'd all be extremely healthy, and when someone we noticed was sick and showed it, they would stand out, and we would then say to them: "You can be healthy!" because we would be happy, and healthy. Instead people who are extremely health especially at an elderly age stand out! Elderly people who are in their 80's or 90's and are still travelling by airplane stand out!

In the principles of LOA there is the principle of Deliberate Attraction. You are no longer on the "default" pilot accepting whatever beliefs are the default, but you then deliberately attract. Consider that not only does our society adopt default beliefs, but so does our Government!

So, you have a choice, you can accept the default beliefs, and expect to have some illness later in life, or you can Deliberately Attract Vibrant Health.

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Incidentally I wanted to include much more information in this newsletter, but I wanted to limit it to a reasonable size. So, I will continue more discussion about LOA in the comments and to a future newsletter. I hope you have found this newsletter valuable in increasing your understanding of vibrant, sustainable health, and it helped you improve your health and life!

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