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Law of Attraction Thinking: Finding the Right Thoughts For Better Health

Newsletter: April 13, 2016

Many people want to be Extremely Well for the rest of their lives.

Many people want to look 20-30 years younger, and feel younger as they age.

But there is one common thing that stops them!

They talk themselves out of it!

One of the Ways People Talk Themselves Out of Better Health

One of the ways people talk themselves out of getting Extremely Well, is by feeling desperate, which is demonstrating frustration.

"I can't find the solution that I want."

"I've tried this technique, and it did not work for me!"

"I worked with this practitioner and I spent over $1,000 and it did not work."

"I've tried these herbs and they did not work for me."

Some people understandably feel anxiety all the time, from a low level to a higher level, and their life is guided by decisions which come from that anxiety.

Anxiety, in my opinion, is one of the most misunderstood emotions a person can have.

But getting back to being desperate, what are the thoughts that one can have in demonstrating being desperate or frustrated before they correct their thoughts and begin to see a path to better health?

Do You Think You Have Tried Everything?

The main feeling when someone wants much better health and is thinking "I've tried everything.", is being frustrated.

People say, “I'm desperate”, but what they mean is “I'm frustrated.”

Let's look at this thought for a moment, and let me explain it better.

I believe many people get stuck in this type of thinking, “I've tried everything!”

I'm sure you have not been immune to losing track of your house keys, or your car keys in your home at one time in your life.

But did you get frustrated? Did frustration actually work for you to find your keys?

No. Frustration never ever works for finding anything at all! Not one single bit! Never will. It is Law of Attraction.

It actually does NOT matter whether it is your keys you were looking for or something ELSE that is valuable and you want!

Like an improvement in health! Or the achievement of a cure! (Remember the lack of a medical cure only means medicine is telling you that there is no simple procedure or pill for you to take!)

It's your thoughts which were NOT pointing to the solution.

An Analogy of Finding the Right Thoughts and Feelings When You Lose Your Keys

I remember a time I had to look for my keys in my home, and I could not find them, finally getting more and more frustrated.

When I finally gave up, sat down, in "desperation", and asked, "How do I find my keys?" I first realized, the only way to find them is with a very calm emotional and mental state.

Otherwise, vibrating, or feeling like that would just end up causing my health harm.

So, I got optimistic. Then I got hopeful I could find them. "My home is not as big as the Queen of England's residence."

I would hate to loose my keys there. They probably have many sets of keys just for that purpose.

Then shortly thereafter, I began feeling joyful expectation, feeling the keys in my hand.

"It really is possible to find those keys!" And shortly thereafter in Joy, I found the keys.

Let's look at another similar example on the other side of the coin: a positive way of thinking.

Some people have travelled much around the world. They enjoy it.

Some people would even go so far as to say, "I've been everywhere around the world!"

"You name it, I've been there."

But that is not what they usually mean. They usually just mean, I've been to every country, and every major city that most people know.

There is no way anyone could have ever travelled everywhere in the world in their life time.

They probably just mean they have been to many more places than the average person.

If what they said were really true, they would just stop travelling. And that would never please them.

So, when someone has this motto, that "I'm not well, and I've tried everything." that is not what they really mean.

They mean, they have never found the right solution or they did not follow through enough with the right solution, to get to the end result (because their thoughts were not corrected). So, they never found those "keys" to unlocking their full health potential because they were always going back and forth within frustration, irritation, impatience, pessimism, and boredom, never getting to Joyful Expectation or even better-feeling emotions.

They did not put in the thought work, even though their heart was into it. They did not continually visualize themselves feeling extremely well and being well.

They did not Vibrate Wellness, and then attract the right person, the correct supplements, the correct plan, and knowledge to help them.

As a Healer, and someone who is versed in understanding Law of Attraction, I can understand the thought aspect of not finding the solution. I have already written about that above.

Is It Easy To Find the Right Supplements To Gain Better Health?

As a Natural Health Practitioner, and Vibrational Healer, I can also understand when a person is not able to find and use the right supplements that resonate properly to bring them better health in the long-term.

Finding the right supplements is not at all easy.

Single Herbs by themselves are much more complex to use in the long-term than one can initially think. Especially when one is unwell and you want them to help you get well again quickly.

I remember when I was beginning to study Reverend Hanna Kroeger's formulas, and taking her course to be a practitioner of her formulas, I was keenly interested in Black Walnut Hull tincture. I was hoping she would talk about it. Hanna's Herb Shop has added several sizes of Black Walnut Tincture to its store since then.

Hulda Regehr Clark, a Naturopath who became well-known after writing several books entitled the Cure for All Diseases, was promoting it to remove parasites. When I was living in Toronto in the 1990's, it was all the rage to take it to clear one's self of parasites using this formula. Freshly ground cloves were important too.

I was so keenly interested in Black Walnut Powder, and learning how Hanna put her formulas together, that years later when I settled on the West Coast, I took it on and off in powder form. I encapsulated it myself. But I stopped taking it a few years ago.

I just loved that it was a black herb, and I loved the taste of it. I wanted to use it for its anti-fungal properties. I was hoping for a quick cure!

Could I have gotten rid of my Candida Infection that I had then, just by using this one herb? I wanted to see.

I thought if I am to learn about herbs, and be really good at what I do, and understand how they help people I'd better take a few capsules of Black Walnut Powder.

I was also very interested in its ability to strengthen tooth enamel. I was interested in its ability to produce energy, and, I was also interested in it being a source of iodine for the thyroid.

Before I started to take a lot of it, though, I found a set of books, called the Energetics of Western Herbs. In this 2 Volume set, there is a section on Black Walnut Hull which exposed a lot of properties of it, some just mentioned above. I had no idea about them in general. I also tried Black Walnut Hull Leaf. That was too drying for me so I stayed away from it. But because of the information in the Energetics of Western Herbs, and my knowledge of TCM at the time, I became quite cautious about using Black Walnut Hull powder for improved health.

In the end, I found that it did improve the tooth enamel for a period, but it was too astringent, and too cooling for me to use long-term to have any profound effect on Candida. I was not getting better by taking this one herb, but I was getting a little bit worse! Just a little bit worse that I knew I needed to add a herb to make a formula!

An Amazing Experience with Fresh Sage When I Had the Candida Infection.

One day when I had the Candida Infection, about 10 years ago, though, I was completely blown away by consuming a herb in its raw form. Just by accident I was speaking to some kind people in the front of their herb garden, and I was offered some freshly grown sage to take home with me. I had been dabbling in using some herbs. I had tried dried sage which I later learned was moldy. I thought it was a good anti-septic. Well, I was completely blown away by just eating a few freshly picked leaves of Sage.

I was walking around vehicles, crossing the street, about 30 minutes after I consumed the few leaves of Sage, and gasping for some fresh air knowing that my body was probably going to react at the car pollutants because, at the time, I had this raging Candida Infection inside me. To my utter amazement, the freshly picked Sage leaves I consumed had temporarily stopped the Candida from bothering me! This experience taught me that there was only ever going to be a Natural Herbal Cure for a serious Candida Infection, or any Fungal Infection and also rebuilding the body.

Perhaps this was my Divine Inspiration to start my own Healing Practice!

Black Walnut Hull and Fresh Sage were not the herbs that I used to Heal my Candida Infection.

I certainly did not make a formula, but again it gave me a perspective on using herbs for healing that was much broader than my initial simple understanding.

What I did use to Heal my Candida Infection was the Professional Systemic Formulas® manufactured in Utah, USA.(more information below).

Anyway's, I don't take the Black Walnut Hull Powder anymore, although I'd love to try it again, and see what effect it has on my kidneys now.

These whole experiences, helped me realize the profound knowledge and dedication one must have to use herbs long-term, and put the formulas together.

So, how many people are trying to do it yourself, and need to take 20-30 years to develop the right formulas?

Making vibrational herbal formulas is very complex, and Reverend Hanna Kroeger succeeded in putting together some incredibly useful herbal formulas, and vibropathics to compliment them. She was reputed to use Divine Inspiration to put together her formulas. Year after year, creating new ones.

For example, Reverend Hanna Kroeger created the PAP® herbal formula and Vibropathic™ to treat HPV infection in both women and men.

But you still need a Vibrational Reading Supplement Plan to know how much of it to take, if it is the correct formula, and if there are any other formulas to take with it.

Eradicating any virus quickly is great for Feeling Better, at least mentally, but then you have to strengthen your inner organs and glands, and perhaps detoxify too to get well again.

And so that is where the Systemic Formulas® originally created by "Doc" Stewart Wheelwright also come in. They are incredibly effective inexpensive herbal based formulas developed over 30 years which use the principle of Bio-Energy and Vibrational Resonance to target a gland or organ, or some other purpose. Like Reverend Hanna's formulas, they are exquisitely balanced for long-term use. They are used for Rebuilding and Re-energizing.

Doc Wheelwright knew very well that Candida or any other fungus could run rampant and cause damage in the human body, so he also created his own Anti-Fungal formula which is called #4-FungDX.