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Is MCS Multiple Chemical Sensivitity Environmental Illness Healable?


In this newsletter I will discuss whether MCS or multiple chemical sensitivity is healable? And I will give you some fundamental reasons that some people get it and how to avoid getting it.

What Is MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity?

MCS is a dreadful disease, whereby people feel great malaise when exposed to everyday chemicals, whether that be household cleaning chemicals, chemicals in shampoos, soaps, laundry detergents, and other people's perfumes.

There are some people who are so sick, they can't stand the chemical smell that comes from newspapers, flyers, and freshly made magazines. To them smelling the new ink smell from a newspaper just a few inches away from their face is like a normal person sticking their head behind a car spewing out ugly car exhaust just 2 feet away from their face as it drives away.

There are far too many medical doctors who do not understand this illness, just like they do not understand the etiology of chronic fatigue. And worse still they think it is entirely in your psyche often sending you to a psychiatrist.

People who have MCS, cannot go out to the malls, or be in the presence of other people because frankly they give off chemicals that they can't cope with. And the reaction is catastrophic malaise for several days.

I spoke with one man this past week who needed help. Since he has had this illness for more than 20 years, he has a clear home. He uses unscented products (a necessity to avoid exposure), but when his children come home from school he is adversely affected, because they have picked up a chemical soup at their public school which sticks to their clothing and they take home!

Like this man, people with mcs often have digestive issues, chronic constipation, burning stomach, burning sore throat, food intolerance's and allergies to foods, and huge reactions to exposure which make them miserable for several days.

There are so many bizarre symptoms, that it can really be crazy making and make you question your own mental health for a while if you have this disease.

Saying things to yourself, at the beginning of the acceptance: “How can this be happening to me, when everyone else is normal?” “Now I can't even enjoy my life, because I have to curtail my exposure to everyday smells.”" Some women who have mcs call this disease, the "Allergic to Life" disease.

It is very interesting discussing this illness, because I strongly remember having it myself.

You see, I did Heal it myself, and I know how long it takes, and what works.

A lot of the time, people who have mcs want to get better but do so, so many things which cause them to get worse, and worse.

People with mcs hope that vibropathics will work, acupuncture will work, parasite cleanses or just simple herbs will work. But none of these simple solutions can work.

They give up, almost entirely on their quality of life.

My Own Symptoms, and Healing, and The Origin of the Illness

Having had full blown MCS I was not aware of the damage to my lungs, but when I healed, I often began to have a very strong "feedback" reaction in my lungs.

People with mcs often feel the chemical assault in the lungs very deeply.

Brain fog is definitely a health issue in some, and there are often neurological pathologies going on which require the complete removal of the chemicals, to protect the brain, and other organs, and glands.

Deep strong, forced detoxification is not really the answer for mcs, and is strongly contraindicated.

As I was speaking on the telephone to this man in his 40s who had suffered for more than 20 years, we were discussing his skepticism about getting well and I started to remember clearly how strong my reactions were.

“I've tried everything. And been to over 20 doctors.” he said.

The Lungs Hurt in People with MCS

I was remembering how I mildly reacted to putting a pot on the stove, because sometimes there was something, some small particle that I could not see or do anything easily about, that was burning, and became volatile releasing bits of itself airborne.

I was literally a human airborne pollutant particle detector. These are particles that knowledgeable mcs people call Volatile Organic Compounds, (VOC's).

That is what mcs people are: real human pollutant detectors.

But it's been a few years that I don't have any of these problems, and I don't have to obsess about cleaning the stove elements, and not leaving even a small a trace of something that might burn the next time I cook something. I had forgotten all about it. Now, frankly my lungs still give me strong feedback about being exposed to something, usually quite large, but I don't feel the malaise, and the feeling like someone just stabbed me in the lungs. I just take the feedback and leave. People with mcs learn to listen to their bodies, and become very sensitive to them.

But I do remember I would put my pots on a lower setting so as to reduce the amount of possible exposure while I cooked and healed.

One of my biggest issues with mcs was my gallbladder, and my tongue showed a lot of mucous. I had a severe candida infection at the same time, as a causative factor, grabbing further and further hold for years as the cause of the gallbladder problems. I remember an ecological doctor saying he did not understand why I had the tongue mucous, being concerned about the possibility of a bacterial infection. Of course, nothing came up. But TCM said I had spleen problems. My gallbladder took a few years to heal. I remember every time I was exposed to chemicals, like going into a dollar store I would have that throat irritation problem.

But looking back on it, I remember as I was starting to heal, how I would get this feedback from my acupuncture meridians, with odd pains. As I studied TCM, and acupuncture, and finally became a Natural Health Practitioner this really concerned me very much.

A Person diagnosed with fibromyalgia would understand because they have those kinds of localized pains all the time.

I remember one day,  13 years ago, I had entered into a building to meet with a business professional.

The building was fine, but they had just installed new carpet. Ouch!

As a teenager, an Uncle who was an expert carpet layer, would take me with him to help him lay carpet, so I knew that smell all too well. I just had never experienced it like my body was in an alarmed state!

Oh, oh, I thought my body isn't going to like this at all..

There I was standing, speaking, and listening and my spleen meridian was going crazy, absolutely nuts - a strange pain all along the inside of my left leg just beneath the surface.

It was like I had a big alarm system in my acupuncture meridians. And it was congestion. My body was saying you cannot handle this exposure.

And I remember, within 30 minutes of exposure, I had to go to the bathroom, as my bladder was getting full I had to urinate out pronto.

One of the things you have to learn to do is go out in Public and hope you don't have to run back home to “clear”.

If you have any sense of a large exposure affecting your healing, you leave. Excuse yourself politely. Sometimes you run.

If you don't learn this you won't heal. You really have to put yourself first!

So, That was the 2nd most dreadful symptom for me: that every time I would get exposed to something and stick around too long, I would just end up having to urinate out the chemicals for 1 hour afterwards, and use up nutrients. The "using up nutrients concerned me". Upon exposure, my body would detoxify, and my bladder would get irritated. I had to urinate out the chemicals asap.

Coughing, Breathing in Particulates, Respiration, Reactive

After that I learned what I could and could not do. For example, I never stayed very long in the detergent isle of the supermarket.

There is a lesson here for everyone: what you are exposed to needs to be detoxified on a daily and minute by minute basis, and that uses up nutrients.

Everyone is in a balance with their environment at work and at home. You are detoxifying all the time. Your body is doing it all without your knowledge. People often eat according to the amount they need to detoxify and support their organs. I see people with low liver energy eating enormous amounts of greens only to eventually get sick anyways. The lucky few of us, understand herbs and how to use them to support and maintain our health when we are young all the way through to adulthood.

The health principle that most of us need to learn is that all this day to day detoxification takes up Energy. When the Energy starts to get imbalanced or runs low you start to get some symptoms.

MCS is at its root an Energy deficit syndrome. We are Energy Beings with emotions, with qi or energy running through our meridians. We also have the energetic chakras.

Definitely a Complex Illness To Heal: My Causes

There is no doubt that mcs is very complex to heal.  Depending on who you speak to it originates in the brain, or it originates elsewhere.

One thing is 100% for sure, medicine will never find the one magic pill to cure it.

You can do injections to calm the immune system down, and desensitize to chemical exposure, but the underlying cause is it really gone?

In my case, through my own healing and study as a practitioner, there were 2 fundamental reasons for the cause.

And while these may have been the sole cause, when I was heading down that path in my 20's, and still feeling well, because I never was really aware of them, or addressed them then, other causes set in.

I had acquired a Candida infection too, and that made things more difficult to heal. That was part of going to see a medical doctor in University and trusting them, getting much worse in the long-term, because I had no sense of what my body was needing and what the cause was.

How many or us learn about Liver, Spleen or Kidney energy and how to replenish it?

So, here it is: The 2 CAUSES FOR ME I am speaking about here are, were lack of sun exposure, and mercury circulating in my body from my fillings.

Said more technically, there was an underlying Yang Energy Deficiency, and Mercury poisoning that damaged my ability to detoxify. The two causes supported each other to reduce health.

The most common early manifestation of a Yang Energy Deficiency is food in the stool. Ring a bell? After you find this out most people start to take digestive enzymes to digest their food.

Mercury is one scary, scary poison, when you have it in the mouth in the form of an Amalgam filling. Even just a few. And I know it is even scarier to get rid of it, when you are sick, and have enough of it in your body. Some people are naturally better at detoxifying it than others. For example, people who also exercise vigorously several times a week, especially starting while they are young are going to be healthier later on in life.

Amalgam filling Removal is often done incorrectly, and without sufficient rebuilding before hand. This is by far the biggest mistake anyone makes, with removing the fillings even carefully by a biological dentist. There is never enough rebuilding done to make the body stronger before taking them out. People just automatically think removing them pronto will make them better. People think they will get better automatically the moment the fillings are removed. But if you are sick, you are already in an energy deficit to begin with.

The problem is exacerbated by the fact that most people and practitioners have really absolutely no understanding about detoxification of mercury, and its effect on the body, and that it's inherently going to cool off your meridians, just by its very presence in the first place for several decades (which started the illness in the first place), and then further going to make you sick when you try to detoxify it. Most people try to detoxify it without the right supplements or any rebuilding before hand. Understanding how damaging mercury is is one thing, but understanding how to treat someone to get it out of the body is an another area of knowledge entirely. That is where experience comes in. In my practice I use natural oral chelation substances which are very gentle to do this. I test for all the supplements needed. We detoxify all metals, whether heavy or not.

This difficulty of detoxification is because once you are in poor state of energetic-health with mcs, it is so, so easy to get sicker, and it's extremely difficult to get well!

Acupuncture does not entirely work. It may help you stay stable in the beginning, but as you age.... Taking regular formulas to fix an energetic imbalance long term does not entirely work either because they are not always suitable for an mcs person. Curtailing exposure completely does not work.

In essence, there is no overnight cure. No weekly acupuncture sessions are going cure you.

You would have to get daily sun, in the summer, in a clear air environment, get great sleep, with the best quality non allergic food, have the least amount of exposure, detoxify by rebuilding, capture those chemicals, and metals, and then keep assisting your organs and glands until you are done sufficient detox and rebuilding. You will most likely have to work on the thyroid,  and adrenals, and whilst detoxifying. Lets not forget fixing the Leaky Gut first too. That's real rebuilding. You would also have to deal with any NO-ONOO free radical cascade which robs the body of energy, and thus deal with the mitochondria dysfunction at the cellular level.

Does that sound complicated?

Well that is what I do, and I am able to do with the Vibrational Reading Supplement Plan.

The one other thing you need to do to ensure your Healing is not drink tap water, even filtered tap water.

Water must be vibrationally correct without harm to its electromagnetic field, or charged as I put it in the Drinking the Right Kind of Water web page.

This is another fundamental cause of intoxication. Since water has a homeopathic effect, it can be water that sends the wrong vibration to the person who drinks it. Too many people still think that drinking Reverse Osmosis water is healthy. Maybe for a very short time,  but even if Reverse Osmosis water is replaced with minerals it is still not healthy long-term.

The one thing I must mention about Yang Deficiency is that there is no medical test to find it. I would have loved it if when I was 18 years old, I would have gone to the doctor for a checkup, and he had said, "Well, you've got to get your Yang Energy up, otherwise, you may get some serious disease later on in life, or compromise the quality of your life." Or, you are not able to detoxify the mercury very well in your mouth, so you'd better ensure you have enough weekly vigorous exercise.

I've spoken with people who have mcs, and they are often exacerbated by the fact that their blood work is completely normal. People with mcs often find everything in their blood work is working great, but have inflammation, gastrointestinal pain, headaches, fatigue, cognitive problems and other health difficulties.

A Recent Happy Client Writes a Testimonial:

Resolution of Yang Depletion, Sleep Loss, Improper Heavy Metal Cleansing, Fatigue, Inability to Feel, Cognitive Impairment

A., Female, 27 years old, USA, January 2016

I first contacted Master Healer Salvatore Crapanzano because I had a history of unexplained weight gain during the summer season that would resolve itself during the winter times.

Along with weight gain, I also experienced extreme fatigue, hair loss, and bowel dysfunction from the months of May to November.

Being an acupuncturist and practitioner of Chinese Medicine myself, I could very well understand that my problem seemed to be related with the seasons and kidney energetic dysfunction, however, I had been unable to correct this problem even after five years of intense herbal and acupuncture treatments.

However, life so happened that I got very ill right after contacting him and it so happened that I needed his services for something more urgent than my weight gain.

I had been seeing a Naturopath who had put me on a cleanse to detoxify from heavy metals. During the cleanse I got very ill with a small rash that progressed rapidly to cover my entire body within three weeks of treatment. The agony of the rash was unbearable causing me to have countless sleepless nights of itching and burning.

Long story short this small rash ended up putting me in the hospital because I went into full anaphylaxis shock. I was prescribed a very heavy dose of steroids and after one week of taking the medicine my rash finally went away but I was suffering from side effects of the medication.

I could no longer “feel” anything; no temperature, no fatigue, no emotions, no pain, nothing at all.

I also could not sleep, suffered very intense constipation, and was unable to work because my cognitive functions seemed to have been shut down.

I went back to the hospital thinking that I may have a brain tumor or that something was seriously wrong with my health. After extensive testing, imaging and blood work, the doctors told me that they had no idea what could be going on with my health and that the only explanation was that I was suffering a side effect of the strong dose of steroids that they had given me a month prior.

I went back to my roots as an acupuncturist and tried to heal myself with herbs and acupuncture but the relief was of very short duration and within twenty four hours I was usually back in the same state as before the treatment.

I had my initial meeting with Master Healer Salvatore and he took the time to explain to me what had happened since I had started the cleanse. He explained how the cleanse was too “cold” for my body type and that as a result I suffered what the Chinese call Yang deficiency. He seem to be the only one who finally could give me an answer and solution as to what was going on with me.

I felt a huge surge of relief and inspiration. We worked together diligently on my health condition and slowly but surely within two months, all my symptoms went away and I finally felt myself again. I could get back to my work, sleep normally, go to the bathroom without the use of harsh laxatives, and simply could go on with my life.

Master Healer Salvatore is an incredibly knowledgeable practitioner, very dedicated and involved with the healing of his patients. I have recommended him to many people who could not get help from other health professionals and I know that I will continue working with him to maintain my health and wellness.

I am immensely grateful to have found him and to have worked with him and I would encourage anybody who is suffering from any kind of health issue to contact him and see for themselves the marvelous work that he does.

A., Female, 27 years old, USA, January 2016

How To Stay Healthy? How To Detoxify? What To Avoid?

It's worth mentioning here some motivating factors for understanding about how multiple chemical sensitivity comes about and how all this information can help you stay well even though you may think you are not at any risk or have very few sensitivities.

I've already mentioned Yang deficiency and one way this comes about. Garlic, cloves, pepper (spice), ginger, beef, lamb, cinnamon are yang energy increasing.

One of my discoveries about warming herbals is that even though Oregano Oil goes down hot it decreases yang energy.

So taking Oregano Oil on a long-term basis is not advised unless it is balanced.

Some people do detoxification in special infrared saunas. These types of saunas also augment the yang energy in the body to force detoxification through the skin. Any kind of detoxification requires the yang energy. So even increasing the body's yang energy can be very tricky and must be done carefully and slowly.

If you want to do some detox yourself you might want to examine some of Hanna's formulas for chemical detoxification: Chem-X, and the vibropathic Chem-X.

Chemicals are a cause of Ill Health in the 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health under Cause #4: Chemical, Metal, Environmental Poisons

If you have burning eyes, your liver is giving you a sign that you are consuming liver-energy and you are being exposed to something you can't easily detoxify.

Hanna's Liver-Formula will help you.

Reverend Hanna Kroeger created several Vibropathics for various specific chemicals, even things like Asbestos, so that people can stay well.

In my practice I use Hanna's Formulas as well as the Professional Supplements From Systemic Formulas manufactured in Utah.

Their usage allows more easy and quick recovery with a the most Vibrationally Resonant formula.

There is always a danger that someone who is border-line mcs or seemingly healthy with a few environmental allergies could get seriously sick.

There are people who get an infection, and are never the same after that.

Women who regularly die their hair, use botox, or other wrinkle reduction injection procedures have to be very careful they don't push themselves beyond the edge into chemical sensitivity.

Read more about one woman's life-altering experience and profound words on the botox support forum about becoming MCS.

Today we can also be exposed to an abundance of pesticides flowing in the air.

Although I am proud that today, I can easily walk through the perfume counters at the front of the department store to get to the men's clothing section without feeling ill, there are still some cheap perfumes people ignorantly wear which have incredible toxins in them. There is one certain bad smelling chemical that I've noticed over and over again, sometimes in shampoos, and mostly in certain perfumes. It smells terribly and I'm certain it has a high affinity for damaging the lungs.

Think about these kinds of exposures when you have a momentary lapse of memory, because your body is too busy detoxifying these scented chemicals from harming your brain!

We need to be vigilant in protecting our health from incidental environmental exposure.

We have to be honest, careful and knowledgeable about the substances we put on our bodies: creams, lotions, perfumes, colognes, cosmetics, hair dyes, and how healthy we are.

Most of us are not energetically healthy and need some rebuilding as we age.

We have to ask ourselves if we need to detoxify by properly rebuilding and reenergizing our organs and tissues.

Fortunately there are excellent vibrational formulas from the Professional Line of Systemic Formulas® at my disposal which can be safely used to detoxify whilst rebuilding.

A comprehensive Vibrational Reading Supplement Plan checks hundred of formulas and prioritizes them based on the highest need first and the clients goals.

I check for hundreds of different formulas to find the right vibrationally resonant formula.

Finding the right formula for the purpose can save much time, and suffering, and speed your Healing up immensely.

Is There an Emotional Component to MCS/Environmental Illness?

In looking at what other people's perspective on acquiring mcs, and my own experience, and what causes it I have a few things to say to corroborate them.

Basically I'm going to tell you that anxiety makes the disease worse, much worse. It does not help that a medical professional tells you the disease is all in your head.

But I believe that just having the disease where chemicals subtly affect your nervous system, and you feel irritated on the nervous level just creates a subtle internal anxiety.

And having anxiety energetically consumes spleen energy. Being over anxious may originate from the brain, and a neurotransmitter imbalance but it also consumes your spleen energy if you indulge the thought pattern which in turn affects immunity and digestion.

It's not much different than having a candida infection irritating your nerves each time you eat carbohydrates outside of the candida diet. People who are not aware of it, just have a constant anxiety about it. Some people say: “I really do not understand where this anxiety comes from.” But after years of insidious and hidden chemical intoxication, damage to tissues, and perhaps adrenal insufficiency developing it's an every day occurrence, but should not be accepted.

In looking up some other perspectives about the belief that this is a completely psychosomatic illness, I'd like to relate to you an interesting story about self-induced anxiety.

I read how a librarian who has mcs was told that the new “wooden” book stacks were off gassing formaldehyde.

Then she felt ill.

Then she was told that they were in fact incorrect, whilst the truth was the stacks did off gas formaldehyde, the great offender. Then she felt relieved again.

Although this could be considered a case arguing for the placebo effect, it really is anxiety that causes more difficulty for mcs sufferers. It can be suffocating thinking you can't avoid all the chemicals and bad air all the time at work.

After all, you feel like you are constantly being "mugged" by these clever insidious chemicals in the air, steeling health from your body, and weakening you.

Did you also know that Asthma was once considered a psychosomatic illness by medicine? Really. Hard to believe isn't it!

What could make you more anxious? How do you control your work environment, and the air quality at work for example?

But physiologically where does the anxiety come from? Being uncomfortable in your own body! Knowing your body can't really handle the chemicals in the air that other people can naturally breath and be ok with. Even trying to detoxify them can cause much anxiety.

I know this for a fact because I remember going to the mall, and entering a large department super store, and feeling anxious within minutes of entering. My Yang Energy then was not sufficient to rise up to the cause of "instant on-demand" detoxification. There was an invisible soup containing a myriad of chemicals my body was being asked to detoxify in the air.

Not exactly the same clear air environment as I have at my residence.

I did not come to this conclusion lightly. I have experience in understanding this illness, and how others react to being exposed to different public environments .

People Who Move Into Newly Renovated Apartments and University Work Environments.

To convince you that it is not that difficult to get this illness, I'll tell you that I've talked with people in their 50's who became ill after moving into new condominiums. The cause: new carpets, and a newly renovated suite with chemicals off gassing. People are often exposed to tight air environments in newly renovated suites or new condos, and gotten the proverbial sore throat reaction some people get as a warning sign.

People can get sick when they move into a newly built home. In the summer they are fine, but then in the winter they close the windows and with poor air circulation get intoxicated by the chemicals. If they are lucky they just get anxiety and just minor sleep disturbance. And there can be just 1 or 2 different off-gassing chemicals causing the anxiety!

Is it any wonder with every new year, we are seeing more and more signs that say: Please Do Not Wear Strong Perfumes/Scents.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article, and learned a lot.

If something resonated with you, I'd love to hear from you about what that is, or your own experience.

If you have mcs, or need to detoxify, don't give up hope! We are here to help with a comprehensive supplement plan.

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