Healing and Treatment of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Part 2


While treatment can be Healing, treatment does not always lead to Healing.

Currently there is no bonafied standard treatment for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity in mainstream medicine, and other treatments are not sufficiently Healing.

Seeking Healing and Well-Being with the Law of Attraction

Seeking Healing means seeking well-being, and focusing on the well-being, and with the proper vibration therefore allowing the Law of Attraction to bring anything and everything needed to achieve well-being.

Why Does Healing Take Place More Successfully Throughout the Seasons

If you've read the first part of Healing Multiple-Chemical Sensitivity towards the bottom you may have noted that it was mentioned that having an impart on Healing Multiple Chemical sensitivity can take 2 years. What is the reason(s) for this?

Many herbals have a much more pronounced effect on Healing when they are taken during a particular season.

For example there are professional Vibrational Formulas used by Hanna Kroeger Healer which can help the kidneys. If the priority of a Vibrational Reading indicates that the kidney's are to healed first, and the Vibrational Reading Plan commences in November, December, or January, then the uptake of the herbal will have a much, much, much more stronger effect on the Healing than if it were taken during some other season.

In other words, with the kidney's supported by the natural kidney energy of the winter, Healing will be faster, and more powerful. The professional formulas used will be balanced of course. In fact you could take 1/2 to 1/3 less of the same formula for the kidney's when taking a kidney formula in the winter than in the spring or summer.

Test a Supplement One Week, the Next Week It's Negative

If you've ever been tested with a supplement, by using for example the Vega machine, and then suddenly returned a week, or two later, especially after a season's energies diminished, and proceeded to the next, you may know that the supplement could become negative for you. Negative means, it reduces your energies.

During Season Changes Body Energies Are Rebalanced

The reason a supplement can go negative completely or the supplement needs to be reduced in dosage is because internally, the body's energies have been rebalanced.

For example, in the spring, your liver is now exuberant, or filled with more liver-energy naturally, and people often feel better, a kidney supplement could be diminished. At that point a kidney supplement could have little effect. If fact when the liver-qi or liver-energy is exuberant there would be other organs that need to be supported, such as the spleen.

The Seasonal Energies Mentioned Here Are

While Spring is thought to begin at the vernal equinox, the first day of spring-time, towards the end of March, the actual spring time energies have begun before then. This is evidenced by a time of growth for buds on trees, some flowers, etc. By the spring-equinox, your liver's energies could have built up, and you feel better, more able to detoxify. Sometimes it is better to wait until mid-summer to do a cleanse however, to build up the liver's energies even more.

The toughest part for people with multiple-chemical sensitivity is bring the energies of the organs back up and healing the adrenals.

Cordyceps for Healing Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Cordyceps or Cordyceps Sinensis is a fungus that has traditionally been cultivated in the wild from caterpillars. It is a medicinal that has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to strengthen the kidney's.

It is now often manufactured in the laboratory, with great efficacy or potency. It can be purchased at local chinese stores, in potent inexpensive packages. See the image below of a package for the cordyceps characters in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Inexpensive Brands of Cordyceps from China

Here are discussed herbals and vibrational professional formulas for Healing MCS. Different modalities, and vibrational Healing will be discussed.

This particular package shows the chinese characters in the red box, and the chinese name for Cordyceps. Dong Chong Xia Cao is the pin-yin translation.

This is inexpensive but good quality cordyceps. These particular capsules had a red color, and were probably dyed. The powder of the herb cordyceps was yellowish with some darker spots, and is sweet to the taste, and very palatable. Taking the powder out of the capsules and taking it on the tongue is beneficial in some dosages.

Caution in Taking Cordyceps

Caution is warranted when using cordyceps for the amount used can deplete minerals in the body, and cause further degradation in health.

The use of Cordyceps must be carefully planned. There could be a rotation of days on, and days off.

Also cordyceps is a warming medicinal, and can cause thirst. If you have heat in the body, it could exacerbate it without proper balance with other medicinals. Often you could get a warmer feeling, and a dryer throat.

Drinking the proper mineralized water with the proper vibration in conjunction with the use of cordyceps can sustain it's therapeutic nature. Also potassium intake may need to be increased.

Ingesting cordyceps can increase heart rate albeit for a short period.

Cordyceps can have an immuno-modulating and perhaps immuno-stimulatory effect.

Dosage can vary with the Therapeutic Purpose.

Research on the use Cordyceps shows that it can increase the size of the spleen. Often the proper dosage needs to be carefully planned especially with other medicinals.

Other Manufacturers of Cordyceps

Other manufacturers of cordyceps may be safer to use on a long-term basis, but obviously more expensive. Cordyceps often exists with Reishi mushroom extract as well. Again these are often cultivated in the laboratory, rather than in the wild.

Highly recommended:

Purica Cordyceps in Vegan Capsules (Organic Vegan Source).

Wild Rose College in Calgary, Canada:
Reishi/Cordyceps 500 mg capsules

Vibrational Necklaces, Vibrational Items

Gemstone therapy Vibrational Necklaces are available at Earth Enchanted Gemstone Therapy Jewelry.

Vibrational resonance is a requirement for any therapeutic item such as this, and purposefully for the long term.

Vibrational Nature of Water

Many people who want to be healthy irregardless of whether they have multiple chemical sensitivity want to drink better water.

So, often people are seen going to supermarkets and dispensing large water containers with RO water, or Reverse Osmosis water, a demineralized water. Often even Naturopathic Doctors are convinced that the more filtered water is the better it is for you. But this is not necessarily true!

There is no doubt that people ought to drink purer water, free of toxins, but when the source of the water whether it is filtered or distilled is still tap water, the vibration is in question. There are also minerals lacking in these purified waters which can have a large impact on one's health.

Hence, it is usually extremely important for people with multiple-chemical sensitivity to drink Spring Water from a natural source. In America there are also companies which deliver the spring water in glass containers.