Healing Candidiasis with Qi Gong

Qi Gong To Begin Healing Candidiasis

In case your Liver-Energy is low or any other organ energy is low, you will also have to be careful about over-indulging in Citrus Fruits.  Qi Gong can be successfully used to improve Liver-Chi (Liver-Energy) by utilizing specific Liver Qi Gong or other general Qi Gong exercises.  Chi or Qi is the Life Force that surrounds us and keeps us alive and well everyday of our life.

Qi Gong may be called Chinese Energy Healing and may also be considered purposeful cultivation of Energy. There are many types of Qi Gong. The type of Qi Gong that can be successfully used to Heal Candida and many other diseases is called Medical Qi Gong. Qi Gong is extremely powerful, and requires persistent and continuous daily practice to achieve results and mastery. The slower you learn Qi Gong in the beginning the faster your results will come.

It is not necessary to master Qi Gong to Heal Candida, but it necessary to gain a certain proficiency of practice and to know which specific exercises and time of practice would be best to Heal Candida.

Beginning with a true Qi Gong Master may be essential to understanding proper Qi Gong and gaining the most benefits towards achieving powerful daily practice. Qi Gong Healing is not simply about hand movements or movements in general. It is more about fundamentally understanding the purposeful cultivation of Qi or Energy for Healing.

A bibliography for Books and Videos on Qi Gong containing Exercises to increasing your Liver-Qi (Liver-Energy) and strengthen your Kidneys is available.

Internal Energy Imbalances Cause Mood Swings During a Season Change

Often many people with Candida have internal energy imbalances which show up as mood swings during season changes especially the spring and fall where yin becomes yang, and yang becomes yin respectively. These mood swings could be depression, elation, anxiety, or anger. You could also have excessive irritability, or frustration. Bowel difficulties can arise at the same time.

Oriental Bodywork, such as acupressure, or acupuncture can stimulate the flow of qi to the organs, and treat congestion, but it also requires the judicious choice of vibrational supplements to establish that qi in the liver with better tissue integrity. This is where a vibrational reading and the resultant remedy staging plan can help Heal.

Deeper Quicker Healing Sometimes Requires an Additional Practitioner

In many cases the judicious choice of an additional practitioner and Hanna Kroeger Healer's chosen Vibrational supplements (in a vibrational reading) may be the only way to ensure deep enough Healing, or the Healing works deeper and faster than just utilizing vibrational supplements.

Most deep healing can however begin to take place with the beginning vibrational reading which gives a health plan lasting 3 months utilizing only vibrational supplements and usually one other optional type of practitioner. All clients may begin with the first type of vibrational reading lasting 3 months of work, which can be repeated several times.

More About The Practice of Qi-Gong for Healing

When practicing qi-gong, the extra energy or qi cultivated will be used to energize the organ, but it can also be used to heal the organ, thus allowing it to store more qi and allow it’s function improve. The foods you eat, and the meals you eat can then be used to improve the tissue integrity associated with where qi was cultivated.

The Vibrational supplements Hanna Kroeger Healer uses are fundamentally energetic in nature, and can be used to Heal Candida on their own since they provide both energy and nutrients.

Qi-Gong can fundamentally assist you however to become more sensitive to energy, and picking the right foods, the right food combinations, and to put you more in touch with your body. Thus you may begin to feel a more sensitive need for certain foods or different foods, and notice more about ones that feed Candida.

Additionally, the supplements used by Hanna Kroeger Healer used for heavy metal detoxification and for other purposes are only oral supplements in capsules or liquids, vibrationally resonant with you. There is no intravenous chelation therapy involved.

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