Healing Candida by Detoxifying Heavy Metals

Heavy Metals are a Major Cause of Candidiasis

You may be the lucky person who has no fillings in your mouth, but if you have consumed tuna for many years you are likely to have some mercury in your body to detoxify. Perhaps you also have some other heavy metal from some other source. The order of removing different heavy metals is usually different for each person.

Usually, when the liver and kidneys are detoxified themselves and are functioning better you can also detoxify the heavy metals from other areas of the body.
The liver and kidney will also likely need support while detoxifying heavy metals.

Providing vibrationally targeted supplements to rebuild an organ or gland without direct consideration of heavy metal detoxification will usually cause heavy metal detoxification. Better tissue integrity of any organ or gland means it will reach a vibrational energy that allows it to throw off heavy metals and other poisons too. The primary purpose of a vibrational reading is rebuilding, and then the secondary process is catching those heavy metals caused by the rebuilding, and excreting them.

What Does a Vibrational Reading For Healing Candida Look Like?

All vibrational readings are in general different for everyone, because everyone has different emotional causes, mental causes, and physical causes of Candida. See an Example of a Vibrational Reading.

Healing Leaky Gut Syndrome For Candidiasis

Perhaps instead of heavy metal detoxification, you need to heal leaky gut syndrome sufficiently before being able to Heal the Candida. Leaky gut is checked in a full vibrational reading. Healing a leaky gut can also cause heavy metals to be thrown off and excreted.

Care To Remove Heavy Metals

Great care must be taken when detoxifying heavy metals from the body. One of the things that great care in this case means is that a proper functioning pathway to excretion must be open. Liver, kidney, and bowels are usually involved. Rebuilding is almost always a priority for people when they have heavy metal toxicity.

Limitations To Clearing Heavy Metals in One Time Period

There is a limit to the amount of heavy metals that can be removed from the body at once or during a certain period. This limit is partly because of the necessary rebuilding. Rebuilding can take some time. The most efficient rebuilding occurs with the associated energy for the season of the organ or the organ associated with the previous season.

There is also a limit to the amount of heavy metal detoxification at one time because of the physical movement of the heavy metals out of your body which may cause your digestion to degrade, minerals to be imbalanced, or excretion pathways to be stressed and become congested.

Thus reducing the ability of whatever supplement you use to detoxify from working effectively. There may be other reasons for the limit. There would be no unwanted side effects with a comprehensive vibrational reading where organs of elimination are supported with extra supplements. After a period of post-cleansing rebuilding, further heavy metal detoxification can begin again.

If you cannot digest a heavy metal detoxifying supplement it will not work effectively.

Remember there is always an implied assumption for whatever single supplement is used on it’s own to detoxify heavy metals: that it will work correctly with a certain amount of proper functioning of other glands and organs. The assumption may not be true, but in a vibrational reading a comprehensive plan is developed which can support all the appropriate organs and glands.

Heavy Metals In Different Organs, Tissues, and Glands

Heavy metals are in many different organs and tissues in the body, so for example getting heavy metals out of the liver, or kidneys or spleen may be a higher priority for only one of these organs at a time. The possibilities and priorities are truly endless.

The effectiveness of a single supplement could even depend on the foods you eat, the minerals you consume, and the water you drink. The regular and adequate consumption primarily of the mineral potassium, and others may be the most important for regularly ingesting any herbal not withstanding even those that are vibrational supplements.

In fact without a comprehensive program a sole heavy metal detoxifier supplement has a good chance to make you worse, or at the least give you a sense of ill health only kicking heavy metals from one area of the body to another. Hence the need for a complete vibrational reading attuned to the seasons, and supporting your organs, and the detoxification of heavy metals.

Digestion Degrading During Heavy Metal Detoxification

Why could your digestion degrade or at one extreme shut down during a pure heavy metal detoxification?

Well heavy metals are very cooling, so their movement will actually affect your meridians in a profound way. This recirculation of heavy metals is constantly going on, and can cool off one organ or gland or both.

It’s the constant recirculation of heavy metals that can keep a person in a state of chronic candidiasis.

Coldness or Underactivity of Digestion

Cooling off can also mean an organ or gland becomes underfunctioning in western medical terminology. The coldness or underactivity of your digestion could mean there is undigested food in your stool. In western terms you could have low stomach acid, or an underfunctioning pancreas. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the spleen and pancreas are on the same meridian axis.

You can also think of heavy metals as cooling by thinking of how in the old days, mercury was used to stop a fever. Another way to think of the “cooling” effect is to say that mercury and other heavy metals reduce metabolic rate. In actuality heavy metals interfere with enzymes which are needed for all body processes, hence they reduce metabolic activity.

Warming Up The Digestion and Meridians

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the use of mugwort, a warming herb is used on the meridians points in a process called moxibustion often with acupuncture. Moxibustion can warm certain regions or acupuncture points and stimulate circulation, both blood and qi.

A cold digestion can be treated with vibrational herbals as well, and probably more economically. Oriental bodywork, (acupuncture, etc) or qi gong, or a combination of these two can speed Healing.

One of the things which makes Candidiasis, or other similar illnesses so difficult to Heal is not just the heavy metal poisoning, but also rebuilding and the patience required to rebuild throughout one season and the next. It can be healed and with great patience!