Healing Sleep Deficit, Stress Headaches, Tension Headaches, Yang Deficiency, Oregano Oil, Erectile Dysfunction, Candida Infection

Newsletter: May 10, 2016


In today's newsletter we are writing about Awakening Refreshed, Waking up with a Headache, Healing a Sleep Deficit, Tension Headaches, Stress Headaches, the Yang Deficiency Cause of them, a Warning about Oregano Oil, the Yang Deficiency cause of Erectile Dysfunction in Men, and some great information about Healing a Candida Infection.

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Onwards we go:

Waking Up With a Headache and Being Sleep Deprived

When I was in my teenage years, I started to occasionally suffer from a casual headache in the morning when I would awaken.

Although I think it was shortly after I got out of bed that I could feel it start.

It did not last long, maybe 30 minutes... But I have always had this reasoning brain that slotted questions into it, to be answered years later in some serendipitous way.

That was when I started to not get perfectly sufficient and restorative sleep so my brain would feel vital and ready to get the day going in the morning.

It was not like the ceiling fell on me, and I wondered why and what that was about (I think I actually wondered then if the ceiling would fall on me).

Nor did I fall out of bed suddenly enlightened with an epiphany and hear this strong voice saying, "Your SLEEP is not good enough!"

Nope. It was actually when I worked with an Italian-American Client a few years ago, that she complained to me in our telephone Healing Sessions of headaches in the morning.

I remember it was such a joy working with her! I knew that there was a commonality in our upbringing, and our way of thinking that it was not difficult to decipher what the source of the headaches was.

We Healers who are Natural Health Practitioners must go through these kinds of tribulations to teach people to properly stay well.

It gives us great conviction in helping people achieve better and long-lasting health.

About 10 years ago, I was grappling with the old adage, “If you lose an hour of sleep, You Never Gain it Back.”, and wondering if the brain is sleep deprived, how to heal it?

This adage is also the old way, the helpless way of saying, “You're life is doomed because you've lost too much sleep, or are not getting enough sleep.”

Today we are all fascinated and marketed to about this study or that study which says you need this much sleep or that much sleep, and what happens if you don't get enough sleep, but almost nobody actually tells us what sign the body gives us if we are in sleep deficit. Nor do we know how much deep sleep and rest to undertake every night.

Employers are usually concerned about our productivity and wanting their employees to stay well, that some are now offering them a fitBit wristband to track the quality of their sleep, and ensure they are getting at least 7 hours of sleep. But ... everyone is different. Does it work? I'm not sure. Is 7 hours of sleep really enough for you?

Do you feel a headache in the morning when you get out of bed telling you that you did not get enough deep sleep for your brain?

Do you feel well rested in the morning? Can you distinguish between getting enough sleep for your brain, and getting enough rest for your body, and immunity?

When you go rest in bed, do you feel your body going into the physical, or mental restful phase, or are you reading, propping yourself up, writing in bed, asking your body to do more work, and therefore exertion?

Do you know to go for a walk, or a run, undertake some kind of aerobic activity, ideally breathing in fresh air to ensure your brain gets some extra blood supply so you can feel better as soon as possible after not getting the best sleep?

As much as we would like to believe in all these complex studies, about the benefits of sleep, you still need to know how many hours you need, and most importantly get it.

Usually, when I awaken in the morning, I stay in bed for an extra 30 minutes. For a few reasons.

One reason is that I don't want to immediately induce a stress response.

The second reason is I want to feel my body for any clues it is giving me to give it some nutrition, and my brain to see how effective my sleep was, and then feel for any headaches.

I believe the headaches tend to get worse as the brain is more sleep deprived.

If you are sleep deprived as you get on with your day, you are going to have trouble remembering things.

You will have trouble remembering things you did 5-10 minutes ago.

For example, you cook yourself some eggs for breakfast, and then salt them, and then walk away to do something else for a few minutes, while your eggs are cooking, and then you forget whether you actually salted the eggs.

Or you double check how many eggs you put in the omelet, and you can't immediately remember, or remember at all, just minutes after you beat them, and put them in the frying pan.

Or you are in the shower first thing in the morning, and you have trouble remembering your routine, lather up first, or wash your hair first, and then a few minutes after shampooing your hair, you ask yourself whether you actually shampooed your hair. You can't remember. So, you feel your hair, and it feels shampooed.

Do you get more sleep deprived as the summer sun in the Northern Hemisphere wakes you up earlier, and earlier in the morning?

To me, being labeled as being sleep deprived is being labeled with some pathology, and it is not talking about wellness.

No one should really be labeling themselves sleep deprived.

Being labeled sleep deprived, does not immediately point to the solution.

I must write and talk about wellness, but noticing that you are not getting enough restful, deep sleep is enough to point someone to wellness.

Now, how about how quickly you get out of bed in the morning? Do you just wake up with the Alarm, and jump out of bed, like there is a fire in your home, or do you gradually get out?

Getting back to headaches, there are are other reasons for headaches.

One reason is due to the TMJ joint becoming out of alignment.

Another reason is posture, and stress you hold in your body causing you to get out of alignment. It's just common sense.

So, what do you do?

You have to find someone to help you. But who is the right person?

You can find a chiropractor, or acupuncturist, or acupressurist, or trigger point therapist, or look into a self-help trigger point therapy book yourself.

Stress Headaches, or Tension Headaches

There's another type of a headache which is very misunderstood. It is also a bodily signal of an Energetic Imbalance.

It can perhaps mimic a bad headache but is really caused by a Yang Deficiency.

You know, that TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Diagnosis, that is very common and I have written about a few times.

I have talked about Yang Deficiency a few times in previous newsletters as related to its cause manifesting a symptom of dis-ease.

In our society, we have much more of a Yang Deficiency than we do a pharmaceutical deficiency. In other words, a headache is not an Aspirin deficiency or Ibuprofen deficiency.

Stress Headaches or Tension Headaches are just your body saying you have a Yang Energy Deficiency.

Could be temporary, could be chronic.

Someone could go for years with chronic headaches, and then finally be told by the Doctor they have a Tension Headache.

Of course, you are going to be very tense, when you have a Tension or Stress Headache.

So, what are you going to do but agree with your Doctor when you are in front of him/her. You are tense, you are in pain, and you have a headache.

You are not able to think clearly.

Most people want their headache to go away in 5 minutes.

Woman taking pill for her headache thinking it will work.

But then you take the headache medication, and it does NOT go away.

Ah you figure, I'm just too tense, and the headache will not go away.

It's like saying the headache is caused by Stress, but the headache gives you stress as well. A nice viscous spiral of ill health.

And how easy is it to think clearly when you have a chronic headache or are fearful of a headache you don't understand the origin of?

So, how do you break that?

Sure enough, you begin to relax even with a headache and then you discover its source.

The thing about a tension headache, or a "Yang deficiency" headache is that you can have a low-level headache, and then all of a sudden because of the shifting of the Seasons, or some other cause you can't make a connection to, you end up with the big, big headache, and then the wake up call.

So, the question I put to you, is, do you have a low-level headache?

Do you feel a headache when you shift from a seated position to a standing and walking position?

So, if you are sensitive enough to your body, you might realize you have a very low-level headache all the time.

I should explain a few things about Yang Deficiency.

Yang Deficiency can cause MCS, and Yang Deficiency often gets more noticeable around the Winter Solstice, and worse in the spring.

Yin and Yang symbols in harmony

In fact, I have a cousin whom I heard got a headache around the middle of December. His headache got so bad, he went to the hospital during the XMAS holidays.

I knew what his health was like, no strengthening of organs or glands, no understanding of the impact of his first 40 years of stress on his body, no detoxification, no replenishment of yang and yin energies, no herbals taken, and now being in his early 40's and having done almost nothing to support his health naturally, it was just the natural progression of an imbalance showing symptoms as he gets older.

A 7 Physical Causes Reading would likely reveal so much more that is going on in his body.

He probably suffers from what I humorously call, the "Cook syndrome." Eating a variety of foods, being good at cooking (he is in the Restaurant business, but not a chef), that there is absolutely no understanding of the effect of mixing so many foods on your long-term health, and digestion. I often cringe when I see people who are chefs getting excited about meals, not understanding the strength of their digestion, and doing things like mixing sweets and proteins at a meal on a regular basis.

And I'm wondering when their digestion is going to sputter, how strong it actually is, and what health difficulties they will manifest.

So, what is the Doctor going to say about my cousin's headache? No, it has nothing to do with that.

No serious pathologies. No known causes. Meanwhile, what is his quality of life like?

The Tension headaches can even come and go during the day, striking almost without any cause. A Tension headache can come on suddenly.

You are working at the computer, and you suddenly get a stress headache.

Did the computer cause you stress? It's associated with computer work.

The difficulty with our society right now, is we get afraid, we don't really understand how to support our body's health, and we end up going to the doctor in fear.

Almost always we go in fear.

But what are you in for? What are you in for, when you go to see your Doctor regularly?

The Doctor is concerned about you, surely. Mostly their job is to rule out worse illness. Tumors that require surgery, etc. Most of the time they do it correctly.

But there are always those situations of ill-health, dis-ease, that is not being in total wellness, that fall through the cracks, and people get scared and begin regular intake of a pharmaceutical. Meanwhile, there is some emotional cause still lurking which no one has yet addressed.

You are too busy at work, and you will just take that headache medication on a regular basis, and you won't examine the real cause.

Could it be that new mattress you bought, which puts your body over the edge, and disturbs your sleep, and causes headaches to start?

There are flame retardant chemicals in new mattresses you know.

And then we have a spiral of downward health. That's the way it alls starts! Never finding the cause.

And the cause, Yang Deficiency.

Yang Deficiency is easy to fix. Especially before it manifests into a multitude of diseases.

Our Society is Still Sun Phobic

We used to live in a very sun-phobic society. Thirty years ago, staying out of the sun was the best thing to do. You could create skin cancer years later we were told.

That's very serious stuff. Some of us were afraid to go into the sun on a regular basis, but years later we still pay the price by developing ill health.

So, then our drinking water got more polluted, and vibrationally and energetically deficient, and people's health started being precarious (meaning dependant on circumstances that one could not control, uncertain, insecure) because you could not control the quality of your tap water. Unless it comes down from a Mountain Spring directly to your home, and is not changed, filtered, or accidentally electro-magnetically altered in any way. I've stayed in one home in Washington State where Mountain Spring water was what came out of the tap.

We would have much less disease if we were all so lucky.

Spring Water Delivery was only seen at your workplace. Wow! Did you taste that water? It tastes so good and it is healthy for you.

Nowadays, sun-worshipping is somewhat back — at least I hope it is, to get sufficient vitamin-D in your body because studies have shown a lack of Vitamin-D is associated with many diseases.

But always with the caveat that you can't get too much sun at one time. And the question now for us Natural People is do you we use sunscreen or not? The answer is probably no.

One for the Men, Erectile Dysfunction, and Yang Deficiency

If you are a man, and you speak to someone who is an Expert in TCM and you have undiagnosed erectile dysfunction, aware of it or not, and you lose your erection very easily, become flaccid as you try to gain an erection, you most likely just have a Yang Deficiency. This syndrome is especially true if when the season changes your ability to retain an erection is lost.

Or if you don't pay too much attention to the Energetic properties of the foods, the supplements, or herbs you consume, (which may require some complex knowledge) without balancing them with the warming foods, especially in the winter this difficulty can eventually arrive. You need to naturally replenish the Yang and Yin Energies over time!

Mold spore exposure causes erectile dysfunction too.

About 3 years ago, a man spoke with me because he was interested in being a client and needed my help. He had been trying to deal with a Candida infection (a Fungal Infection) which became a worse still fungal infection. He was consuming many bottles of Wild Oregano Oil because of its reputed anti-fungal, anti-candida properties.

Wild Oregano Oil is a very popular anti-infective remedy. It's also reputed to deal with parasites, deal with viruses, bacteria, and fungus, even protozoans.

The main ingredient Carvacrol is very powerful. But remember in vivo (in a human) is not the same thing as in vitro (in the petri-dish).

Also my Vibrational Testing reveals that certain brands are more effective at dealing with viruses than bacteria, or even protozoans.

But Oregano oil is not warming. It goes down hot, but it does not warm you up. Most anti-infective single herbs are very cooling. That means they need balancing herbs in a formula to keep the body well balanced.

So, you will see Western Herbal formulas with herbs like Ginger, Garlic, Capsicum (Cayenne Pepper) to balance the formula.

So, when this man said, he was taking so much Oregano Oil and ended up having Erectile Dysfunction, a light bulb went off in my head.

So, it goes down spicy hot but cools you off.

I discovered this by accident.

I'm very sensitive to my body, and I know when Yang needs replenishment. I may be the Type that needs lots of Yang Energy, or maybe I should just be sun-tanning more often.

So, I sun-tan therapeutically in the summer months, gradually getting more and more sun as my skin adjusts to it.

How I Discovered the Depressing Yang Qualities of Oregano Oil

In TCM, we talk of foods or herbs supplementing or enhancing yin, or yang energies, just like some people supplement their stomach acid with HCL capsules.

But some herbs, and foods have a depressing or diminishing quality with Yang Energy. We call them cooling for a one word description.

We have this tendency to diminishing yang-energy “difficulty” in our society because for example, we eat Water Melon at other times of the year, when it comes from another climate zone, where it is much warmer, when it naturally grows in the summer.

So, I was using Oregano Oil a few years back when I was finishing my Healing of MCS, when I accidentally discovered it literally depressed the yang energy.

Some men naturally have a lot of yang energy. Getting more sun is probably not a great idea for them. You know who you are if you are reading this.

The story of how I discovered this cooling nature of Oregano Oil and more goes like this:

I came back from my health club after a workout, and took some Oregano Oil drops to protect myself from any viruses I could pick up in the change room. I thought it prudent.

I was taking it regularly when I came back from the workouts.

No cold or flu viruses for me, please.

I remember that one time, standing in front of the mirror in my bathroom taking a few drops under my tongue, just as I had got back from the club, and suddenly to my utter dismay, I felt a slight cold inside drop inside. It was like an ice-cube had magically penetrated my interior.

Ouch! I had hurt myself! I just stared at the bottle in anger. How could this be? I'm using the wrong supplement!

People who have a Yang Energy Deficiency often feel the need to wear a sweater, when no one around them does. They feel cold. The modern test I invented and I like the most is: when there is something in the oven at full temperature, and you open the door to check on the food, do you feel the need for that heat as improving your health?

Good thing I know a few things. So, I turned away from using Oregano Oil ever since, and just use Oregano leaves as a spice for pleasures sake, because it works for my blood type.

This man I spoke to who had erectile dysfunction needed a Supplement Program that worked to heal his infection without further compromising his health.

People with a long-standing Candida Infection often have a Yang Deficiency and that shows up as undigested food in the stool!

If you don't want to "cool" yourself off too much before the summer, be careful with pomegranates, pomegranate juice, and cranberries, cranberry juice. Save these for the summer heat.

What Helps with a Candida Infection?

There is a lot of information on the web about eradicating a Candida Infection, and Candida Overgrowth.

In my Healing Practice, Candida Overgrowth is a mild illness compared to a chronic Candida Infection. Both can be Healed super quick when there is a strong desire.

Most people have an overgrowth in their gut of some microbe.

And later on in life, most people have some fungus in their body that needs clearing too.

Reverend Hanna created TWO formulas to use against Candida Overgrowth in the bowels:

Candida Formula #1: Formerly Kantita

Candida Formula #2: Formerly Foon-Goos #2

Reverend Hanna liked to use a play on words for these formulas, so that is why the first one used to be called Kantita.

Both are taken together and are available in a Candida Kit with Reverend Hanna's special Taurine-Dophilous.

If you just want to get general help with Fungus, for example, you have fungus in your lungs, or some other part of your body, then you could look into: using: Fng Care, but that is not a single bottle solution, it is a multiple-bottle, long-term solution.

Getting back to Candida, The choice of the Probiotic to squeeze out the Candida, and keep it away by re-inoculation of the gut is a very crucial one.

I've done VRSP's for people with a long-standing Candida Infection, where 2 Probiotics where used at first, at the same time, and then it was changed to another single probiotic.

Over 90% of the time people test on different probiotics.

Diet must be sufficient to get the Candida calm enough, and therefore under control, so you get the most benefit from the herbs.

If this works well enough for you to keep the Candida Under control, it is best to continue the Candida diet for about 1 month after feeling well, and finishing the probiotics or going down to a maintenance dosage.

In my programs, it usually takes a couple of months for the body to settle down into an anchored state of much better health after re-inoculation.

If you liver is well enough you can start the above right away.

But if your liver is giving you energy deficiency signs, such as burning eyes, or you just plain want to be safe then I would highly recommend 2-3 bottles of Reverend Hanna's Liver Formula - Formerly Livah supplement before hand.

Or even if you don't have Candida, I would still highly recommend Hanna's Liver Formula to learn how important Liver Energy is to your health!

Back when I started my Healing Practice in 2002, I was working with a woman probably in her early 40's who wanted to detox heavy metals.

She was doing so well with the Livah Formula, she had improved bodily functions that seemed completely unrelated to her liver energy. I was thrilled and astounded.

But then she made an assumption which taught me a very valuable lesson: She went and dyed her hair while on the supplement program, and reversed all the liver energy she had gained, and her bodily functions went back to the way she was before. Shatteringly disappointing.

The lesson she learned was that anything you put on your body, hair dyes, creams, ends up using Liver Energy.

And you need Liver Energy to detoxify.

Hanna's Candida formulas may contain Berberine, (a constituent of some herbs that is quite antagonistic to the Candida Albicans organism) or provide some combination of ingredients which are lethal to Candida, and stop it from replicating, because they are so effective when consumed continuously with a change in diet.

However, a high degree of caution is in order because Candida binds to Heavy Metals such as mercury, and if you create a die-off reaction by not easing up at the correct time, and you don't have enough organ energy to begin with, (which keeps you stuck in a Candida Infection pattern), you are guaranteed to get worse in the long term, and relapse soon after.

In my Healing Practice we rarely do die-off reactions because of the heavy metal binding. We don't kill Candida and cause more difficulty. We rebuild and re-energize and then crowd it out.

Also along with organ/gland rebuilding and re-energizing, we get your immune system back in top working order.

At the end of completing each VRSP for the client, the body is back to a much better state of health, so that Candida cannot once again proliferate.

Here are a few web pages related to Candida Healing: Why Candida Infection Comes Back Again.

Candida Die Off and Kidney Pain Help.

Candida Die Off Reactions and Liver Chi

How Quality of Life Falls Slowly with a Candida Infection

For someone who has had Candida Overgrowth progress to a Candida Infection, knowing how your quality of life fell slowly, and eventually became a morbid state of health (a poor quality of life) is like imagining you ended up in an “imaginary” gloomy cemetery, without knowing it, (the poor quality of life part: chronic constipation, depression, anxiety, melancholy).

And then a few years later, again without knowing what was in store for you, you ended up in a freshly dug grave. Then you realize your symptoms are very pronounced, and your quality of life is terrible.

Then you want to get out, and you build a “ladder” with a supplement plan, to get out of the grave, out of the cemetery, and back to a regular life!

The falling into a freshly dug grave part is very appropriate, considering there is a falling or degradation in organ energy to support your wellness. I think this visual metaphor is very appropriate for understanding how far along a Candida Infection can progress, and to face the reality of a dismal quality of life people with a chronic body-wide systemic Candida Infection have. Read More Here.