How To Use Hanna's Herbals: The Enzyme Formula and Colon Cleansing


In this newsletter I will discuss a simple way to cleanse the colon with one of the Kroeger Herb™ formulas created by the late Reverend Hanna Kroeger. Using this formula and perhaps a helper formula happens to be one of the easiest ways to cleanse the colon. You could have no major interruption in your lifestyle, no taking time off work to do a 2 week deep intense colon cleanse, and no special cleansing diet. You would experience comfortable cleansing. I will also briefly discuss colon health in general, and how it relates to Natural Healing. I will give you an example of certain areas of your skin that reflect the need for colon cleansing.

You will want to read this newsletter carefully, because there are details that will help you understand more deeply about real healing with Hanna’s Herbal formulas and the truth about some colon cleansing products and a lot of other supplements. This “vital” information is related to the Energetics of supplements and their “vibrational compatibility” with your body.

This colon cleansing product I am going to describe is not directly for the colon. In other words, it does not directly assist the colon wall in functioning better, and then throwing off toxins. It does increase peristalsis by adding enzymes to the colon.

It also does certainly help cleanse debris from the colon though and assist in bowel movements.

It is very important to make the distinction between this product and others, though because some people need colon tonification, and these products are called Lower Bowel Tonics or LBT for short. The LBT formulas have herbs directly for the colon wall.

I will also explain a little bit about the physical clues for the need for colon cleansing health related to mood swings, or irritability. These are feeling of ill-health that can be improved with colon cleansing.

I will also explain some of the ways Reverend Hanna Kroeger created her herbal formulas; that is how she found the herbal ingredients for her formulas and why she would have created them in the first place! I will also explain how this special herbal cleansing formula works. It’s probably very different than you expect! Well enough with the suspense. The name of this Kroeger Herb™ formula is called Enzymes™ (formerly Enz™)!

The Kroeger Herb™ ENZYMES™ formula.

The Kroeger Herb™ formula to cleanse the bowels that I am referring to is called Enzymes™.Kroeger Herb Enzymes It contains solely herbal ingredients, Mugwort, White Pine Bark, Myrrh, Chamomile Flower, Catnip herb, and Mullein leaf. Each capsule is 600mg and is in a vegetarian capsule. This formula is a proprietary blend.

Why would you want to use ENZYMES™?  One reason you may want use Enzymes is to rid the body of any residue of undigested material in the colon. Cleansing the colon could result in better looking skin. Better health, always, always comes from having a better functioning colon, and regular easy bowel movements.

Where are the Digestive Enzymes in ENZYMES™?  If you have ever used enzyme supplements, to help digest your food better, you may be wondering where the Amylase, Protease, Lipase, and any other enzymes are? Very good question!

Well, they are not in this formula. Most true digestive enzymes are sourced from a fungal source. Truly!

What Does the Enzymes™ formula Actually Do?

I believe the ENZYMES™ formula provides your pancreas with the energy input and therefore vibration to produce more enzymes, naturally of course. The end result is that your pancreas produces more digestive enzymes, which go out into the small intestine, and eventually cleanse your colon.

Any single one of the herbs in the Enzymes™ formula would not do the job of creating more pancreatic enzymes. Together, and synergistically their energies meld to produce a frequency which activates your pancreas to produce more enzymes. Thus the ENZYMES™ formula is a Vibrational formula composed of pure herbs.

When to Take the Enzymes™ formula?  The Enzymes™ herbal formula is not taken during meals, and it definitely should not be taken with meals. It should be taken 30-45 minutes close to the beginning of a meal, or about 30-60 minutes afterward.

Need of More Minerals and Protein while Taking the ENZYME™ formula.

One of the things you may find with continued use of this formula is that you may need to pay more attention to ingesting a little more protein, or minerals to produce more pancreatic enzymes.

If you are eating a high amount of flesh protein then you can take more of this formula, and you probably need more anyways. There may be a limit however, to how much you can take of this formula because digestive enzymes are manufactured from minerals as well as the protein you eat.

Have you ever read that the mineral magnesium is used in over 300 enzyme-derived biochemical reactions in the body? My favorite mineral is potassium, although I know magnesium is essential to life and quality of life. I am a potassium burner myself. I use up a lot of it. Minerals are also really important when under stress. And a lack of mineral supplementation could impair your digestion.

A Related Formula called Digestive Enzyme™

There is also a related formula to cleanse the small intestine as well. It is called Digestive Enzyme™(formerly D.E.®). It is possible to use both at the same time, but better to try one, and then the other. A Vibrational Reading would determine the need for one over the other and the dosages. So Enzymes™ are for the colon, and Digestive Enzyme™ (no ‘s’) are for the small intestine. Both formulas are completely herbal based. The Digestive Enzyme™ formula only has 3 ingredients. Papaya Leaf, Myrrh, and Gentian Root.

Your Tongue Gives You Mineral Deficiency Sensations

In my Natural Healing Practice, one of the most important things I teach clients, is to listen to their body.

On the tongue we have indications that we need more protein, and that we need minerals.

These tongue signals are much more subtle than one can possibly imagine. They are definitely more subtle than having thirst, or being hungry. These signals on the tongue are extremely important for your continued health. I believe many people wake up in the morning, and should be eating more protein than other foods such as coffee, tea, or juice, or cereal. By protein I mean protein powders, or even fleshy foods.

In the morning when you awaken your body could be asking you for more minerals as well as protein. You see during the night you could be detoxifying something from your body, or your bedroom, and in the morning, your body then screams for protein or minerals.

This is why meal replacements that contain a variety of nutrients are very important especially in the morning. They can also be used for rebuilding after cleansing and also during cleansing.

How Many Weeks Can I Use Kroeger Herb Enzymes™?  I would recommend using this formula for a maximum of 3 weeks at the recommended dosage of 2 capsules, 3 times a day a half an hour before meals. With supervision, and Vibrational compatibility with your other supplements, you may be able to use more. If you feel comfortable with what it does for you, then do continue.

There are a few important bits of information about the long-term use of the ENZYMES™ formula.

Pay attention to your mineral intake as well. Remember potassium is a mineral. Pay attention to any funny sensations on your tongue. They could indicate a deficiency of minerals as you go along.

Many enzymes in the body require minerals to be produced. There are lots of enzymes in the body besides digestive enzymes. A good mineral supplement could help.

The second thing to pay attention to, is your protein intake. This is just as important as your mineral intake. Your protein intake needs to be sufficient to be able to use this supplement long-term. Using this supplement could unmask a protein deficiency.

Disturbances of the Colon That Enzymes™ Can Help With

First this formula is not a substitute for proper and adequate fiber intake and water intake.

If you are not drinking enough water before you begin using a herbal product such as this, you will need to step that up a notch or even two.

As long as your colon is not inflamed you could probably use this formula.

How do you know the Enzyme formula is working?  You may see your poop in the strange form of the intestine. You may see the poop have the shape of your appendix. This is a sure sign that it is working properly. This usually comes after 2 weeks of usage. Be sure to continue to pay attention to your water intake, and any funny sensations on your tongue. Increase your water intake as needed.

Contraindications of Using ENZYMES™

This formula is not recommended to be used for constipation due to hypothyroidism. It is recommended to fix the thyroid first, with a Vibrational reading, and then later take this formula. If you are constantly constipated, or have dry, difficult bowel movements, or have a bowel movement every few days, you may be hypothyroid. Heartburn that comes at night is also a sign of hypo-thyroidism.

If your spleen-pancreas meridian is weak for example because of a spleen-qi deficiency you cannot use this formula. If your energy in the meridians are not flowing properly, or you know you have congestion in the meridians you are probably not ok to do a full dosage of any colon-cleansing product.

If you have difficulty having bowel movements, or when you eat a meal you know to eat lots of fiber, or you have to be very careful because of the food you eat such as red meat, or white flour products, , crackers, potato chips, crisps, corn chips, other snacks foods, or other flesh foods causes constipation or missed bowel movements, you may need this formula long term.

By the way crackers, crisps, corns chips and lots of snack foods are terrible for the colon. Really terrible.

I think it’s a tie between ruffle potato chips and corns chips that can disturb your colon. Pizza that is not whole grain is another difficult food for your colon to process. When you have difficulties with your colon these are foods which rob the colon of energy, and do not create a good quality of life.

If you have been learning about Natural Health for a while, you also know that the burger with its white bread, and meat is also a bad food for your colon.

THE MOVER™ Formula helps the Enzyme™ Formula

The MOVER™ can be used to cleanse the intestines with either the Enzymes™ or Digestive Enzymes™. Reverend Hanna Kroeger advocated using the Mover™ formula together with the Enzymes™ formula.

If the Enzymes™ formula is the wife who cleans the house, and puts things into the garbage bag for disposal, the Mover™ formula is the husband who takes out the trash!

The MOVER™ is an adjunct formula but can be very essential to ensuring the cleansing goes well! Sometimes you need to use it at the same time as any of these formulas. Sometimes you just need to monitor when your cleansing needs some MOVER™ and use it.

The name of this formula speaks for itself. It literally MOVES things out.

The Mover™ works so subtlety that you could think it does nothing at all. The reason is you may not feel the strong urge to poop with this formula. It does not work that way.

Its subtle energies work so gently with the colon, that if you sit on the toilet, you have very easy evacuation. It’s quite miraculous actually.

All you have to do is sit on the toilet a certain number of minutes after ingesting it. It is even more helpful if you have a very small stool to bring your legs up.

The Physical Sign of Colon Health Issues:

Probably the number one physical sign of colon health issues on the human body is having red bumps on the skin. These red bumps can occur on the back and outer sides of your upper arm, but can also occur on the thighs, hands, and tops of legs. These unsightly skin bumps also occur on the buttocks. The medical term for this skin condition is: Keratosis pilaris. See a picture of it at

The picture on the right can be clicked. The picture is of the upper arm, on the back side, where the triceps muscle resides.

I believe the toxins in the small intestine show up as the Keratosis pilaris on the top of the legs, whilst the large bowel (colon) shows up at the back of the arms, and deeper colon issues show up as bumps on the buttocks.

Keratosis pilaris, or chicken skin is thought to be genetic. According to the wikipedia article, effectiveness of the external medical treatments is limited. Colon cleansing is focused on internal treatment. This condition should be improved from the inside out through cleansing.

The Top 2 Reasons for an Unhealthy Colon

The 2 top reasons for an unhealthy colon are weak digestion and lack of tonification of the colon.

Improper food combining can also results in long-term colon congestion, weakened colon wall and weakened digestion. I already mentioned eating a burger with white bread or any kind bread for that matter. That’s the rule of not mixing grains and flesh-protein. The other big rule is not to mix sweats with flesh protein.

People who have regular bowel movements can use these products safely. They could improve their colon health.

Another reason to use this formula is if you have very minor blood in the underwear, or seen when you wipe yourself clean. That would be blood coming from the anus. This could be a colon health issue. If you have ruled out more serious diseases with your medical doctor, you can use this formula to solve that problem.

In fact if you have any colon issue which is a non-inflammatory issue and there is no known medical cause, take Enzymes™ or Digestive Enzyme™.

Irritability After Eating a Sign of The Need For Colon Cleanse

Irritability or feeling uncomfortable in your colon area after eating is also a sign your colon needs help, and probably of the need to colon cleanse.

Easily being angered by what other people do, or say, is also a sign of the need for colon cleansing. This health difficulty comes from an uncomfortable colon, needing help! The irritant is toxins in the colon or small intestine.

When especially the little things cause a person some anger, and irritability, that may be a sign your colon needs cleansing, and your liver could be over-burdened with toxins.

Constant irritability is also a sign of an unhealthy colon and the need for colon cleansing. A healthy colon is necessary for a healthy mood, and also for healthy sleep.

When the large or small intestine are not functioning well enough, your liver gets the brunt of the harm. This is because of the portal vein circulation back into the liver from the large intestine and the liver doing its job of detoxifying poisons coming from your gut.

If the Colon has a difficulty it may wake you up early between 5 a.m. and 7 a.m. each morning disrupting your sleep.

Understanding the Energetics of Enzymes™

A bit of important information to understand is the Energetics of Hanna’s Herbal Formulas. Hanna’s Herbal Formulas were created with a vibration in mind, not a physiological-in-the-body response to each herb in the formula.

Hanna might have picked one or two herbs to start with that were directly related to the purpose of the herbal formula. That means that a choice of some herb to help the digestion, or pancreas might be first, but then another herb was added to it that may have no seeming connection at all. The other herbs were helpers, and set the vibration of the whole formula.

Vibrational Resonance of a Herbal Supplement For Your Body

The Vibrational Resonance of a supplement is the resonance compatibility with your current state of health and needs. It also depends on your regular diet, your energetic imbalances and needs, the current season and your genetics as well.

Some complex herbal formulas are generally always highly resonant as long as you pick the correct one, for your own purpose and it can be used over a longer term. These are more complete formulas.

I use Bio-Energetic formulas such as these in my Natural Healing Practice. That way each has a high resonance with a gland or organ.

They have enough herbs and ingredients to completely balance the body, and therefore most importantly do not create any further imbalances.

They can be used everyday, and over a long-term without any difficulty. They also are self-limiting, and once they do their job, they are no longer necessary. This is the reason I use two sets of formulas. One set being Hanna’s Herbal Formulas.

After the Vibrational Resonance of a supplement is determined to be excellent, the dosages for the day are dowsed. The frequency of the dosages, i.e. once a day, or twice a day, or three times a day is also dowsed.

The Vibrational resonance of a product implies an understanding of your regular diet, and any other supplements you are taking. There must be a proper dosage or a large enough dosage per day, and usage frequently enough during the day. In other words, if you took 2 caps of Enzymes™ 3x a day, that may be fine for you, for 2-3 months, but taking 3 caps 2x a day would be even better and more resonant. Vibrational Resonance and Vibrational Testing gives you the answer.

Reverend Hanna a Master of Subtle Energies of Herbs

Reverend Hanna Kroeger was a master of the subtle-energies of herbs. The purpose of a herbal formula she created was to target an organ or gland, and help it heal, or increase its production of some enzyme or hormone, transmute a heavy metal, feed the female reproductive system, and increase its frequency, or get rid a virus in the body, such as HPV (Papilloma).

A herbal formula created by Hanna had a defined Vibrational frequency. This is because every organ or gland in the body has a defined frequency.

To create that Vibrational frequency means she combined herbs in a formula to augment or help, or balance out the other herbs, resulting in synergy whilst always targeting a specific organ or vibration.

In Hanna’s herbal line, for example, there are also formulas for the left kidney, and the right kidney to increase their vibration. They are Vibrational formulas because they have a certain unseen frequency that targets an organ, and sometimes even some particular physiological aspect of that organ.

Why would it matter to increase the frequency of either the left kidney or right kidney? To get it healthy and then it would through out its toxins – such as a heavy metals.

Synergistic Herbal Products on the Market Today

There are very few products on the market today that are synergistic. I have personally tried some expensive formulas with many organic ingredients (10-20) that had very, very little affect compared to the formulas I use with my clients. They were more hype in a nice glass bottle.

The formulas I use have been in use for more than 30 years and were already well advanced of anything available.

Are All Supplements Energetically Fine for the Body?

There are a many supplements on the market which do not pay any attention to the energy of the person taking it, and more importantly the energy of the formula in its entirety. They make assumptions about the energy of an organ or gland of the person using it.

Hanna’s Herbal formulas do not do that. Neither do the Professional Systemic Formulas I also use.

What I mean is that a supplement could take work from your body, and therefore energy to metabolize. That means it can rob your body of energy. The Kroeger Herb Enzymes™ supplement does the opposite; it gives energy to your body.

However, as I mentioned its proper usage could require additional nutrients. The usage of additional nutrients also depends on how much and how often you are taking this formula.

The use of Energetic Supplements that are Vibrationally resonant with you could mean the difference between a reasonable quality of life, or an excellent quality of life. Good health or excellent health...

Good Vitality, excellent Vitality or lack of Vitality. Good sleep or excellent sleep.

There are in general two classes of supplements that clients can use, and they are short-term to fix imbalances, which is usually 4-6 weeks each, or long-term supplements.

For example, a long-term supplement could be a vitamin-mineral supplement which would have to be matched to your body’s daily needs. Sometimes in a Vibrational Reading you need a temporary mineral supplement to stabilize or help another supplement do its work, such as when healing and strengthening a thyroid gland which is under functioning.

A Vibrational Reading is therefore a matching of Energetic supplements to match your imbalances, with the purpose of rebalancing, strengthening, or rebuilding your body. A very strong desire for better health attracts the best supplements.

Vibrational Resonance of Supplements

When I begin working with clients, I test the Vibrational resonance of their personal supplements they’ve used before beginning working with me. This is especially true if they have favorite formulas.

It’s usually a big learning experience for the client.

If a supplement’s resonance is over 80 or 90, it’s going to work to help you in some capacity. I then determine the exact number of days (or weeks) it can be used.

If a supplement has low resonance it’s not going to do much for you, and it will waste your money at least at that time. Low resonance means your body does not want the supplement, or it would create further imbalances, borrowing energy from somewhere else.

One Supplement Works Better with a Second or Third

Sometimes a low resonant supplement is not good over a long term, but if another supplement is used, a helper supplement, its resonance becomes very high, and both become very high resonance.

Then the first can be used with the 2nd with enough precise timing. Heavy metal cleansing usually causes this kind of coupling, and even 3-5 supplements is not uncommon for someone who simply cannot cleanse heavy metals with just one supplement.

Sometimes a single supplement does not have enough compliment ingredients to have high enough resonance.

For example the difference between a simple whey powder product to detoxify heavy metals, and a more complete high-protein, low glycemic-index meal replacement, and weight loss formula which has just the right amount of whey in combination with other ingredients. One reduces energy and causes you to feel sick, and the other gradually helps you feel better. Even though the example here of a high-protein meal replacement has whey with other ingredients, and does not cleanse as deeply, the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, and phytochemicals, and other herbs it may have really make it the better choice. And using it with the main supplements for the thyroid or adrenals would work properly.

I have also energetically tested some supplements that have great promise, and are very advanced technologically, but don’t do much for the client.

Also, if a supplement has a negative resonance, it could further imbalance you. Some are even so negative they reduce your life force over a long term basis.

Testing of supplements is done long-distance, or remotely with the supplement clearly defined in my mind, or in front of the client. If the supplement exists and it can be purchased I can test its vibrational resonance.

I also sometimes go to web sites, and just find a supplement for a client using dowsing. This usually takes 15-30 minutes. I usually have an idea of the kind of supplement needed first.

The point of this section is that the Vibrational resonance of a supplement must be very high for you to be able to use it effectively and balance your body. The Vibrational resonance of a supplement can change, and sometimes very abruptly too. If the Vibrational resonance of a supplement is very high, it fits the imbalance in your body, fits your biochemistry, can provide energy to improve your organ energy, and will provide you with great value.

A vibrationally resonance does not have to be expensive at all! It can be low cost, but was put together as a vibrational supplement.

Reverend Hanna Kroeger’s Divine Inspiration

Reverend Hanna Kroeger created her formulas by Divine answers and Divine inspiration. But what does that mean? Divine inspiration can mean many things to many different people, so I will give you an example of what that meant in the creation of Reverend Hanna Kroeger’s herbal formulas.

Often times receiving divine inspiration would mean a mental thought or message from the Creator.

It was Hanna’s great and strong desire to help people feel better, and get well quickly that tirelessly drove her to create so many formulas and receive so many requests and visits from people. That and formulas that worked miraculously and some that are world famous too, like Circu-Flow®.

Hanna received much mail and would create formulas based on peoples needs. Hanna searched for answers for many maladies affecting modern men and women.

When I was conducting my training with her in 1997, at the Peaceful Meadow Retreat, I was very lucky to get to spend some time with Hanna in between courses. I also got to meet her daughter Lisa who lived with her at the time.

It was during my training that Hanna spoke in one of her humorous moods and explained how she created one of her herbal formulas. She explained that she was missing an ingredient in one of her formulas. She was waiting for the answer. The answer came one day when a man came to visit the retreat, and shouted “Rosemary” from his vehicle. So, that was the answer Hanna was looking for and she put the herb in her formula. This formulas was used to balance the Aura.

Hanna’s Herbal Formulas Combinations work on the Spiritual Level

Most people think that herbs just work on the physical level, but this is just not true. Herbs work on the emotional and spiritual level as well. Their effect at this level is just so subtle that it is not easy to understand because the information to Heal is in the Aura.

If the Aura is healed, the physical and emotional levels will be Healed too. If you understand that we are Vibrational beings your can also understand that it is the vibration of the formula in its completeness that causes changes in the Aura.

For example, did you know that Hanna’s Heart-Warmer® can be used to Heal a broken heart? It was during my training in 1997, that someone spoke to me personally of a person who had used the Heart-Warmer formula to heal a broken heart. I was astounded.

So, where do you find a broken heart on the human body. Is it like a broken bone? No, you just can’t see it, but you can tell it from talking to someone if they show it. So, the Heart-Warmer formula works on the spiritual level as well as the Physical level. It is therefore a Healer by itself. Of course it has physical uses as well.

Where can you purchase these formulas?

For more information on Hanna’s Herbals, kindly visit Kroeger Herb™. The two formulas I have already discussed are in the herbal combinations section.

About Master Healer Salvatore Crapanzano

Master Healer Salvatore Crapanzano

Master Healer Salvatore Crapanzano is the founder of, and the brand name Hanna Kroeger Healer.

He is a long-distance Natural Health Practitioner, Vibrational Healer, and QiGong practitioner.

He has been helping people all over the United States and Canada improve their health since 2002 with Hanna's Formulas and the Professional Systemic Formulas line manufactured in Ogden, Utah.

Salvatore studied personally with the late, Reverend Hanna Kroeger in 1997 at her retreat in Boulder, Colorado, and was very lucky to have Hanna herself approve his active dowsing.

Through Vibrational Readings, and testing various highly resonant supplements, Salvatore sets up a monthly plan to help clients have vibrant and sustainable health.

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