Hanna Kroeger’s Colleague: Doc Wheelright and the Systemic Formulas

In the last newsletter I just touched upon Rev. Hanna’s Kroeger’s creation of BioEnergetic supplements, and I discussed her creation of “charged” vibropathic™ homeopathic remedies to eradicate protozoans.

This month I am going to tell you about what I believe was a secret colleague of Hanna’s whom I believed taught her a lot about combining herbs together to create superior herbal and vibrationally targeted formulas.

When I was visiting with Rev Hanna Kroeger in 1997, I learned about her exquisite sensitivity to the energies of herbs she used to combine into a complete formula. Those are the subtle-energies of herbs in combination.

At the same time, a Bio Chemist, and Nutritionist and Master of Herbology, “Doc” Stewart Wheelright out of Utah was researching all over the world to find herbs that would help people heal their organs and glands.

A. S. "Doc" Wheelwright - A brilliant master herbalist and world traveler.

Doc Wheelright mastered the herbology of Native Americans, Ayurveda, Chinese, European, and the North Americans, and the Brazilian Herbs in South America as well.

What Doc Wheelright did that was different than anything else at the time was scientifically combine herbs in a way where their energies combined to target a specific tissue in the body, for example the Adrenals. The herbs also had to combine properly to augment each other’s function and create a powerful synergistic formula.

And How did He do that?

He used electronic equipment with actual human tissue to measure its frequency and studied the herbs to create the formulas.

The daunting task though was to find the herbs which when combined would produce that high energy -- bio energy frequency.

For example, Doc Wheelright went to the Brazilian Herbs to find those herbs which would combine into one formula to target both lobes of the liver.  A diseased organ or gland always has a lowered frequency, often leading to a degenerative painful condition. Increasing the frequency of the organ through a well-combined bio-energetic herbal formula could help the tissue heal.

Doc Wheelright learned over 30 years how to combine herbs, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and tissue factors, all into one small herbal capsule to achieve a certain frequency.  He learned that there were a certain class of herbs which combined well and those that did not.

Doc Wheelright was also reputed to have taught John Christopher in a course, on how to combine herbs, who then went on to create his own herbal formulas.

Herbs of Southern Hemisphere Have Different Energies

Doc Wheelright was the first to figure out that the herbs of South American had a different “hemisphere” energy than those grown in North America.

Hanna herself described this “southern polarity” of herbs, when I learned from her in 1997.  She explained it like this: by the same way that the toilets in the southern hemisphere flush opposite of the northern hemisphere, the herbs from South America have a different polarity of energy.

So, one can understand that the famous anti-fungal herb Pau D’Arco from South America has a different energy.  Since Hanna understood this, she explained why she had searched for a Northern Hemisphere equivalent. Although no longer sold by Hanna’s Herb Shop the tincture developed by Hanna was Quaw Bark.  She relied on the knowledge of herbs from the Native Americans to find this northern equivalent.

Doc Wheelright used his knowledge of the polarity of herbs to created the tincture formula called Tai Ra Chi, a polarity corrected version of the Brazilian Pau d’Arco.

Creating Exquisitely Balanced Herbal Formulas

Both Hanna and Doc Wheelright also learned to balance a complex multi-herbal formula for long-term use. What does that mean, and why is that important?

In the Ancient herbal formulas of Traditional Chinese Medicine we find that there are always several herbs combined together to heal an energetic imbalance in the body, such as poor digestion, and one herb to harmonize the complete formula’s ingredients, usually licorice root. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is commonly understood that the long-term use of a single herb or even an ancient herbal formula can create further imbalances if used on a prolonged basis.

So, the herbal formulas of Hanna’s and Doc’s had to combine the herbs properly to create the bio energy, or frequency, and target a particular function, but they also had to be exquisitely balanced so they could be used on a long-term basis, even 3-6 months of continuous use without causing further energetic or health imbalances.

Hanna and Doc Searched for Answers to Human Ailments

Both Hanna And Doc Wheelright were at the time searching for answers to what ailed the human condition. Both were humanitarians who believed in the “Divine” and the Divine healing power of herbs.

Hanna looked for the divine in everything and sought answers from all sources on how to find the ingredients in the herbal formulas she desired to develop.

Both created anti-infective formulas: Hanna developed VYR Defense™ (formerly Vyren®)  for viruses, and Doc Wheelright found VIVI composed of Lomatium Dissectum Root oil often called Wild Carrot Root.

Hanna created her anti-fungal formulas: Foon Goos® now called FNG Care™, and Doc Wheelright created: #4-FUNGDX.

Doc Wheelright’s formulas which are marketed under the brand name of Systemic Formulas® are gentle and effective formulas which are also powerful. Doc Wheelright’s formulas contain herbal matrix factors which assist the body in processing any mineral or vitamin components making the formula more powerful and often bypassing the liver for more complete absorption.

Most of Doc Wheelright’s herbal formulas contain RNA/DNA tissue cellular factors from bovine source. These essential nutritional factors are used to heighten the overall effectiveness and rapidity of the herbal formula. Thus most of the formulas are non-vegetarian.

What this method of formulation means for the consumer is that they can see powerful results in the first 30 days of using the appropriate formulas for their condition or ailment.

Today Systemic Formulas® is based out of Ogden, Utah and is run by Doc Wheelright’s son, President Stuart Wheelright. Although Doc Wheelright has passed on, his son Stuart has all the knowledge of the Wheelright Method of Formulation carrying on his father’s tradition to make extremely effective and cost-effective formulas. Even more so, now, Doc Wheelright’s grandson, Dr. Shayne Morris, Ph.D., a biochemist, has been carrying on the tradition for the last 10 years, and has created the newer cellular healing formulas, called the Bio Cell’s. These newer set of formulas address the needed support at the cellular level of the body to help heal.

Two other formulas that Dr. Morris has helped pioneer are 1) ZGLUTN™, an enzyme complex to help people who are gluten sensitive digest the modern gluten proteins, and remove these particles stuck in the intestinal lining), and 2) LGUT™ a Leaky Gut Mastery Formula to help with Leaky Gut (intestinal permeability).