Fungal Toxins in Coffee and Detoxification with Cruciferous Veggies

Coffee Can Have Mold In It, and Drinking It Causes Fungus to Grow in Your Body! And Why Cruciferous Veggies are so important to detoxification and staying well.

In keeping with the intention of sending you an email newsletter about twice a month, and re-iterating, and teaching you important topics related to staying well, bringing you bodily awareness, and explaining to you why I do what I do, I am writing about what fungus or mold does in the human body and how it gets in.

This newsletter is not about chronic mold spore exposure from an indoor environment, a home, an office building, a school building, or how to treat that.

That kind of exposure which can cause ill-health requires a sophisticated plan, and also feeling good all the time, to be well again: a Vibrational Reading Supplement Plan.

In order to bring more awareness of our exposure to ingesting the invisible fungal toxins and to bodily awareness of their effect, I'd like to tell you about something minor I experienced during the December holidays. I will use the word combinations fungal toxins, mold toxins, or mold interchangeable, but really I'm talking about fungal toxins called mycotoxins that can cause ill-health.

Before the holidays, I had received an email containing information about a book describing how to loose one pound a day. I understood from my previous personal experience detoxifying what might be in this book.  The premise being that if you are drinking coffee regularly which has mold toxins in it, that removing or finding a better Coffee could allow you to loose a significant amount of weight. That's probably only part of the diet change. The superficial reason is because Coffee Beans, and therefore brewed coffee can have mold (fungal toxins) in it. The underlying reason you gain weight is because the body binds toxins to fat to keep them away from your cells and your body cannot excrete them fast enough.

Now, of course, I'm not going to guarantee you that removing coffee will allow you to loose one pound a day, or will do anything for you at all, nor am I going to suggest to you that you remove the coffee you drink, change the coffee your drink, reduce it, or increase it.

I believe that most people are drinking coffee for a very good reason and that it benefits their body for some reason.

My personal opinion is that coffee is a strong herbal, a powerful drug if you will.

It's one thing that I regulate carefully for a client when they start working for me.

But I was pretty astonished. Coffee too! Uggg! I avoid North American peanuts, and cashews, and corn chips because of the invisible fungal toxins on them.

I wondered if I had to be very careful about drinking coffee too!?

Coffee Beans? How in the world could that happen? I don't drink coffee even once a week, or even once a month for that matter.

I didn't want to read the book. I thought there must be a simple way for me to detect fungal toxins if I'm sensitive enough to my body.

I just forgot about it. Maybe I was asking the Universe to show me a simple way to believe it too.

I had a great personal experience detoxifying myself of mycotoxins over 10 years, and I had such incredibly wild results that I knew I was ready for my career as a Natural Health Practitioner.

It was an experience I'll never forget, and which even today, solidifies my strong conviction in being able to help people get well.

It was immediately after that experience, having studied with Hanna a few years earlier in 1997, understanding detoxifying the body well enough, that I was ready to call myself a Natural Health Practitioner.

So, here's where this little story starts:

During the December holidays, I had made some time to relax, and in the process found myself able to drank some coffee.


I did not brew it myself.

I am not an avid coffee drinker. As I said, I rarely drink coffee.

I don't know much about coffee at all.

I love the smell, and the taste, but it can really make me go to the washroom to pee quite frequently right afterward! This is why I never really got started drinking coffee when I used to work in the office when I came out of high school. Even today drinking coffee concerns me because of mineral loss.

The second time I drank the coffee last December the book about weight loss came to mind.

Since I found the idea of mold on coffee very plausible, and that removing coffee could cause a 1 lb a day of weight-loss, I was wondering more about any effects a healthy man such as myself might show if I drank the wrong coffee.

The 2nd time I had the cup of coffee was about 2 weeks after the first and around 6pm.

When I awakened later that night, I noticed my heart was beating, like my whole body was a heart.

It was a light beat, but very noticeable.

I probably had this whole body heart-beat feeling before, but I didn't know why then, and it may have been a long time ago I previously experienced it.

I often hear and feel my heart beating at night, when it is very quiet, as a "bodily awareness" feedback that my heart is well, and not imbalanced energetically, or that I'm not stressing it out too much from exercise. But it has to be very quiet. I didn't like doing this at first, but years later, I'm ok with it.

Having a rapid heartbeat can just be a sign of taking in a food allergen which your body just cannot deal with easily, and the body increases the heart rate to get rid of it more quickly. Having a rapid heartbeat, can also be a sign of Leaky Gut, Candida Overgrowth, before there are other more significant signs, because your body is smart enough to remove the unwanted particles from the blood stream as fast as it can after they enter from the intestinal wall.

I watched an episode of the Dr. Oz show, a few years ago, where a woman's heart beat increased too much for the light amount of exercise on a treadmill. Dr. Oz mentioned that something is not quite right here. Her heart was beating too fast too quickly. I was very intrigued. What could that be a sign of? It could obviously be a sign of lack of sufficient regular exercise, and inflammation according to Dr. Oz's Your Heart's Lucky 7 Numbers. But there are definitely more reasons.

So, when when I awakened, and I felt a "whole" body heart-beat. "Hmm... I thought There must be some toxin in my body that I ingested, but what was it?"

I was not overly anxious about this feeling. It was not such a strong "get rid of this toxin or allergen from my body", fast, fast, fast beat. Yes. There is such a thing.

Could it be the coffee I drank the evening before? But that would be hard to prove, of course. Likely though.

I can't prove it anyways. Lots of these things are hard to prove scientifically. I know and I'm sure Hanna knew, and that after many causes of Ill Health, over signs manifest.

And it would not be wise of me to ingest large amounts of coffee to prove it absolutely true. I wasn't going to drink more coffee just to see if it happened again. I just trusted myself and my body.

So, it was a warning signal from my body. I had to figure out what it was about.

But when I awakened in the morning, and went to the bathroom after I got out of bed, and turned the bathroom lights on, and looked at my face in the mirror, I was shocked!

Low and behold, I noticed a slight blemish underneath my right eye.

A slight red tint to it, about the size of a dime, and just barely visible.

"Holy Cow, I thought to myself, this is new!"

"How in the world did I get this?"

Most people do not realize they have fungus, or fungal toxins toxins in their bodies.

I'll write that again differently so that you probably will feel more of a sense of urgency about it:

Most people do not realize they have mold, or mold toxins in their bodies.

A mold is actually a fungus (a scientific classification), but not all fungi (plural of fungus) are molds. And there is also a difference between molds and mildew.

So, to solve this little health difficulty and keep my face as clean as possible, I proceeded to take several doses of one of Systemic Formulas premiere Anti-Fungal formulas: #4-FungDX, in tincture form T4-FungDX.

I took 3 droppers at a time (contains alcohol), several times that day, and then again a dose the next morning.

Here's the timing of the Events:

Sunday, I had the 2nd cup of coffee that December.
Monday morning, I noticed the blemish.
I dowsed the dosages. Then during Monday, I started ingesting large doses of T4-FungDX (droppers).
Tuesday morning, I finished it.

And on the Wednesday morning following, the slight blemish is gone.

Fungal Proliferation Showing Up Underneath the Eye

I've always believed that the area right underneath any of the eyes, showed a proliferation of fungus in the body, probably fungus just on the kidneys.
Hanna and some other Natural Health Practitioners probably taught me this too, but I never really fully understood how it got to that point. looking at the mirror for the discoloration

Do you know anyone that would knowingly eat low-quality food and create a discoloration under their eyes? Probably not.

Could a larger patch have happened literally over-night to some people like I noticed a small patch starting to happen to me. Probably not, but still slightly possible.

Fungal proliferation is something that most people just ignore.

I look at my face daily to notice the color, the good blood circulation, and because I want it to be as clean as possible.

What Can Happen If You Avoid Eating Cruciferous Veggies for Several Months

But I must admit that this fungal growth was also a result of an experiment in not consuming broccoli because it was several months since I consumed cruciferous vegetables on a regular basis. Cruciferous Veggies, Cabbage, Brussels Sprouts, Broccoli

I had previously eaten well-cooked broccoli in a broth with sea salt regularly.

But I sensed a highly critical need to stop eating broccoli because I was becoming food-intolerant to it. Too much of a good thing.

But then my subconscious mind - the reasoning Natural Health Practitioner would say to me daily: "So what is going to happen if you are off of cruciferous veggies for such a lengthy time?"

My happy-go-lucky reasoning mind would say: "You want to be well for the rest of your life, "We'll you'll just find out just how good cruciferous veggies are for you! Then you'll have more of an appreciation for eating them on a regular basis!"

I heard another Doctor give a presentation on Glutathione a few years ago and say how bland cauliflower tastes, and why did mother nature create it? Now Cauliflower is enjoying a resurgence as mom's favorite roasted vegetable and mock mashed potatoes.

I heard other practitioners tell people they could be allergic to broccoli. 

I decided about 8 months ago to take a break from Broccoli, in spite of enjoying my previous dental hygienist saying I had the fastest clotting blood she had ever seen. (Broccoli and other greens contain Vitamin-K which is the clotting vitamin - another very good reason to eat your greens on a regular basis.)

I wasn't eating Broccoli every day, but I'd reach for it at the supermarket at least once a week, and eat Cauliflower once a month too.

I had already started eating fewer fungally contaminated foods once I became aware of them, when I was in my 30's (almost 20 years ago).

So, what were the final results of the 8-month Cruciferous Avoidance experiment for me?

I started to notice that I was more toxic, and that I had mild reactions to air pollution that I had not experienced last summer.

I came to the conclusion in December that I was more toxic, and that whatever I was regularly exposed to in my environment, and food had caused the temporary sensitivities. I wasn't giving my body everything that it needed to detoxify.

Because I drink healthy Artesian Spring Water all the time, and have great digestion, exercise regularly, the repercussions of this experiment are negligible in the long-term as long as I get back to eating the Cruciferous Veggies on a regular basis, detoxify, don't bring home more chemicals, and increase my need to detoxify further.

Now I rotate Broccoli and well-cooked Kale both about once a week, and Cauliflower more rarely.

Update on Following The Zone Diet To Reduce Inflammation and Lose Excess Fat All Over the Body

If you followed along on the last newsletter this past November 2014 about being on the Zone Diet and how it could help you loose body fat, stabilize your blood sugar, and reduce inflammation, you might be interested in knowing a bit more about an important energetic imbalance that I noticed happened with me and why.  The imbalance required one day of supplement intake and a mini-reading. I also talk about the toxicity of a food or two I was regularly consuming and how I protected myself from further toxicity.

You can read more about it on my web site: How I Faired with the Zone Diet After 4 Months, the Zone Diet Part 2: Correcting Energetic Imbalances.

Remember Your Affirmations and Breaking Any Agreements That Keep You Suffering!

Remember that everything comes to you because of what you say out loud, and what you say in your mind.

If you just say that something good will come to yourself once, just once, and you forget about it (and therefore give it up to the Universe, and the LOA), and never think about it again you will get it!

If you have Positive Expectation of whatever you want arriving, and you feel having it in your hands, or being on some trip, being healthy, and you don't stay in struggle with it, it will come to you even faster.

If you have doubts, it will just take longer.

If you have friends or family that box you in to some behavior, and you take that Personally, you adopt it into your chronic thinking, and into what the Healer Don Miguel Ruiz might call the Agreements of your mind. Then one day, you realize, you want a much better life, and you follow the Four Agreements, break that Agreement with yourself, and free yourself to be who you want to be.

When I was about 13 Years Old, in 1980, and in Grade 8 I fell in love with a digital Seiko watch.

I was in Junior High School, and I had seen someone wearing that watch in a Gold Color.

I just kept visualizing the watch on my wrist. I loved it so much. I still do. At the time, I was always so excited about having one like it!

My dad asked me where I had seen it in a store, and we drove in front of the watch store not far from my home.

Then a short time later, my Dad presented it to me in a box. I was so blessed to have it. It cost over $200!

I still have it to this day, although I don't wear it anymore. I still love it so much!

My point is that at that age, I had no concept of the expense of this watch, no concept of the luxury of this watch, or the high quality of this watch.

When we get older, we start adopting Agreements in our mind, about what we can afford, and cannot afford.

We start adopting agreements about what our life will be like, how well we will get along with our partner in marriage, etc.

As Don Miguel Ruiz, the Author of the Four Agreements might also say, generally speaking we start to believe in the Dream of the Planet.

After a period of wearing that watch, I was taught that I would not be able to afford another one like it, because it was too expensive.

I took that as an affirmation, and it became a Reality, an Agreement.

Now in writing this, I have become aware that I did not think I could buy one like it, because of the expense.

Now I believe I deserve it!

Now I'd love to buy one just like it, if it is available again in a modern style, with modern functionality.

I hope that you are inspired to read and follow the Book the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, and adopt them for the rest of your life!

Recipe for Alaskan Cod Stew: Baccalà! Sicilian Style

I'd like to leave you with a gift recipe for Alaskan Cod Potato Stew, which you can make with both garlic and onions, to reduce fungus proliferation in your body!

Recipe for Alaskan Cod Potato Stew Sicilian Style with pictures included.

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Arguments against mycotoxins in coffee being harmful:

Debunking the Myth About Mycotoxins in Coffee

The argument is given above by the author, that we are constantly drinking, eating, and breathing all sorts of toxins, but the amounts are too small to harm us so it does not really matter. Unfortunately this does not provide for bio-chemical individuality, nor organ strength, previous history of detoxification, any mercury or heavy metals in the body, or constitution of the person. If a person has bio-accumulated fungus and heavy metals in the body, but the body is still functioning medically properly, does that mean the person is really still healthy and no disease or ill-health is on the horizon?