Yin Deficiency Syndrome and Burnout, Pain, Fever, Heat, Toothache, etc...

Yin Deficiency syndrom is a Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis with many symptoms, and associated with the Pseudo medical diagnosis of burnout, or chronic exhaustion. It is not the same as chronic fatigue, but can go hand-in-hand with chronic fatigue.

Why You will Want to Read This Web Page Carefully

Health is not an easy thing to create but it can be. Knowledge is necessary to understand what is wrong with your body and how to fix it, but awareness comes first. There is something wrong, now! Ok, what do I do to fix it? This web page is part of the answer as to what to fix to have much better health, wellness, well-being.

Although this web page is entitled Energy Healing for Kidney Yin Deficiency or (just yin defieicny), it is about a lot more that just that, but shows you how such a depleted energy in your body can cause uncomfortable symptoms and dis-ease.

It is often associated and underlying in many medical diseases, and never diagnosed properly or healed. The diminishment of the yin-energy can be the source of a lot of pain in the body. And its replenishment can take some time. An understanding of your energy balance, and how to keep it, can create a long and healthy vibrant life.

So enjoy reading this web page, and learn a lot! This web page was first sent out as the first newsletter in January 2014. You can subscribe to it on the right, or at the very bottom for an smart phone with a smaller screen such as the iPhone®. Remember to go to your email and click the link to ensure you get the newsletter!

Energy Healing: What is it all about?

Energy Healing is often described as Vibrational Healing because energy always has a vibration or a frequency. We are all energy, and our inner particles are held together through energy: electro and magnetic fields. All energy has a frequency! And Remedies either liquid or herbal can be created which have a certain vibration to heal.

Learn about the yin energy in your body today which you need to get better sleep, avoid early menopause, have more energy, vitality, be more resilient , and prevent and really heal burnout.

Yin-Energy Frequency in Nature from a Brook or Stream

Many people go to see their doctor for yearly physicals, and still do not wind up being healthier than the average person, but of course you want to be.

Many people suffer from heart disease and do not find simple answers that can help them clear their arteries of plaque, reduce inflammation and save their lives.  People are being found with plaquing in their arteries at the young age of 20!

I sometimes also wish that medical doctors understood people have systemic candida infections too, which can make their patients lives miserable. Their blood work looks fine, and their immune systems look intact, but something is still wrong.  The patient is unwell, has chemical sensitivities, so what is the difficulty?

Many people go to see their medical doctor knowing that something is wrong, and want to be in much better health.

Often they realize they have an energy deficit, something is not quite right with their body, with trouble sleeping at night, tossing and turning, difficulty getting up in the morning, mal absorption or mal-digestion, chronic constipation, or they have some inflammatory condition that is running amuck in their body.

But when you do not get the correct diagnosis and help, you just keep getting sicker and sicker, and your quality of life just is diminished. It surely is better and easier to achieve well-being.

It can also be so upsetting to a person to find out they have nothing medically wrong with them, and to be then told “it” is all in their head, or the second worse thing, it’s just old age!

Medical doctors lack the ability and training to tell you many things about what is lacking about your health, and especially how to improve it.  Most medical doctors are “into” pathology, and giving people disease diagnoses.

If you want to be healthy for the rest of your life, one of the most important health improvements a person can realize they need is an improvement in vitality, often because vitality is waning.

If you can realize your vitality needs improvement, and what drains your vitality, you are on your way to a longer, more enjoyable life. This is one of the reasons drinking the right kind of water is important, because you loose your vitality making the wrong water properly usable for your own body!

One of the other most important missing elements in healing and preventative medicine is the ability to tell someone their Organs are weak and what they need to do to fix them. These are diagnosis of Energy deficits I am writing about, sometimes accompanied with some diagnosable medical disease, and sometimes with just very uncomfortable symptoms.

Many Traditional Chinese Doctors are trained to detect these Organ Energy Deficits. They are trained to look at you, feel the pulse and detect these energy imbalances. Your subtle symptoms corroborate the particular energy-imbalance diagnosis. As a vibrational Healer I can also check the Vibrational Resonance of a series of supplements, to rebalance these deficits, but I can often see and feel Energy Deficits in people too.

I help my clients in this circumstance with a series of modern Chinese 5 Element Bio-Energetic formulas developed by Doc Wheelright and rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine. And they  work exceedingly well to Heal Traditional Chinese Medicine’s diagnosable Energy Imbalances.

While Traditional Chinese Medicine has 1000’s of ancient formulas for particular energetic imbalances, and even 100s which are in common use today, the Chinese 5 Element group of Formulas manufactured by Systemic Formulas® have only 14 vibrational formulas to address hundreds of imbalances.

How Do the Energy Imbalances Come About?

So how do these Energy Imbalances come about, and show up?

And at what age do they come up and cause health difficulty in your life?

I’ll write about one Energy Imbalance in this newsletter which is very prevalent in today’s modern Western society : yin-deficiency

Yin deficiency (or kidney-yin deficiency) is one of my favorite Chinese Medicine diagnosis: This condition is an energy deficit syndrome.

Sounds odd doesn’t it — that it is my favorite? It is my favorite because it is so, so prevalent in society, and because I believe it is so foundational to a person’s health building program. In fact almost every vibrational reading I do for a client has a bio-energetic natural health product from Systemic Formulas to build the yin-Energy back up! And There are at 3 different formulas that do so!

And Yin-Deficiency is directly related to kidney-energy health.  

Everyone has it! And practically No one is aware of it!

Until it is severe enough to cause noticeable symptoms…

Traditional Chinese medicine not only discovered the yin and yang energies of the body, but also discovered how to replenish them.

What is Yin-Energy?

The Yin energy is the moisturizing or moistening energy that both holds and generates fluids in the body. It is also the restful, and nourishing energy.

Stream in Woods The Sound of Yin Energy

The concept that energy can generate fluids in the body can be a very odd and extremely difficult concept to understand for practically anyone. Usually when a person arrives at chronic and very pronounced uncomfortable symptoms and they seek help for this energetic imbalance, they finally believe it because their body is telling them there is a severe imbalance and the cure is working.

Medicine did nothing for them, and gave them no clue that their yin-energy was being compromised, nor how to take care of it. They realize, “oh, my body has this yin-energy stored in it and I depleted it too much, so I got these symptoms. I overworked myself mentally!”

One reason I believe most people find it difficult to initially comprehend that we have this energy stored in the body is that we expect to understand a physical ailment by a physical symptom on the outside of our body. If you bump yourself in an accident you can see bruises. If your thyroid is imbalanced, you expect to see blood work that is out of balance.

But there is no blood test for yin deficiency: for a lack of fluid generation and insufficient yin-energy storage in the body. There are just symptoms, and many of them if it continues to diminish.

Like most chronic “dis-ease”, it gradually creeps up over a period of years, to show up as uncomfortable symptoms – finally manifesting to indicate your life is out of balance. And burning too much of it early on will make you look and feel older than you are.

So it is very real. And It is an Energy Imbalance. A very,very important Energy Imbalance to Heal.

Your body requires the yin (or cooling energy) to generate fluids, keep them in your body, and to also keep you cool in the summer time as well.

When the yin-energy becomes sufficiently depleted, you begin to have dry difficult bowel movements (a direct cause of constipation), or very small tiny pebble like bowel movements (sometimes clumped together). Your throat and mouth can be dry too. This is probably one of the first signs. You can also have ringing in the ears, dry skin, dry hair, feel feverish especially at night (without a real fever), and possibly have lower back and knee pain.

Some people go through lengthy periods where they “burn” the yin-energy internally, have some symptoms, ignore them, and then because of a period of intense rest afterward, and being young enough, they bounce back easily. For example, Actors who are shooting films for more than 12 hours a day for many weeks are one of these groups of people.

Sometimes the signs of burning the yin-energy are too subtle for people to notice, for example, you may be awakening up in the middle of the night and want to drink cold iced-water, or you crave yogurt all the time, or some other “cooling” food like bananas. Or maybe you always want to drink only iced-water. Hot teas or hot water would obviously not be appealing to you.

It is worth mentioning, that the definitive energy deficit diagnosis of yin-deficiency or kidney-yin deficiency requires some very pronounced symptoms, mostly involving heat: uncomfortable hot sensations, night sweats, or nocturnal emissions for men. In reality most people have a deficiency of yin-energy which is significant but does not always go to the definitive “yin-deficiency” diagnosis.

The Most Potent Instigator of Yin-Deficiency: Chronic Stress

Chronic stress is one of the most important instigators of yin-deficiency, because it not only depletes the adrenals but it can also deplete the yin-energy — the Kidney-Yin Energy.

Even if the stress subsides greatly, you can still be left with a weakened body, weakened adrenals, and weakened kidneys needing vibrational healing.

And even if you live a relatively stress free lifestyle, and do not chronically over-work you can still have chronic yin-deficiency. It does not develop over-night. It develops over a few years. Again, the reason is we don’t have a meter or blood work telling us we are burning our yin-energy, and not replenishing it.

But working 2 jobs, and getting the minimum amount of sleep and rest possible will eventually deplete you.

Cleansing Depletes Yin Energy

If you are someone who has cleansed regularly you may have depleted a good quantity of your yin energy simply because you did not pay any attention to rebuilding your yin-energy. Perhaps you are at the point where any type of cleansing causes more ringing in the ears and you have floaters.

Let me also put it to you this way: Your ability to cleanse is directly related to how much yin energy you have, and how strong your kidneys are. Cleansing requires fluids to leave the body in some way, and be used up. For example, Intestinal Parasite cleansing will always go much better when you have enough kidney-yin.

Burning The Candle At Both Ends

You’ve probably have heard the expression, “burning the candle at both ends”. Well one “end” of that candle is actually the amount of yin-energy your body has!

This expression usually has the meaning that you work in the daylight, and then late into the night, and get up early as well, but all you have to do is be in bodily-tension (or chronic stress) throughout the day, pay insufficient attention to your energy circulating through the meridians, not get sufficiently restorative sleep, and you still will burn both ends.

When we age, we usually burn that yin energy slowly, but as I already mentioned with some people’s lifestyle habits (2 jobs, over-work, very little rest) it gets burned even faster! One job may be your daytime job, and the second job may be taking care of your family.

In today’s society we are burning the yin or moistening energy at an alarming rate.

We work too much, rest insufficiently, and do not sleep enough.

Parents who are always on the go for their children’s activities are another group of people who burn the yin-energy at an alarming rate.

The classic symptom of yin deficiency is night sweats, but there are a multitude of different symptoms with different intensity in men than in women.

You may think, you don’t drink enough water, and that is why you are yin deficient, but this is not really the case. Yin energy is the energy that holds water and generates fluid in the body. It is the yin energy that causes your water intake, your fruit intake, and so on to generate internal fluids.

The body has many types of fluids it uses to lubricate its internal parts.

Pain Is a Sign of Chronic Yin Deficiency

One other common sign of yin deficiency is pain in the body. Chronic pain! Again this type of pain slowly creeps up on us, or shows up one day, sometimes when our yin-energy is weakest.

Most people know that connective tissue in the body is what holds everything together, and makes movement possible, but connective tissue such as your tendons require hydration. So people with yin deficiency can have problems keeping balance because fluid filled connective tissues of the body are required for balance and to be pain free.

Imagine a creaking door with hinges requiring oil. We oil it and it does not go creak anymore. Our body has to keep “oiling” our internal-parts constantly. Naturally as we age, we deplete yin-energy. But when you go and see the doctor, and you complain about pains, he or she will most likely tell you that it’s because of age you have the pains, and you just have to live with it.

However, when people have chronic pain in their 40s, they will likely then look for answers because they expect the quality of their life to be much better at such an age.

What other areas of the body require a special fluid?

How about spinal discs? A flexible spinal disc is also composed of fluid.

When the body is in a yin-deficient state, it can also be stiff, and it can make it difficult for the spinal discs to be replenished with new fluid and nutrients. Again, the body cannot generate the fluid needed.

A complete program to help relieve back pain because of spinal compression therefore may also require herbal formulas to rebuild the yin fluids.

Winter Solstice: the Time for Yin Energy Replenishment.

One of the most fascinating things about replenishing yin deficiency is that we just went through a period of natural yin building around the Winter Solstice! During the Winter Solstice your kidney-yin (which provides the yin or fluid generating energy of the whole body) is fed in great, great amounts, and any symptoms subside even more.

Its like being naturally “plugged in” to some yin-energy! But it only lasts for a few short weeks....

In fact for a woman who wants to conceive, the Winter Solstice may be the peak of her fertility.

Because of the rise and the fall of these exterior supporting energies, these symptoms associated with yin-deficiency may not be as pronounced during other seasons of the year.

So, in the fall, and winter, you could feel much better, and sleep better too. But by the time the summer comes around you remember about the symptoms. And 3 to 4 weeks after the Winter Solstice your symptoms will begin to come back again.

In fact, one of the things which makes yin deficiency so difficult to diagnose properly and more importantly be recognizable by a person is that the mild chronic symptoms, often ignored get naturally hidden as the colder weather gets underway, but then as the warm weather comes back, you then have more pronounced symptoms again. A natural seasonal cycle.

So all people who have yin deficiency will have more pronounced symptoms as the summer warmth approaches, and especially during the Summer Solstice because the interior yin-moistening energy is not sufficient to balance the warming yang energy of the summer.

Some people will have more pronounced symptoms during the Winter Solstice, and this is probably due to all that running around shopping for the XMAS holidays. Once you rest, you naturally feel better and rebuild. But most people do not rest during the XMAS holidays, so almost no one takes advantage of this huge natural opportunity to replenish the kidney yin-energy! And then you have to wait again until next year for this free opportunity!

Naturally you feel a slump after the XMAS holidays because you’ve used up more of this energy than your body can naturally replenish so quickly. And of course diet plays a major role as well. Eating too many spicy foods, and lack of fruits can cause difficulty.

The good news is that you can still naturally rebuild your Yin-Energy at any time, with a kidney-yin building program, by resting, going to bed a little early, not being so wired and take the appropriate herbal formula long enough.

In finishing this newsletter, I’ll mention a few more symptoms of yin-deficiency: dizziness, low grade fever, hot feelings in palms and soles of feet, and chest, insomnia, irritability, dark urine, “hot” urination, and thirst for cold drinks. Sleep will be “restless”, poor, interrupted, and dream filled. You can also be forgetful and feel weakness, and be underweight.

Lastly, I want to mention two other symptoms related to the health of your teeth which I think are very surprising. Being aware of the possibility of a different cause can save you your teeth and a lot of money as well. Tooth ache, and loose teeth. Either one of these can be a sign of yin-deficiency (kidney-yin deficiency).

I hope you have learned more about the Energy Imbalances which can be healed with an appropriate Vibrational Reading program. Rebuilding your yin-energy or kidney-yin will give you a sense of calm, stability, youthfulness, and tranquility over your life like nothing else you may have experienced before!


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Advanced Concepts in Chinese Medicine

In chinese medicine, yin-deficiency

cannot be tonified without paying attention to yang tonification.

Yang cannot rise without yin, and yin cannot rise without yang.
Chapter 1: Yin and Yang and the Five Phases (Paradigm Publications Free Chapter Excerpt)

Also, yin deficiency often comes about because of dampness. Search google for Dampness and Yin Deficiency by Dr. Yong Ping Jian, DOM, Ph.D.