Eating Foods In The Summer Time

If you can eat certain foods in the summer time, but when the season changes and you get into fall or winter you find that you are unable to digest them, or they cause you great discomfort.  You may a hidden fungal infection called candidiasis.

This discomfort can be particularly true of sweat fruits, and other foods containing unnatural sugars. The discomfort can be bowel troubles such as constipation, diarrhea, and in particular bloating after meals.  When you consume too many fruits in the summer time: watermelons, cantaloupes, mangoes, sweat grapes, etc you may feed this hidden fungal infection in your gut.  There would be minimal symptoms in the summer because of the heat, but as you the season changes, and cooler weather prevails, the candida fungal infection may surface.

If you are lucky you may not yet have enough of the intestinal candida fungus to cause pronounced body wise malaise. It would be wise to look after this condition though, and prevent any further body injury.

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