Drinking The Right Kind of Water


Water is an essential nutrient needed for everyday life.

Most people ask what is the right kind of water to drink, but very few people know about the vibration of water and its compatibility with your body.

Drinking the right kind of water and quantity of water on a long-term basis allows your body to naturally cleanse and Heal. It can keep your energy within your body flowing well, unimpeded.

Drinking the correct water can also make the supplements you are taking more effective!

You may need to use less of them as well.

It will improve your digestion, elimination, and sleep too, maybe not so profoundly, but even prevent sleep issues.

How Bad is Tap Water For You?

Perhaps I should have written this heading more subtly as Is Tap Water Health Giving?

But, I find tap water to be atrocious. That means it is very bad for you, terrible in fact, and does not support health.

I will elaborate.

While I am writing this in October 2016, I am drinking tap water, unfiltered, for a short few weeks, except I put it in 5 Gallon Jugs, and let the chlorine evaporate as best it can by leaving it at room temperature for a few days. I do this because I really can't stand the smell of chlorine, and chlorine is a toxin.

I usually give it at least 2 days.

In the town I live in we have decent tasting tap water, but I actually still hate the taste, and I have to swallow it, like I'm drinking a poison I don't want to drink.

I feel like I could be deluding myself with the taste being good to think that it is really good for me, but in reality I am not deluding myself at all.

I've already said, “I find tap water to be atrocious.”

I'll say it again, much more strongly, no mater where you are, unless your tap water is coming from a spring, unfiltered, and not altered in vibration, "That Tap water is atrocious."

I also do not like the smell either, even with minimal chlorine.

I'll say this: It is easy to get used to drinking it, when it tastes ok.

So, I've been doing this for 2 weeks now, onto my third week, and the results have been very eye-opening to say the least.

I have not been drinking tap water for many years, and receive delivery consistently every 2 weeks.

In fact I do not even use tap water from the bathroom to rinse my toothbrush, or my mouth.

I use it to cook, anywhere and everywhere. I use the correct salt when I cook tomatoes, and soups, and to salt my omelets, etc.

So, what happened after I started drinking tap water?

Within a week of starting to drink tap water, I felt in pain, and I noticed a canker sore was growing on my lip. I really detest canker sores so much.

This reminded me when I used to live in Toronto, when I was younger in my 20s, and I and went to University and I used to suffer from repeated canker sores, that sprung up out of no where.

I had no idea why at the time, but surely it had to do with a growing Candida Infection.

Within 1 week, my bowel movements were off, and I now know that drinking this tap water threw my digestion off too; In fact I was not digesting my foods fully, and was getting a sensation of tasting food, and burping it, a very slight burp, after eating. An after-taste.

Being very sensitive to my body, and a Natural Health Practitioner, I noticed that I did not have this burping before when I was drinking spring water.

A client of mine I spoke to this week had a similar experience. I happened to speak to a client, and wanted to ensure she was still drinking spring water.

I noticed that she too had this burping. Not good. When I inquired about whether she was still drinking Spring Water, she told me she had gone for the cheaper, RO water at a local store.

Ouch! I feared for her improved health being slowed down or halted. After all, the intention is to improve it, and when you are consuming spring Water regularly, you have a strong foundation to improve your health.

So, she made an assumption. She did not clear that assumption with me.

She clearly did not understand the implication of changing this water to a non-health giving one. One that may in fact rob your body of energy. Had she known the long-term implications, as well as the short term implication of compromising her program, I'm sure she would have used great judgment to stay with the water she was already consuming.

She may not have been paying enough attention to her body to know that something changed. Too busy. An unfortunate consequence of a busy North American lifestyle.

But I'm very glad with some Healing Coaching, this incorrect choice was revealed.

Here's my final quick take:

Drinking tap water causes incomplete digestion, and incomplete digestion causes colon toxicity.

Colon toxicity causes bowel trouble, and requires herbals to improve the health of the colon.

Maybe this is why I got a canker sore. (I used a lot of yogurt to begin healing it, but probiotics could help too.)

I don't know the cost of drinking tap water long-term, but I know that it will definitely undermine anybody's health, sooner or later.

In fact I do not want to know the cost of drinking tap water long-term.

That would be an incorrect way of thinking.

And since having great health is priceless, spending $80 to $100 per month to support your body is reasonable, especially since water is the foundation of Health.

Thus these two points should convince you that the water you drink has a profound long term effect on your body's healing processes.

This web page will also explain why Reverse Osmosis, and Distilled Water are not good waters to drink on a long-term basis.

I will also explain why water can transmit disease.

Water Always Carries a Vibration

Water, from some specific source usually contains minerals (and sometimes those bad metals), with some kind of surface tension, a certain ph, and with some kind of vibration.

Water can be tested for contaminants, and ph, but the vibration is not something you can normally see, and it can take some special equipment to see the water clusters.

The ph of water should be alkaline to make it health giving.  When you ingest enough alkalizing foods and water in your day to day diet, you will find that when you urinate you will create bubbles. This is a sign that your body is alkaline. If your diet is too acidifying (internally) to your body, and you don't eat enough veggies, alkaline water can help your body stay well.

But it is also the "vibe" of water that matter. Does the water have a "vibe" to help you heal, or does the water have a "vibe" to make you sick.

You can have clean water, but if the vibration of the water is not conducive to health, it will not help you increase your health. This is reason why even filtered tap water is not conducive to health.

If you have ever heard of homeopathy, or used Hanna's vibropathic remedies, you know that water can hold a vibration, but usually alcohol is added to preserve the vibration.

Tap water from some specific source has some vibration.

Most people drink filtered water, because of the concern about contaminants, but without any regard to the vibration. So, if you are just filtering your water from the tap before drinking it, it still has the vibration of the tap water! Tap water from different sources can have totally different vibrations.

In fact, even the transportation of water which has a great vibration, straight from the source, a long distance can alter its vibration.

When water holds a vibration, it can communicate with your body to help it heal. In homeopathy, when a remedy is given which is the wrong remedy for the curing process, the symptoms which the remedy is supposed to heal, come about in the person. This is called proving in homeopathy. Medical science scratches their head wondering how water with "nothing" in it can bring such symptoms or heal disease symptoms.

Reverend Hanna Kroeger herself also said it that the water from Lourdes has the vibration to heal, but once it leaves the source, it looses its vibration, and therefore its ability to heal.

Surface Tension of Water Matters

The surface tension of water matters a lot too! Your cells are either going to accept it or not. I believe spring water is the only water with the correct surface tension to be accepted by your cells without losing any energy to utilize the water. Not all waters that are pure are good for you either.

About 10 years back I was at a conference, and was given some free glacier water. It was purported to be so pure and beneficial. But when I drank it, my tongue was sending a signal back to me that my cells did not like being bathed in this water. My cells, were screaming back to my body, saying "Don't drink this glacier water!"

Drinking the Right Kind of Water Often Causes a "Water Change"

When I first began drinking a local Artesian Spring Water, about 10 years ago, I experienced a profound water change. I will explain what I mean by water change.

This "water change" is probably due mostly to the surface tension of this water being acceptable to my cells and my body, rather than its vibrational compatibility. My body then threw out the "old" water with the wrong surface tension, and replaced it with the better water.

A year later, I could no longer drink this local Artesian Spring Water because the company selling it had been sold. A little while later again, I found the water available directly from the source, and I experienced what I can only describe as a "water change" again.

I say "water change" because as most people know, cars need an "oil change" on a regular basis.

With the proper water once gain being ingested I urinated frequently and continuously for 2 days whilst I went through this water change. It was challenging keeping up with my body's needs, but I had plenty of spring water I could drink. I literally went with the flow and drank a great deal of this water. Then on the third day, my thirst suddenly reduced. My body was removing the water in my body with wrong surface tension, and replacing it with the correct water.

This "water change" is not much unlike the "oil change" that cars need as their maintenance, with one important difference, we should drink the right water every day.

Clean water is essential, but as mentioned previously filtered water does not necessarily have a better vibration.

Here are some Recommendations: for drinking the right kind of water.

  1. Use Artesian Spring Water or Spring Water on a long term basis. Spring Water is also good for cleansing and fasting.
  2. Use Reverse Osmosis, or Distilled, or Purified Waters (demineralized waters) only for a short period of time.
    Pay attention to their vibration.
    Reverse osmosis water, is usually acidic because of the lack of minerals, and is mostly likely to have the vibration of tap water.
    These waters should not be used for any fast, with or without herbs, short term or long-term unless supervised. It is preferable to use filtered Spring water rather than filtered Tap Water if you must. This recommendation is due to the vibration of the filtered water.
    Caution is also in order though because the filtering process can change the vibration.
  3. Avoid bottled water in poor quality plastics.
    1. Have water delivered to your residence in large plastic jugs
    2. For dispensing the water, put the water in smaller blue-tinted containers such as 12L with a high grade plastic similar to the 5 Gallon Jugs ( 18.9Litre) bottles delivered from local Spring water.
    3. You can also use a plastic pump to dispense the water.
  4. If you need to avoid plastics altogether, you can find Water Companies that deliver spring water in Glass Containers

For more information on the vibrations that water carry, see Dr. Masaru Emoto's book: "The Hidden Messages in Water"

Vibration of Water Can Change with Magnetic Fields Around it.

Let me tell you about a another extremely important experience I had with the locally available Artesian Spring Water I was regularly drinking. I had gone to bed one night, and had a bottle of water in a plastic container -- a bottle of Artesian Spring Water right next to me.

I had unfortunately put it near a lamp, and on top of the cord that powered the lamp.

The lamp cord had naturally wrapped itself around the water bottle in a circular loop at some point along its path to the lamp -- a tangle if you will. I thought nothing of it at the time. I hadn't even noticed that tangle until I went to drink the water before going to sleep.

As I started to drink that water, it tasted awful to me. I stopped drinking it.  I was really stunned. It did not taste like the local tap water, which tastes "good", so what happened.

I initially thought something was wrong with the spring water. Then I realized it was the same water I had been drinking every day.

But something happened to the energy of the water. It was all wrong!

My sensitivities to the "vibes" of the water had perked my body, and it had let me know, so the water tasted awful!.

I went back to the kitchen, threw out the "electrically charged water, and then drank the regular spring water again. It tasted fine again. Now, I am very, very careful about electricity around this spring water.

This is what I had accidentally done to this small amount to water: I had coiled the power cord of the lamp by accident around the bottom of the water container, and the water bottle fit entirely within the circular loop created by the cord, so I had accidentally injected a magnetic field, and the Spring Water retained that memory.


Electricity Surrounding Water Alters Its Vibration

What happened was that the cord through which electricity had been going through to light up the lamp had profoundly affected the Vibration of the Water. As soon as I turned on the lamp, I charged the water with a vibration.

Electricity running through wires produces magnetism, and magnetism modifies the cellular properties of matter. This experience is proof that electricity and magnetism can be detrimental to the human body in many forms, even very subtle fields.

For example the electricity and magnetism from computer screens, and internally from computers where there are many differing frequencies. Also from cell-phones, and wireless routers as well.

Anytime you see Hz (Hertz), MHz, or GHz, you have a frequency. Wireless routers are in the GHz (Giga Hertz) range. Eelectricity from the wall outlets in North America flows at 60Hz.

So, it was the vibration of the water that had changed, and it was no longer compatible with my body. As a QiGong Practitioner, and Vibrational Healer, I am sensitive enough to Vibrations to sense this change in Vibration.

Water is so important, that when I work with clients, I always test Vibrational Compatibility of the water they are drinking before starting to work with me.

When you start drinking better water on a long-term basis, and you try to go back to other kinds of water, even for a temporary basis, you may think they taste good, but you may not be able to drink them at all!

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