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Is Your Doctor Going To End Up Yanking Your Gallbladder Out?

A gallbladder shown near the liver behind it

The Gallbladder is a little sack which is connected to your liver through bile ducts, and is situated right underneath your rib cage on the right side of your body.

Its job is to concentrate and store bile, and to secrete it (bile) to help you digest fatty foods at each meal.

It is often said by medicine to be "of little use" and is the organ which your doctor wants to yank out if you have had recurring gall-bladder attacks.
sIt's such easy surgery now a days why not do it, and avoid further pain?

According to medical statistics, about 20 million people, or 10% of Americans, develop gallstones. Each year 1 million Americans are diagnosed, and more than 500,000 have gallbladder surgery.

Those are some pretty astounding numbers!

And some people as young as 30 elect to have gallbladder surgery to remove it.

But removing it will not always solve the difficulty that created a possibly dysfunctional gallbladder with gallstones within it, in the first place, and can cause even more health difficulty later in life.

And now we have more modern slow-acting herbal treatments to help keep it. And I will go further into them in this newsletter.

Health Difficulties Associated With a Malfunctioning Gallbladder

Let's go into some of the health difficulties which can be associated with a problematic gall-bladder.

For example, people with chronic constipation or slowed transit time often have chronic gall-bladder problems.

A problematic gall-bladder often comes from a problematic liver as well since the Liver feeds it bile. Toxic bile means an irritated gall-bladder. And this could be one cause of GERD.

It's actually cholesterol manufactured in the liver, or from diet, lack of sufficient water intake, and insufficient fiber which can help to create difficulty with the gall-bladder.

If you are not regular, and at least 2 times a day especially after larger meals, you may be in need of some herbal support sooner or later.

Millions of people in the United States alone have under-functioning gallbladders, gallbladder pain, and end up in the emergency room with gallbladder pain each year.

Woman are more likely to have gallstones than men, and so are people carrying extra weight.

But this is easily solved.

A person who does not exercise sufficiently, works at their desk a lot, does not even walk much every day, and does not pay attention to their body requiring bowel movement regularity is setting up their gallbladder for trouble. Gentle walks are detoxifying for the liver as well as the gallbladder.

Gallbladder attack pain can be difficult to source out, and can be behind the breast bone, or behind the right rib cage, also travelling to the shoulder blades.

Man Having Pain Near the Liver/Gallbladder Region

The pain is often quite intense and can last a few hours, an indication of infection.

The pain is caused by a stone formed in the gall-bladder moving into the duct leaving it.

An Irritated Gallbladder that gives out can often be attributed to highly scented "chemical" exposure causing difficulties. Also to mold exposure. Mold exposure is insidious for causing gallbladder difficulties and more sensitivity to chemicals. The further chemical sensitivities create an even more vicious cycle of ill health until broken.

In the above case, the gall-bladder does not work efficiently, but it just gives out, and feels like it is just very weak.

Such a person may feel very hesitant or uneasy about eating something out of the ordinary.

A Healthy gallbladder is needed for efficient and healthy digestion, but a sick gallbladder can be full of stones.

There is such a thing as a gallbladder's rhythm and it often gets out of balance later on in life, and can begin to cause difficulty.

Reverend Hanna Kroeger created a herbal remedy in her Herbal Combinations line called Gall-bladder Care™ to help strengthen the gallbladder and restore rhythm.

Since here at Hanna Kroeger Healer we like to talk about Energy as well, I will mention some other Energetic signs of a healthy gall-bladder and an irritated gallbladder.

One of the signs of a healthy gall-bladder is the ability to fall to sleep very quickly, within minutes if you go to sleep after 11pm.

On the other hand, if you are trying to go to to sleep and are having difficulty falling asleep between 11pm and 1am then your Gall-bladder needs some energy balancing. This fix could be as simple as a few weekly acupuncture sessions.

This disturbance might still come from the Liver, or from consumption of a fatty meal you ingested for dinner, which imbalanced your gall-bladder.

One of the other most interesting energetic signs of a irritated gall-bladder is razor sharp pain sensations on the side of your tongue after an offending food!

But sometimes the only sign that people who have gallbladder difficulty show, is to have to clear their throat after a meal, especially in the morning.

This throat clearing sign may be a difficulty here of the rhythm of the gallbladder going off, or some food combination that you body can't process, or candida overgrowth in the bowels just waiting to cause difficulty.

And the gall-bladder will also tell you of its difficulty by giving you some very short and sharp stabbing pains around its location behind the rib cage, in small jolts after some meals. These pains are in the duration of seconds.

An Improperly Functioning Gall-Bladder Can Cause Mood Swings

Next time you see someone letting loose with some "out-of-proportion" anger, realize that this may just be their gall-bladder or liver showing signs of difficulty.

This type of person will be prone to mood swings mostly anger, with a loss of temper occasionally demonstrated by anger.

While the real cause may be liver congestion (toxic liver), heavy metal accumulation, gluten ingestion, parasites affecting the liver/gall-bladder, or colon problems, the result is difficulty with the gall-bladder.

The reason an improperly functioning gallbladder will affect your mood is because it is Energetically connected to the Liver, and your Liver controls your mood.

If the Liver Chi is smoothed out in your body, then you will have a happy and steady mood.

This is why prolonged gentle, deep Herbal Liver/Gallbladder cleanses are often so refreshing and renewing to the mood. This cleansing could last as short as 30 days or as long as 90 days. I will give you some recommendations for these below.

This complexity in dealing with an ailing gall-bladder is why there are so many things that could need support to fix the real difficulty and why we take the time to find the right vibrationally resonant supplements in a Vibrational Reading Supplement Plan to detoxify and bring you back to vibrant health.

The gallbladder is Sensitive to Toxins, mycotoxins being the first

I've already mentioned that mold exposure and chemical toxins can cause gall-bladder difficulty.

Mold exposure can cause cross-reactivity with foods ingested containing mycotoxins -- that is those toxins that are are invisible fungal metabolites and that are left on foods.

Did you know brown rice can have invisible mycotoxins on it too?

Cashews, peanuts, and even almonds can have some mycotoxins on them. And nuts are usually recommended to be avoided when there is a gallbladder difficulty.

Fermented soy sauce is also a source of them.

You ingest the foods with invisible mycotoxins and your gallbladder dislikes them!

Dr. A.V. Costantini who worked for the WHO presented a paper that states that people who eat a diet high in mycotoxins are most likely to have high cholesterol.

And gallstones are mostly hardened cholesterol stones. Could there be a connection?

So, ingesting the mycotoxins can cause your gallbladder to give out -- not contract so well and just quit. Some people are so sensitive to them that is what happens.

Eggs are also one of those concentrated sources of mycotoxins, particularly if you eat them boiled.

The egg yolks seem to concentrate them.

People with a Candida Infection often have an impending and unknown gall-bladder difficulty because of this fungal infection, food intolerances, and cross-reactivity, and will need some support to digest their foods properly.

This is because the overload of candida toxins not detoxified by the liver irritate the gallbladder.

You need some tenacity and patience to save your gall-bladder, but it may very well be worth it.

What It Takes To Heal The Gallbladder

The gallbladder likes it if you have regular bowel movements, and awaken to have a bowel movement within 30 minutes.

A healthy gallbladder means you have healthy peristaltic action, and a healthy fully evacuated bowel movement.

You may have heard of the Liver/Gall-bladder apple juice olive oil cleanse to purge the gall-bladder of stones. Some variations use magnesium salts.

Some people swear by this cleanse and perform it at least once a year.

It consists of drinking natural apple juice every few hours for 3 days, and having small easily digestible meals, devoid of fat.

On the 3rd day, you use about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of olive oil mixed with grapefruit juice, or lemon juice, and drink it down before going to bed.

In the morning you are to find stones in the toilet along with your bowel movement.

This cleanse is very heroic, and is not recommended for the elderly.

People often swear by it removing health difficulties, after doing it many times.

However, new modern scientific research is finding that what it may end up creating the next morning is olive-oil soap-stones in the toilet that float!

It may help to get out small stones though, but can cause some difficulty if the stones are pushed out of the gallbladder and get stuck in the ducts!

It may be more the fasting on natural sour apple juice high in malic acid which calms the gall-bladder down and softens the stones, especially if it is high in pectin.

And olive has been reputed to shrink gallstones too, but the purpose of the large amount in this cleanse is to cause a forceful contracting flush action of the gallbladder to purge the stones within it.

Of course, this apple juice fast is not suitable for people who have a Candida infection as the sugars in the juice will just create a world of difficulty feeding yeast in the gut.

Nowadays, I would use more modern formulas such as Chanca Piedra (the Stone Breaker), a herbal supplement used to soften or break up stones in the gallbladder.

Especially in tincture form for maximum absorption.

However, there are many other supplements that also can help, such as a good non-GMO soy based Lecithin, to soften the stones up.

Concurrent liver cleansing, and colon cleansing before hand may also be needed.

I've used Chanca Piedra with my clients, and I've found that it can necessitate the use of other supplements to balance it energetically because of its cooling nature, especially when people are being exposed to mold spores. It is a slow working herb, but very helpful long-term

One has to be careful to fix one thing while not causing a deficiency somewhere else.

Foods And Therapies Good For the Gall-bladder

There are a few foods which are great for the gall-bladder and reputed to help it secrete its bile.

Grapefruit juice is one of them. Grapefruit juice helps the gall-bladder contract, and thus strengthens the muscle surrounding the gall-bladder.

Another one is radishes. A high pectin Apple a Day, as well as some radishes a day may help keep the doctor away.

Let's not forget bitters. Bitters are so helpful to digestion and bile flow!

Many people do not take enough bitters in the diet, and so a therapeutic bitter herbal preparation can help with any liver congestion and to calm the gallbladder down.

Lemons are more helpful for the liver, and cause a slow amount of bile to come out too.

The Gallbladder loves juice fasting though because of enzymes, and easy digestibility.

Gallbladders often heal when there is a lot more quality fiber in the diet and the bowels run more smoothly. This is often a necessity.

This is because the colon and digestion emptying more quickly cause the gallbladder to do less work to get peristalsis going, also unburdening the liver, and the fiber mops up extra toxins in the bowels.

Following Food Combining may also be the most sensible thing to do to heal an ailing gallbladder.

This is because the digestion is faster, producing less toxins, and with food sitting around less, and digestion proceeding faster, less energy is used.

Think of this: a heavy meal, just sitting in your stomach bogging down your digestion. Food combining is the fastest digestion possible by following some common sense rules to avoid having food sitting longer than it should in your stomach.

Also, keep in mind, It takes protein to create bile, to keep things running smoothly, so the proper choices must also be made there.

What Are Some of the Worst Foods You Can Eat to Hurt The Gallbladder?

Deep Fried Foods are number one on the offenders list.

Potato chips, especially the rolled up ones which are kettle cooked are very hard on the gall-bladder and liver. Rippled chips are probably a close second.

Crunchy foods, crackers, corn chips, brown rice based chips are all very bad for the colon. It does not matter if they are baked instead of fried.

We in Natural Healing know that colon toxicity and poor colon function can cause liver trouble and therefore gallbladder trouble.

But probably the most consumed food which is bad for the gallbladder is pizza with a white flour crust.

Since I am discussing the energetics, the energetic disturbance to the body is through the colon. And whatever is bad for the colon is bad for the liver and gallbladder.

Especially bad for the colon are hard crust pizzas, which higher up on this are frozen pizzas, which are mostly the white crust variety.

If you having trouble with the colon, gallbladder or liver, avoid these white flour products, including pastries such as the cinnamon bun.

These are real colon function destroyers!

One of the other things that you may think are healthy but actually are not is dried foods.

Eating dried foods is not at all natural to your body, and just ends up causing colon problems too.

And these dried food for example dried fruits can contain the fungal mycotoxins on them too!

Some Remedies For the Gall-bladder/Liver

In my experience helping people with acute gall-bladder issues, a mineral supplement including Magnesium is very helpful.

Another essential supplement we use for the ailing gallbladder is a more modern supplement called Lipotrophic factors.

Lipotrophic factors just means that the remedy contains fat digesting substances, such as bile salts, or other substances which thin the liver bile, and aid the gall-bladder to digest fats.

This type of supplement is also essential for people who already have had their gallbladder surgically removed.

Some people have a gall-bladder duct obstruction, called biliary cholic, which causes gallbladder inflammation, called acute cholecystitis, which is treatable, with homeopathic remedies: Inflammation of the Gall Bladder Natural Remedy (BM65): Best Made Natural Remedies

Fasting on Spring water or a juice fast for a certain amount of time is essential for helping a gallbladder. Staying on Spring Water and avoiding tap water is recommended.

The FIBER supplement which you can use to help your gallbladder should NOT be one with Psyllium Husks, as Psyllium Husks are often an allergic ingredient to some.

Nowadays there are newer FIBER supplements which contain several ingredients to help promote toxin binding and removal.

We also recommend the use of a toilet stool for adults to facilitate better evacuation in a more natural position: The Original Squatty Potty® Toilet Stool.

A Liver or Gallbladder cleanse would certainly help you to go to the bathroom more frequently. Johns Christopher's Herbal Formula for the Liver and Gallbladder cleanse would help quite a bit. Christopher's Original Formulas Cleanse Liver and Gall Bladder Supplement, 2 Ounce

The natural color of the Bowel Movements should be a golden brown.

If your bowel movements are green, or have a greenish tint to it, then your bile is not flowing freely, and this could be due to some stuck stones in the ducts.

Treating the Liver and Gallbladder to fix bile flow and detoxify is a must.

In my practice I also use an amazing Bio-Energetic formula from the Professional Systemic Formulas® line called Lb. There are actually 3 renowned Liver Formulas including the Lb just mentioned. When everything else fails, these formulas work.

Using the most Vibrationally Resonant Supplements and getting a Plan saves much time and money. We test for the best.

The Systemic Formula supplements are drop shipped directly to your door.

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