Do I Have Colon Health To Avoid Disease?


Today I'm going to write about colon health, how you know you have it, and what supplements and devices can actually work to stay healthy.

You might be surprised about what is true and what is not!

What Is Colon Health

Dr. Normal Walker wrote the book on Colon Health and sounded the alarm on this forgotten body-part.

Today most people have to worry about their colon health more than ever before.

Making sure the colon is working perfectly and you are eating for colon health is worth it, because you can avoid pain, and serious diseases such as diverticulitis.

To have colon health, you must be able to listen to your colon, and have at least 2 good size bowel movements per day.

A poorly functioning colon will results in poor sleep and inflammation as well.

Avoid These Foods for Colon Health

There are certain foods you need to avoid for colon health.

These may surprise you.

The colon does not run on fiber alone.

Your Colon hates it when you eat foods that require water to reconstitute them.

Let me explain:

If you eat a snack, even a healthy snack that is flat like a cracker, and even multi-grain, gluten free (such as brown rice based), you are going to hurt your colon.

In fact if you eat crackers in a soup, that will be less likely to hurt than eating real crackers raw just for the fun of it.

Because they will be softened up.

But then there is the mineral loss to understand because of White Flour Products (i.e. the crackers).

This poor food choice cause stress on your body, because your Adrenals need to be used to keep the minerals in homeostatis.

There is no natural food that mother nature made with rough edges like any kind of chip, corn chips, crisps, cheesies, etc.

An example of the opposite of any of these foods would be Avocados.

Nourishing and moisturizing.

Rye bread, and rye crisps also steal moisture from the colon, and no amount of fiber can fix that, because colon health requires adequate water intake.

Ok, now for the really bad news for Pizza Lovers.

Ok, Pizza is bad for the colon too!

You want the truth right?

Especially really crusty pizza.

All that happens is you end up slowly stealing energy from your colon, and over time, your guess is as good as mine what dis-ease can occur.

You can also steal minerals as well, like I said above.

But there is no doubt in my mind that you are more likely to get some kind of disease.

Medicine may not know it, but I do.

You might ask, what about dried "healthy" snack foods, like dried banana chips, dried apricots, dried whatever chips.

Well, the harder these foods are the worse it is for you colon.

Same difficulty, robing your colon of moisture.

Tonify the Colon For Better Health

I'm sure you have heard of Colon Cleansing, but what about Tonifying the Colon?

What does that mean?

It basically means to give strength to the Colon because your colon muscles are weak, and not strong enough to evacuate easily and properly.

While it is tempting to cleanse the colon with popular colon cleanses, most people have probably not really supported the muscular movement of the colon through tonifying the colon.

So, you have a weak colon, or sluggish colon.

Maybe it does not give you that strong urge to go poop it once did.

What solves this problem is taking a supplement on a regular basis which is not a laxative, but a tonifier.

It works very slowly, but you can take larger doses of it to get your colon health back faster.

Having good colon tone means you evacuate properly and you will be disease free later in life.

Constipation is not just because of a lack of fibre, but because of a lack of muscle tone and weak urges.

Sometimes also because you tell your body when to have a bowel movement rather than listen to it.

Watch Dr. Terry Willard speak about this 30 year old herbal product called LBT3 (Lower Bowel Tonic 3) on You Tube.

Dr. Terry Willard Talks LBT3 on YouTube

This product is only available to be shipped from Canada. A warning, these are large tablets so if you are uncomfortable taking anything other than capsules these may not be for you.

Purchase LBT3

An alternative product in capsule form on the market in the USA is from Blessed Herb.

It is called the Digestive Stimulator®. It is a formula which contains more herbs in it.

Get Info on the Digestive Stimulator.

What makes both of these herbal products unique is that they are energetically balanced.

That means that any long-term use will not disturb your body's warming energies further, and you won't end up with strange feelings of cold and warmth that come and go, or cold hands and feet in the winter. This is usually achieved through the warming nature of ginger in the formulas.

Get The Right Mineral Supplement for Better Colon Health

Before you are taking the proper herb for fixing your colon, you need to ensure you are taking the correct mineral supplement.

The colon needs minerals. Eating white flour products steals minerals from the body.

This is even more important as you age when you could need more minerals such as Magnesium.

And don't forget to consume the correct Natural Salt with the trace minerals, and ensure you are getting enough Iodine from either a mineral supplement or other foods.

Get a Squatty Potty® for Better Colon Health

Classic stool comes in 7" or 9"

When you want to have better colon health the following inexpensive device that fits underneath the toilet seat is very important.

You can even purchase a portable one to take with you...

The Squatty Potty® allows you to have better posture that is more natural to a full evacuation.

It allows you to comfortably prop your legs up several inches to well ...poop better.

A Natural squatting position.

If you are tired of straining, have strange stomach pains that wake you up at night, or are not feeling that you "pooped" out properly this is one of the things you may need.

Even if you feel ok, no matter your age, you would benefit starting early.

No one should be without one of these devices.

Get More Info on Squatty Potty

The Brain-Gut Connection

Dr. Datis Kharazian, has given lectures on the Brain-Gut Axis, and mentioned two things that you can do to improve gut Health.

One of those is singing, and the other is gargling at length.

Both of these if done regularly will increase motility.

Download the pdf transcript from the Digestive Sessions and Read More.

Other Things To Do & Not To Do

Eating warm, hot beverages, soups in the winter helps the colon.

On the other hand, drinking cold beverages (even cold spring water) and eating cold food on a regular basis will also disturb your digestion.

Our digestion requires warm food.

And drinking cold water not at room temperature will be harmful to your colon health and digestion too.

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