Detoxifying, Drinking Spring Water, Dispensing, and Having To Clean My 12 Liter Plastic Water Container

I have a 12 Liter rectangular water container (12.6 Quarts) that I dispense my Artesian spring water from.

When I get my Water Delivered, I put away the 5 Gallon jugs far away from any active electricity, next to a wall, and ensure any electrical cords are far away from them too. I also ensure that no electricity passes from any outlets near the water, because they are put against a wall where there is an outlet.

I've noticed in the past that electricity close by the water, will change its properties, and not for the better! It actually changes the taste of the water, and I notice it. See Drinking the Right Kind of Water for more of an explanation.

I then dispense each 5 Gallon jug into the 12 Liter container as I need it, using a plastic funnel. Some heavy lifting is involved.

About every 8 months, because the water contains organic matter, the container gets a little bit moldy on the inside at different places, at the bottom, and top. The heavy plastic becomes discolored too and you can only tell the difference after a good internal cleaning. It seems to shine afterwards.

The organic matter, is much like as you see the green color growing over your shower tile wall, and bathtub here on the West Coast. Once you see it, then you desire to clean it so you can see the real color of the bathtub again! Besides, it discolors the true color of the shower. Sometimes you don't notice it until it is rather large part of the tile wall and the bathtub.

Anyways, I purchased this thicker plastic 12 Liter container several years ago, probably about 6 years ago, before they changed the thickness of the plastic. In my opinion the new plastic was changed to a lower grade, thinner, leaching plastic.

During the time that I had asked my container to be cleaned by my Water People, I was testing out a detoxifying and drainage formula that I had mentioned in a previous newsletter. I was mixing it and ingesting it every morning. I had a spare container that I had purchased 2 years ago, from the same supermarket where I bought the thicker container. The spare container was exactly the same size, manufactured by the same water company. As I mentioned, I believe this thinner plastic container leaches something into the water.

These rectangular water containers are normally used at the RO (Reverse Osmosis) dispensing machines at local supermarkets. They sell the larger 5 Gallon ones too. Here in Canada on the West Coast, we have these special larger RO-water dispensing machines where you lift up a plastic partition, and you insert your container, push a button, and get some RO water. Then you go pay for it at the cashier.

I just buy the plastic container, because it is so convenient, to dispense water from, although it took some getting used to press the spout to let the water out. It was hard on the thumb sometimes.

So, when my regular thick plastic container went away for cleaning, I went and put some fresh Spring Water in the thinner plastic 12-container, that was empty.  Before I put it in there, I smelled the inside of the container, and it smelled a little chemical. I filled it up full. I thought it would be ok.

When I went to taste the water that I dispensed from this thinner-plastic container (it was exactly the same size), I became shocked at how terrible the water smelled, and tasted. Now, I'm pretty sensitive to smell, and I like the taste of my Spring Water the way it should be.

My thoughts were, "There is no way I can drink this water while I am detoxifying; using it would stop the cleansing, and negate the improvement that taking the detoxification formula would give me." I did not use any of the water I put in that thinner-plastic container.

I remember that I used this thinner plastic container last year as well, when I had to get the same thick-plastic container cleaned.  I could not believe that I had not noticed the difference between last year, and this year. Actually, I think I was denying this difficulty last year. I had probably just taken drinking cleaner water for granted, but this year, my requirements for being healthier, and drinking even cleaner water were much more stringent.

I was so shocked that I felt I had to tell my readers what happened, given that I recommend spring water for consumption. I had never experienced dissatisfaction at drinking spring water out of another dispensing container. I know that in the US there is at least one water company dispensing water from glass containers, but nowadays, most offer a thicker food grade plastic that minimally leaches into the water (I hope).