Cryptosporidium and Protozoan Parasite Elimination with Vibropathic Kits

What Protozoa Vibropathic™ are Available

There are several protozoans in nature which have a matching Vibropathic™ available from Hanna's Herb Shop.

The Protozoans discussed here are parasitic, and thus damaging to the body.

They include Giardia Lamblia (Beaver Fever), Cryptosporidium, Amoeba, and other General Protozoans. Trichomonas is also a specific protozoan.

Trichomonas is a protozoan that inhabits the vagina in women and prostate/urethra bladder. There is a specific Vibropathic™ for trichomonas. Trichonosis which is a roundworm infection usually from pork is not to be confused with Trichomonas.

This list shows the corresponding remedy for each.

  • In the list below (para) means parasitic, (vira) means virus, and (fung) means fungal. Some protozoans are fungal like. Even if a vibropathic is classed as (vira) it can still be used for the specific protozoan. Click on the link to find the product at Hanna's Herb Shop
  1. Cryptosporidium Kit, Cript acqua Kit (para) Vibropathic™ Kit
  2. Protozoa Kit, Protizella Kit (para) Vibropathic™
  3. Protozoa, Protizella (para) Vibropathic™
  4. Trichomonas, Tricha ginal (fung) Vibropathic™
  5. Giardia, Guardi acqua (para) Vibropathic™
  6. Amoeba, Meeba (para), Vibropathic™
  7. Plasmodium Malaria, Mala plasmodin (vira) Vibropathic™
  8. Leishmaniasis, Leesh manina Vibropathic™

Adjunctive Vibropathics™ should be checked when a single one is used instead of a kit.

What Quantities of each Kit/ Single bottle to use?

Only a single kit is normally needed. These kits last about 17 days. The vibropathic™ pellets are small and must be put underneath the tongue for about 1 minute. Once the vibration is in the body, the pellets can be spit out, thus avoiding ingesting any sugars.

Quantities of individual bottles need to be dowsed. Faster elimination of the parasite can be achieved when there are more than 2 doses per day. However, caution about needed rebuilding or supporting a weak liver or kidneys may be warranted. A rebuilding of these organs before, during or after any type of Protozoa cleanse is wise.

A custom program needs to be created in that case or organ/gland support.

Any die off reaction may be helped by taking 500mg or more of Vitamin-C.

Using the Cryptosporidium or Protozoan Kits properly

How To I Know Which Kit To Use?

The Cript acqua kit contains the Cript acqua Vibropathic™, and Ipecac Root and Copper Vibropathics™ which facilitate the removal of these very small cysts.

The Protozoa Kit, Protizella Kit (para) contains the Protozoan Vibropathic™, and Ipecac Root and Copper Vibropathics™

Usually the Cryptosporidium infection is known to the client, because of the symptoms. Therefore that is an easy choice. There is usually chronic diarrhea, or intestinal distress some times not so pronounced. However, roundworms can also be an issue and thus cause intestinal distress.

Many clients have the Protozoan infection, and are asymptomatic. You could have some kind of nagging problem that does not go away. There can be some kind of “allergy” or “allergic response” since childhood. People who have a protozoan may have an “allergic” response to raspberries. Raspberries may be a natural killer of protozoans, and therefore it is the die-off reaction that causes difficulty because the liver cannot tolerate it.

Some types of Arthritis may be caused and agravated by protozoans within the joints/tissues.

Almost every one would be wise to assume they have a protozoan infection. They are easily picked up from drinking water, even in clean city water. Pets often have protozoans as well.

Avoid the Nightshade family.

While there are some cases where the foods from the nightshade family can be eaten, in my cases it would wise to avoid them, especially with Arthritis for some time.

The nightshade family (Solanaceae) includes tobacco, tomatoes, peppers, paprika (made from peppers) eggplant (all varieties), potatoes, pimentos (in olives), and now Goji Berries.

This list does NOT include sweet potatoes or yams.

Solanaceae family on Wikipedia

The link between Night Shades and Chronic Pain suggests that you stay away from Night Shades for at least 3 months!

Pictures of the Night Shade Vegetables on

Are kits used together?

The two kits, the Cryptosporidium, and the Protozoan kit are not taken together. However, in the case of co-infection, a kit can be taken with a single frequency Vibropathic™ (each Vibropathic™ has a frequency)

In this case, the number of days, and dosage of the 2nd single Vibropathic™ is dowsed.

When to Start the Kit?

These kits need to be started immediately upon discovery or certainty of the protozoan infection.

There is no real reason to wait and start any of these kits 5 days before the Full moon or the New Moon for that matter. This information is NOT correct.

You can disregard that 5 days before full moon information on the web site.

Only the nematode parasites, such as tape worms, or roundworms, are more active during the full moon or new moon respectively.

In fact there is no reason to start any parasite cleanse at all 5 days before the Full moon.

What is more important is the length of time the parasite cleanse is done, and checking to see that the parasites are gone.

The above information is general, and cannot be taken as specific advice for a unique individual. A proper Vibrational Reading Supplement Plan (VRSP) or 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health Reading with the VRSP is necessary for best results.

Sometimes people cannot take these kits, because of the sugar or alcohol feeding another infection in them, such as a Candida Infection. Or a person has tried many things that they have not been able to get well, and have produced energy imbalances in their organs. An acupuncturist may be able to help bring relief with some Energetic Herbs, but in the long-term when a person is very sick, I can guarantee you a VRSP is much more cost-effective, and will bring about faster results.

Unravelling a person's ill Health back to a Well-Being necessitates more carefull work in a VRSP (Vibrational Reading Supplement Plan).

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