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About Hanna Kroeger Healer Supplement Programs/Consultations

Schedule a Get Acquainted Telephone Appt to Get Started Working Together.

We would like to determine if we could help you, and also if we are a match to working with you.

We also understand you would like to speak to someone before making a commitment to a long-term supplement plan, both financially and mentally.

Please note the Get Acquainted Session is not a consultation, but we do take a brief history.

So please be wise and do not take anything we tell you about your health, as anything complete or the exact information you need to get well.

To begin working with Salvatore, please read this page thoroughly, and schedule a Get Acquainted Appointment by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

We also request you fill out a brief questionnaire on-line and submit it to us, before setting up the Get Acquainted Appointment.

What We Do For Clients

Setting Up Long-Term Supplement Plans

We work with clients long-term for 5 months at a time, usually setting up Supplement Plans for 1-2 months at a time, and progressing incrementally.

There is a one time fee for working with us for 5 Months, and each time we set-up the next 1-2 months supplement plan, there are no extra charges.

We provide coaching on a weekly basis as needed for your thoughts, and provide other information to help you get well quickly, via video call or telephone conversation.

Our client intake appointment is limited to 5 hours maximum.

Please provide us with a clear goal with respect to your health during the Get Acquainted Session.

To add value to the work with us and ensure clarity and results, we provide Stage by Stage dosage charts carefully crafted by us and sent to you via email in pdf format.

The client intake hours are for any telephone conversation, reading/understanding any previous written documents by you the client, blood work examination, or receiving and understanding lengthy emails related to client history and current condition.

When working with clients, we setup long-term supplement plans, whether that be to heal Adrenal fatigue, Candida Infection, Digestive Issues, Heart Disease, Hypothyroidism, Insulin Resistance (Diabetes), MCS, or a Parasite Cleanse.

5 Months of accelerated work is usually adequate to heal a main goal, but sometimes if it's a deep Candida infection we can only help you solve that, while working on multiple health objectives towards that goal. Quality of life matters the most.

Our other over-arching objective is to educate you about your ill health and how you got there and what to do or look out for so that you stay healthy. The most obvious reason for a lengthy client intake appointment is to take a lengthy history, so I feel I have grasped your current and past health in sufficient detail. And we need to understand how you got sick and educate you. This is one of the many benefits so that you can get the most benefit from working with us. The most obvious long-term benefit is to get you on the path to exceptional results within 3-5 months.

We expect that with our expertise, and your willingness to spend the money on the supplements, and the time you put in, and our time to help you that you would start seeing results as soon as 1-2 months.

Benefits of Working with Salvatore

  • lengthy client intake appt
  • we work after hours to understand more deeply what you need
  • we work with other practitioners to help you heal emotionally (we endeavour to recommend Bach Flower Therapy)

Need professional parasite cleansing, guidance and support: Learn More about why our Professional Parasite Cleansing may work better for you than doing it on your own.

Our approach works best for people who have not gotten enough of the right kind of help from other practitioners, have been incorrectly diagnosed.

This lack of previous proper help is because of misdiagnosis, lack of sufficient understanding with single one-to-one sessions, and also you need the proper support and understanding to get well.

We also can help you slowly detox heavy metals so that we do not get the heavy metals out without hurting your kidneys or other organs and causing kidney pain.

Our approach is to do our best to help you learn why you are ill, how to get better, how to stay well, and teach you how to stay well for the rest of your life, time permitting of course, and financially permitting with your investment in our services. Sometimes the basic approach does not work. The thorough approach works best. It is our experience in healing and working as a Natural Health Pratitioner that you desire.

We will therefore decline to take on clients who are not wanting the proper approach to getting well. You have to be willing to invest a substantial amount of time and finances to get exceptional results.

An approach to learn more about their health or what is necessary and possible to be healthy.

If you have been previously exposed to mold, are seeing a medical doctor who is well versed in the most medically accepted protocols for mold detox but want to work with someone else who understand other aspects of mould exposure recovery that could enhance your recovery we welcome you to speak to us about how we can help.

Our web site is under redevelopment as of Sept. 2019, and some aspects of our web site need to be removed, and some made more clearly written for the sake of helping people. Phone numbers change, information gets more clearly written for our target audience, etc. It is a lot of work organizing this. We hope that if you have found a web page that you have appreciated information from, that you would leave us a facebook comment, or that you would speak highly well of our free offerings. We would appreciate you helping us promote our abilities to help people avoid disease or serious health set backs and repercussions of getting incorrectly diagnosed, getting too involved in medical diagnosis, and using anti-biotics long-term without understanding the damage done.

We feel that there is a lot to learn about having great health, and detoxifying fungus from the body is one of them. We encourage you to look at our own recent battle with ill health and how we came out with flying colours. The circumstances was unpleasant, but you could save your own life by knowing this information!

We are open to your experiences and what you have learned as well, if you decide to work with us.

Use of Professional Vibrational Supplements

In my practice, I utilize the best supplements possible to feed and heal the tissues and cleanse and detoxify. These are professional grade supplements.

These work where others have not been able to.

You pay us for them, and they are dropped shipped to your home in U.S.A. via UPS.

Other countries, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc can get them shipped via DHL Express (please ask) for a nominal extra shipping fee.

Because of the ailments that I've had to heal: heavy metal poisoning, multiple chemical sensitivity, adrenals issues, mould poisoning, I have come to rely upon a few select supplement manufacturers that I know will work.

Heavy metal cleansing is done orally done with no required intravenous chelation therapy that can cause damage to the kidneys or upset your mineral balance..

Of course my biggest expertise is in Candida Infection Healing since I suffered this the longest.

I also have great experience and training in Parasite Cleansing.

I have a lot of expertise in TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine which is often very useful and essential to get people unstuck from illness, and onto whole body wellness, especially where Digestive issues involving the Spleen/Immunity are problematic.

I may also select some Chinese Formulas to aid in Healing, or to support constitutionally.

The supplements I use can re-energize, restore, and rebuild the glands and organs.

They are gentle, yet powerful, and long-lasting.

There is no need to stay on them long-term.

There may however, be a need to re-feed a gland or organ again in the future (2-3 years) if that organ has a tendency to weakness, and your occupation, daily lifestyle, or daily stress level is still continually exposing that weakness.

The proper usage of these supplements can make the difference to you becoming very well or staying stuck.

We have gotten calls from people who have tried to do heavy metal cleanses on their own, with other short-sited supplements and done much more harm than good.

Some that have even revealed an underlying parasite issue showing up when heavy metals were not properly cleansed, and the parasites were disturbed.

Spending money on heavy metal testing, or other testing is not essential, but often nice to have.

If you have blood work, you wish to have improved we would be pleased to look at it.

To discuss your case please book an on-line appt below.

Daily Dosage Check Chart Given

We provide Daily Dosage Check Charts (in pdf format) to help a client take the supplements exactly as we intend them to be taken. These allow a physical "paper" visual way to time your supplements properly and check off taking them.

Thus there is no doubt as to how much and when to take them.

They charts include timings before and after meals and snacks. For example, 30 minutes before lunch, 30 minutes after dinner, etc.

We provide Daily Dosage Check Charts (in pdf format) for clients to take their supplements properly. These allow a physical "paper" visual way to time your supplements properly and check off taking them.

Thus there is no doubt as to how much and when to take them.

You also may ask us to examine any of your favourite supplements for inclusion into your daily supplement routine. You give us a list of supplements you are taking to ensure completeness in our evaluation. We usually ask that you fill out a confidential online spreadsheet.

I've Worked with the Systemic Formulas before and I did not get results.

Sometimes we practitioners do not get the whole picture completely from a client, and sometimes we are not getting to the deeper cause at first.

Some practitioners need to have visuals to help them understand what is on the radar for a client long-term.

For example, someone has HBP, and their kidney function medically looks normal, but their kidney function needs improvement. So, we have to work on the non-obvious causes, besides the possible magnesium deficiency: the artery hardening, the kidney function. Detoxification from heavy metals. Detoxification from the uric acid crystals.

It's an unfortunate thing that most people get too involved in trusting their medical blood work long-term, and thinking that a medical diagnosis is appropriate, not realizing your doctor is waiting for disease to occur, while you are not wanting that at all.

You want prevention, healing, and knowledge for vibrant health.

Sometimes clients expect too much, are in pain, and we try to help them ease out of the pain quickly, but don't realize the deeper causes. Clients want instant results.

We would like to assure you that we treat the deeper causes.

A clients wants their gout away, the uric acid crystals gone, right away. But what you don't realize is that kidney function needs to be improved as well. But at first your mind is boggled. But my blood work is in range you say.

Other times we are needing emotional and mental healing because we are in states of mind which sabotage our mental clarity to achieve wellness.

Trust us: you will need to spend more money than you initially think to get well, and learn how to stay well. Especially when s

Getting Well and Ending Suffering

Pain Is Inevitable; suffering is optional.

Don't let your health continue to downslide. Don't ignore the symptoms.

Pay attention to the most subtle symptoms early on. They are so important. Solve your emotional health issues.

Taking action today and making a commitment is the best thing to do!

Trust your instincts, your intuitiion when it comes to what you need to do for your health. Listen to your body.

If your body is telling you that you need to rest then do so. If you are not generating the energy you want to run your day the way you want let's do something about that.

Don't believe everything your medical doctor says to you. It is wise to see medicine for what it really is. Patchwork. Diagnosis.

If you believe you have Adrenal Fatigue and your general practitoner says there is no such thing, don't argue with him/her. Adrenal fatigue is just a layman's way of saying it's medical hypocortisolism, a reduction in the hormones output by your adrenal glands. If you don't get the respect you deserve from your medical practitoner, then find another one.

If you are on one medication, you will soon likely be on more than one medication if you continue down that path you are on.

It is wiser and less expensive to not wait until you have a full blown diagnosis of diabetes, or any other kind of medical diagnosis.

Sometimes it is inevitable given the medical box we put ourselves in and the anxiety we have that drives us to the doctor's office to get some help.

Simple help like getting repeated antibiotics for an infection can unexpectedly and unknowingly throw you eventually into a crisis of illness, causing you to look for answers quickly to regain your energy.

The health enhancing era we are in in here. Many of us are taking responsibility for our health and learning what we need to stay healthy and recover from disease.

Many of us practitioners are now functional medicine practitioners, which basically means we get to the root cause.

It is not always easy, and often requires a bit of detective work, and working very closely with us to while you heal to ensure not just success, but long-term success.

As a practitoner myself, I am committed to ensuring a client learns to get in touch with their body, and also to prevent further disease down the pipeline.

If we had other information at the time we made a crucial decision of trust in our doctor, then perhaps we would have choosen a better path and had better health.

But if you have one, let us know what you have. We can guarantee you that we can help improve the outcome in a few short months.

None of us are perfect. We have made many mistakes and trusted phycians to help us establish great health, when they ignore the total holistic picture of emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

Times have changed. People want valuable information and assistance to stay well, and to learn the know-how to stay well. Is that chamomile tea you are drinking every day helping you or hurting you?

Ask yourself Why is it so?

Where is The Value in Working with Us?

Many people do not know how to get well, and are taking a few pills in the hopes that it will work. You do the research yourself. You don't have the time to figure this all out yourself.

You would rather receive the supplements at your home, or be told where to buy other and then order them online.

For example, if you are a busy older professional man who has mood swings. Maybe you know they are due to testosterone imbalance. Maybe you have thyroid issues. You have blood work to back it up, but you don't know why the supplements you are taking are not working. You are holding your feelings in. You are keeping your temper at work, but on the weekends when you are playing sports with friends you let it unconsciously.

Perhaps you need to see an acupuncturist. What a second you say! I've seen an acupuncturist before, and it did not work.

So, what you need is a different kind of practitioner.

One who understand the Adrenals, the Thyroid, your hormone imbalance, and how to talk to the acupuncturist to get you well.

Perhaps you even took the formulas they gave you and they helped, but you were uncertain as to how long you would have to see them.

If your acupuncurist did not provide dietary advice, perhaps they should have.

Maybe you are eating foods at home which are going to counteract of feed the TCM pattern you have.

What you really need is a practitioner who understand how to solve your health difficulty fast.

What You Need To Work With Us

  • the "getting well" attitude (vibration of thoughts)
  • a computer at home (or at work) with a web cam and headset
  • a colour printer to be able to print off your dosage check charts
  • ability and desire to take several supplements each day on a stage by stage basis
  • a method to ensure privacy and confidentiality
  • ability and strong desire to put the time in
  • ability to use the internet to make appointments, fill out forms/questionnaires, do your own research, copy and paste web addresses,etc
  • ability to communicate with email clearly and report progress in a timely manner
  • a new private gmail account to receive emails
  • ability to change the water, salt you drink
  • ability to eat nourishing decent, regular meals
  • willing to learn what to do to protect your health, and how health gets degraded
  • a strong desire and ability to get in touch with your body and understand your digestion

Learn More About My Journey Here (About Me Here)

About Salvatore My (The Practitioner).

Discussion During a Client Intake Appt.

If there are foods you avoid please tell us during a Client Intake Appt.

We will also ask you to tell us the Water you drink, and the regular salt you consume.

We expect you to use Spring water and one of 3 different healthy salts.

However, note that Redmond Real Salt, Himilayan Salt, or Celtic Sea Salt are not sufficient sources of Iodine.

Book An On-Line Get Acquainted Appt.

When you book a Get Acquainted Session, you will be given a call at the time you choose.

Do You Live in a Country Other Than USA or Canada?

Please note, we are only able to call Canada and USA directly via Telephone.

Skype or What's App can be used for other country's abroad, so please give us your Skype address or What's App phone number when you book the appt.

Some Important Information to Give Us During a Get Acquainted Appt.

During the Get Acquainted Appt, please let us know if you follow any special diet (e.g. are Vegan, Vegetarian, or are thinking of becoming one).

Or for example, you avoid any meat, or only eat it rarely.

Do you have any known food sensitivities/food intolerances diagnosed and why.

Also let us know if you are taking any medications, or are thinking of taking any medications.

If you travel (by car or air) on some weekends, are planning to travel on vacation, or move to another location in the country soon, please let us know.

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