About Hanna Kroeger Healer Supplement Programs/Consultations

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We would like to determine if we could help you, and also if we are a match to working with you.

We also understand you would like to speak to someone before making a commitment on a long-term supplement plan, both financially and mentally.

Please note the Get Acquainted Session is not a consultation, but we do take a brief history.

To begin working with Salvatore, please schedule a Get Acquainted Appointment by clicking the button below.

Consultation fees are given at the bottom of this page.

What We Do For Clients

When working with clients, we setup long-term supplement plans, whether that be to heal Candida, Adrenal fatigue, or a Parasite Cleanse.

We speak to you at length in a Client Intake appt, and take your details of symptoms and a complete history.

This is very important for you success.

Extensive Client Intake Appts

We provide a minimum of 1 Hour Client Intake history included in each package.

Our 5 month supplement programs provides 2 Client Intake Hours.

The minimum time-frame we work with a client is 2 months.

Then 3 months, or 5 months.

Since parasite cleansing requires a more lengthy time-frame we create parasite cleansing programs only for 5 month programs.

Please see the fees below for the programs.

Use of Professional Vibrational Supplements

In my practice, I utilize the best supplements possible to feed and heal the tissues and cleanse and detoxify.

These work where others have not been able to.

You pay us for them, and they are dropped shipped to your home in U.S. via UPS.

Other countries can get them shipped via DHL Express (Please ask) for a nominal extra shipping fee.

Because of the ailments that I've had to heal: heavy metal poisoning, multiple chemical sensitivity, adrenals issues, mould poisoning, I have come to rely upon a few select supplement manufacturers to do the trick.

Heavy metal cleansing is done orally done with no required intravenous chelation therapy that can cause damage to the kidneys or upset your mineral balance..

Of course my biggest expertise is in Candida Infection Healing since I suffered this the longest, and through experience and training Parasite Cleansing.

I also have a lot of expertise in TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine which is often very useful to get people unstuck from illness, especially where digestive issues are problematic.

I may also select some Chinese Formulas to aid in Healing, or to support constitutionally.

The supplements I use can re-energize, restore, and rebuild the glands and organs.

These supplements can makes the difference to you becoming very well or staying stuck.

We have gotten many calls from people who have tried to do heavy metal cleanses with other short-sited programs and done more harm than good.

Some that have even revealed an underlying parasite issue showing up when heavy metals were not properly cleansed.

To discuss your case please book an on-line appt below.

Package Lengths and Fees

Our fee structure is simple.

We have 3 Types of Program Lengths Available:

N.B. Supplements Purchased are Extra.

  1. Program 1: 2 Months
    • Cost: $195
    • Client Intake: 1 Hour
    • Included Extra Hours: 2 Hours
  2. Program 2: 3 Months
    • Cost: $295
    • Client Intake: 1 Hour
    • Included Extra Hours: 3 Hours
  3. Program 3: 5 Months (Best Value)
    • Cost: $495
    • Client Intake: 2 Hours
    • Included Extra Hours: 5 Hours

All prices in USD.

What the Extra Included Hours is About:

We provide Daily Dosage Check Charts (in pdf format) for clients to take their supplements properly. These allow a physical "paper" visual way to time your supplements properly and check off taking them.

Thus there is no doubt as to how much and when to take them.

When we design these Dosage Charts the time taken is deducted from your Extra Included Hours.

We also ask that you give us a list of supplements you are taking to ensure completeness in our evaluation. We usually ask that you fill out a confidential online spreadsheet.

Learn More About Me Here

About Salvatore (The Practitioner).

Discussion During a Client Intake Appt.

If there are foods you avoid please tell us during a Client Intake Appt.

We will also ask you to tell us the Water you drink, and the regular salt you consume.

Book An On-Line Get Acquainted Appt.

When you book a Get Acquainted Session, you will be given a call at the time you choose.

Do You Live in a Country Other Than USA or Canada?

Please note, we are only able to call Canada and USA directly via Telephone.

Skype or What's App can be used for other country's abroad, so please give us your Skype address or What's App phone number when you book the appt.

Some Important Questions We Will Ask

During the Get Acquainted Appt, please let us know if you follow any special diet (e.g. are Vegan, Vegetarian, or are thinking of becoming one).

Or for example, you avoid any meat, or only eat it rarely.

Do you have any known food sensitivities/food intolerances diagnosed and why.

Also let us know if you are taking any medications, or are thinking of taking any medications.

If you travel (by car or air) on some weekends, are planning to travel on vacation, or move to another location in the country soon, please let us know.

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