How To Use The Circu-Flow Formula and Vibropathics

In this months newsletter, I am going to write about several things. A lot of you want to know how to use Hanna’s Vibropathics and what they can do for you. I’ll give you an astonishing story about one of my clients usage of the Vibropathics which caused her concerning ovarian cyst to disappear.

I’ll also describe (with permission of course), this client’s previous readings, and the usage of the Circu-Flow formula. I will show you what the readings look like for Arterial cleansing, and discuss my own cleansing of the Arteries. I will also discuss a few of the indications in a 7 Physical Causes Reading which pin-points the reasons for taking the supplements.

The CIRCU-FLOW formula, manufactured by Kroeger Herb®, is one of teh late Rev. Hanna Kroeger’s most famous herbal vibrational formulas because it can cleanse your Arteries. Its proper usage can save you from having a heart attack, angina (constant chest pain), or a triple by-pass.Circu-Flow bottle used with Aloe-Vera Gel to Cleanse the Arteries  It can save you from having to take a blood-thinner for the majority of your life, not to mention save your legs, and your kidneys for people who are also diabetic.

The Circu-Flow formula has been available for many years. The story of its manifestation begins when Hanna herself was approached by a older man in the early days of her health food store in Boulder, Colorado.

He did not want to undergo a heart bypass operation. He believed in herbs, and he asked her for help. At first Hanna had nothing to offer him, but through some Divine inspiration it came to her to use the Horsetail Herb to cleanse the arteries in a vibrational herbal formula.
The CIRCU-FLOW formula currently contains Hawthorn Berries, Equisetum Concentrate (Horsetail), Vitamin C, Taurine, Arginine, Whey and two other important minerals:  Chromium, and Selenium.

Hanna improved the formula in 1997 by adding Vitamin-C to give it a more powerful vibration.  The formula has the vibration of the Arteries of the human body so as to cleanse them. The ingredients are combined in such a proportion as to target the Arteries.

Although the formula is an "oral" chelation formula, and is recommended to be taken at 3 caps 3x a day for 30 days, it does not usually test on a client at such large dosages, and taken so many times per day especially when begun. The Circu-Flow formula is also capable of cleansing the veins. The 3 caps of Circu Flow are normally taken with 2 Tbsp of Aloe-Vera Gel. The Aloe-Vera Gel is a rebuilding factor for the arteries.

Before I discuss my current client who is doing an Artery Cleanse, I want to discuss my own reading created in 2008.
Back in 2008, I did a reading for myself to clear some Arterial congestion. I had done a 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health Reading first to determine what it would reveal. My intention was to cleanse my arteries, but of course I wanted a more complete picture and an explanation for what would test on me. One of the 7 Physical Causes of Ill-Health which tested highly for me was #2: Congestion.

In Hanna’s Healing system, if you have plaquing in your arteries, or simply put your arteries walls are blocked, you would have congestion in your arteries. Artery vessel with cholesterol plaquingCongestion as a physical cause of ill-health is not so simple to understand because it does not often mean medical pathology or disease, or pain of any kind, although it can definitely lead to it. When most of us think about being well, we think of not having medical disease, but in actuality congestion comes before medical disease!

If you had congestion in your small intestine, or large intestine, you could have some constipation, but not necessarily so.  If you let the congestion continue, you would probably have some constipation eventually manifest. Through Hanna’s 7 Physical Causes of Ill-Health, you could have Congestion anywhere in your body: liver, gall-bladder, brain, heart, bones, etc. This information allows you to determine a complete picture. So, if you were constipated, you could determine where the congestion is exactly and what remedies to use to deal with it.

In my own Reading, there were several supplements I had to take concurrently with the Circu-Flow and afterwards. With the Circu-Flow Cleansing I was to take
-a Liver supplement,
-a Lower Bowel Tonic,
-Enzymes from Kroeger Herb,
-Digestive Enzymes from Kroeger Herb,
-Multi-Zyme, a Digestive Enzyme to help with digestion,
-a Cell Salt, a small dosage mineral-based homeopathic, of potency 6x, called Natrum Sulphuricum or Nat. Sulf. for short, made from Sodium (Na).

Also, my intuition told me to avoid regular table salt in foods.

After Stage 1 of cleansing the Arteries was finished, I was to take a Lymphatic homeopathic supplement (to cleanse the Lymph), and also a Mercury detox vibropathic available in Hanna’s repertory called Merc. Pro Tabs. These two would work together.

It is not uncommon when the Arteries are cleansed for heavy metals to come out of the tissues. The reason is simple: increased blood flow, means increase cleansing. Therefore for success to be assured, it is imperative that a Vibrational Reading be done to find the supplements that capture the heavy metals and exit them from the body gently.

A Description of A Current Client's Circu-Flow Cleansing

With permission from one of my current clients, herein named Patty (not her real name to protect her identity) I will share the following about her current Artery Cleansing Reading.
In Stage 1:
2 doses of Circu-Flow with Aloe-Vera Gel per day for the first 11 days.
The first dose is 2 caps Circu-Flow with 3 Tablespoons of Aloe-Vera Gel, and the 2nd dosage is 3 caps of Circu-Flow with 2 Tablespoons of Aloe-Vera Gel. Instructions are given to take these at particular times of the day, and those specific instructions make a difference in how long the cleansing lasts.

Along with the above in Stage 1, there are also 2 supplements from the Professional Line available for purchase from me only (Systemic Formulas), manufactured in Utah.

One is called Zen-Chi, and is a homeopathic liquid preparation (used underneath the tongue) which is often used to ensure good energy flow throughout the body. It’s use makes sure that all goes smoothly, and therefore there are no bumps in the health improvement journey.

Along with the Zen-Chi, is another formula called Accell Therapeutic™ (Systemic Formulas™) , that is used for drainage. Only a small amount, ½ a scoop of this powder, in water or juice is needed but for 14 days. This allows an extra 3 days after the first 11 days of Circu-Flow is finished in Stage 1 to further assist the liver and the rest of the body in the eliminating of any plaque matter and detoxification through the liver.

All in the meantime during the Circu-Flow cleansing, the Aloe-Vera Gel repairs the artery wall as well.  This is called Concurrent Rebuilding.

By writing draining, I mean assisting detoxification of some poisons from the body.

Drainage refers to opening a pathway of detoxification, such as your liver, or bowels, kidneys, to ensure proper and quick elimination.

After the first 14 days of Stage 1, there is another 12 days of Circu-Flow Cleansing.  Before I get into the dosages that came up in Patty’s reading for Stage 2, I want to give you a high-level picture of this readings’s first stage.

Because the Readings take into account the complete elimination of the arterial plaque, and only so much can be removed at one time, only 2 doses of Circu-Flow are given and the pathway of elimination is taken care of with the Accell Therapeutic and the smooth energy flow is taken care of with the Zen-Chi.

The fact is that only a certain amount of the plaque can be safely taken out at one time for Patty’s health. Once the most difficult and and greatest amount of artery blocking plaque comes out, slowly but surely, from somewhere in the body, the limiting factor if you will, then further progress can be made to get down to the Artery wall.

So, in Stage 2, we don’t need any other supportive formulas, and just the Circu-Flow and the Aloe-Vera Gel are used, but still at unconventional dosages. Dose #1, 3 caps with 3 Tablespoons of Aloe, and Dose #2, 2 caps with 2 Tablespoons Aloe.   Stage 2 is for 12 days.
The Total time to cleanse the Arteries and venous system is 26 days, and only 50% of a Circu-Flow bottle is used, but with 2 bottles of Aloe-Vera Gel needed instead of the recommended 3.
It’s important to note that Patty is in her mid 40's, and follows a pretty good diet, avoiding sugar, sweats, and junk food, which can cause inflammation.

Patty has been with me for over two years, clearing one Physical Cause of Ill-Health after another, and so we have taken care to clear some poisons from her body, and strengthen her organs already before starting the Artery Cleanse.

She has also been seeing a chiropractor once every two weeks consistently to ensure she keeps her spinal energy flow in top alignment. She also exercises regularly.

My 7 Physical Causes Reading for cleansing the Arteries was somewhat different because I had not done the work to clear some poisons which took extra supplements to do so. Also, in my case keeping those channels of elimination open required other supplements.

What Hanna's Vibropathics Can Be Used For

I mentioned to you about the Vibropathic, or liquid homeopathic preparation used in Patty’s case to clear an Ovarian Cyst.

I want to mention that Patty started to work with me in Sept 2011, because of several reasons: candida infection, fatigue, to Heal the thyroid gland, to Heal chemical and environmental sensitivities, including the symptoms of brain fog!

What Showed up on Patty's 7 Physical Causes Reading

Here are a few of the elements that also came up on her 7 Physical Causes Reading:
in Cause #4: Environmental, Chemical and Metal Poisons:

1. Gold Toxicity
2. Zinc Toxicity
3. Pharmaceutical Drug Residue

Yes, some people are ok with wearing Gold or Gold in their fillings, and some people are not ok with the GOLD in their wedding band too. Over time the GOLD accumulates, and if it cannot be eliminated, it creates a burden on the body to get unstuck from.

The Zinc Toxicity that came up on Patty’s 7 Physical Causes Reading is not a well known poison, because everyone thinks Zinc in supplements are always good for you, but it is a heavy metal and can be used in excess, and therefore bio- accumulate. It is a surprising one for some people, and for Patty the source was using a Zinc supplement to prevent common viral infections on a frequent basis.

Finally the Pharmaceutical Drug Residue is because of the incomplete detoxification of thyroid medication, because it accumulated in the tissues. This drug residue is a source of ill health which would cause medical disease later on in life.

The Ovarian Cyst That Enlarged And Then Disappeared

At the time when Patty started working with me there was great concern about an ovarian cyst growing out of control, and impending surgery being needed. An ultrasound done in Nov 2011 compared to Sep 2011 showed a large increase in size for a left ovarian cyst.

In Patty’s case the 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health Reading showed Congestion in her Left and Right Ovaries, Uterus, and Cervical Canal.

The 7 Physical Causes Reading also showed several infections. One of them was the Varicella Zoster Virus, also known as the virus which causes Chicken Pox. However Patty never had the chicken pox when she was young. And she did not have the painful shingles either. However, she had gone to visit her Father in the previous few months who during a visit had shingles.

After the 7 Physical Causes Reading was done  in Dec 2011, later that month we did an easy but intense 8 day treatment with the continual oral ingestion of dosages of 4 bottles total of Hanna's Vibropathic Varicella liquid.  After that the urgency with respect to the increasing size of the cyst  went by the way-side.

It was not until a follow-up medical check up and another ultra-sound about 11 months later in Nov 2012, that Patty was told by her OBGYN that all her ultra sound results were normal, and the cyst was gone.

Read in Patty’s own words, the resolution of the Cyst.

“During the last two years, my doctor discovered a cyst on my ovary. Over a period of time, the cyst grew to twice its size. I was very concerned about this due to family history.  I was relieved on my third ultrasound that the cyst had disintegrated.  My doctor was quite surprised as well because she was preparing me for a hysterectomy. However, with specific herbal formulas, we treated this issue and avoided major surgery, furthering my belief that I was doing what is right for me.

My father had a health scare and was diagnosed with Shingles. A huge concern for me because I had never had chicken pox. Salvatore interrupted the Healing Stage I was currently in to address this exposure. I was able to avoid a shingles outbreak of my own due to a vibropathic he treated me with. Greatly easing my mind and avoiding medications.

My Healing Stage right now is an arterial cleanse. I am also taking a supplement called Circu-flow to be used with Aloe Vera Gel. At night when I'm relaxing I actually feel my feet and hands tingling in a good way, not falling asleep.  My hands and feet used to be very cold to touch and during this stage of healing that has not been happening.”

A Woman's Reproductive System Needs Herbal Nutrition

I have to mention that when I work with women clients, they will almost always test on one of the powerful Female support formulas in the Systemic Formulas line:
F+ (Female Plus), or Fpms (Female Health).

The same was true as soon as I started working with Patty. The reason is that most women will always need herbal nutritional formulas to raise the vibration of their reproductive tissues, and this can avoid tissue degeneration which can cause disease. Using Hanna's Vibropathics can be wise to vibrationally remove the virus or infection that can cause damage, as quickly as possible, but if the tissues had a high vibration the virus would not take hold and wreak its havoc in the first place.

I hope you've enjoyed and benefited from Reading this Newsletter today!

A Big Thanks to Patty for sharing her Reading Results and her Healing Journey!

Stay Tuned for a very exciting announcement in a forthcoming newsletter in a few short weeks!

April 15, 2014