Chemicals: Did You Bring Any Home?

A Recent Jogging Jacket Purchase

Recently I purchased a new jogging jacket for half price only to be dismayed  because there was off-gassing of some chemical associated with its manufacture. Chemicals off-gassing After unwrapping it, and leaving it hanging in my home for about 1 hour, I became aware of the chemical smell, and I felt like I was visiting a large retail store in my home town. Now I love this retail store, and the products it sells, but every time I go there to buy something, I am fully aware of all the off-gassing of chemicals used in the manufacturing process of the new products. And I limit my time there!
I’m sure there are lots of people who should too…

There are many retail shopping outlets one should be careful of when you are sensitive to these off-gassing chemicals or just plain want to avoid them.  And usually that sensitivity is your lungs telling you, I can’t deal with this onslaught of chemicals. It’s better to breath in fresh air than spend longer periods in the mall or some retail outlet. And in my opinion dollar stores are probably the worst stores to breath air in.

Another common symptom is burning of the eyes. If you go into a dollar store, and your eyes start burning your liver is telling you it needs some help...

The health difficulty with some people is that they have lung damage caused by an overload of these chemicals and a body unable to detoxify them. A chronic disorder.

Somewhere in the past, their body went haywire, their adrenals weakened, and even more probably happened internally.

The main reason I don’t spend too much time in these places is because I don’t want to waste my internal energy detoxifying these chemicals in the air. I don’t want to bother my lungs too.

I also know that if I am in such a chemically laden place I am going to use up the master anti-oxidant made in the body: Glutathione. Unless this antioxidant is recycled by using another supplement, it’s just going to get used up and has to be created again by the body. Glutathione is often tied up detoxifying heavy metals such as mercury which is why chemical sensitivity is often a symptom of heavy metal poisoning.

And energy, that unseen thing, like the energetic rays from the sun, rules physiology

So ill health can come about.

Working in these environments is not going to necessarily make you sick, but knowledge of what the air quality is like in your surroundings is vital.

One of the other places I avoid spending more than a few minutes in is the laundry detergent and cleaning supplies isle in supermarkets.

Knowledge of what you chemicals you put on your body is also important: perfumes, creams, nail polish, hair dyes. Think carefully before using these items long term especially if you want to get well.

A Healthy Home

You’ve probably heard of the healthy home too?Healthy Home Which Has a Stetoscope Around It

And remember last months article about sore throats, where I mentioned that the gallbladder is involved in chronic sore throats? Well so is mold, and chemical exposure too because they bother the gallbladder and liver too.

This educational material is meant to help you understand whether your health is improving every month and if it is not what may be hindering it - especially chemicals in your home.

Both chronic bothersome chemical and mold exposure can also cause a disruption of the chi (or qi) flow throughout the meridians in the body. And then you could be in real I’d like to ask:

Other Chemical Sources In Your Home Which Can Cause Ill Health

How about that new shower curtain you purchased? Does it also off gas?

Or how about the scented candles you may like so much?

One of my greatest concerns about indoor air pollution is the so-called “air-fresheners” that are sprayed in the air and get into people’s lungs.

I’ve already told you how your body’s inability to detoxify chemicals can show up as liver and gallbladder difficulties.

If you know about the chemicals in your home which can cause health difficulties, you may be surprised to learn 2 new things:

1. Another symptom of the inability to detoxify chemicals is anxiety! The difficulty in understanding this is that you may have had it for so long that you don’t know any different. You can have chronic low level anxiety just as much as you can have poor adrenal function.

2.The second health difficulty is that when a person is previously healthy, the first sign that the air quality in the home, and in particular the air quality in the bedroom is causing harm is loss of the ability to have a good night’s sleep. But I also believe it is difficult for people to see the connection between the new mattress they purchased 6 months ago, and/or the new paint put in the bedroom and finally the loss of restorative sleep that occurred.

It can really be any chemical that eventually causes ill health, but its source is usually from the home or work place. Sometimes it is a renovation, a new couch, or cabinet brought in to the home. Other times, it is new car smell or spending more time in your car.

So, in this case maybe you go to the doctor for a sleeping pill when you should be detoxifying and rebuilding the body. The sleeping pill however never solves the disturbance to your endocrine system (one or more of your thyroid gland, pituitary gland, or adrenals).

Do You Have Restorative Sleep?

Woman Having Difficulty Falling Asleep

Not having restorative sleep means you wake up not feeling refreshed, and not having a deep sleep. Some people with more severe symptoms wake up more tired than when they they went to sleep. This lack of restorative sleep is not an easy thing to Heal, but it can be done.

And incidentally when your gallbladder is bothered, you could also have much trouble going to sleep as well.

Dragging Your Feet: Chronic Fatigue

The last thing I’d like to mention is that long-term chemical exposure can disrupt your body’s ability to create energy. That energy comes from the natural chemical production of ATP in each and every one of your cells. The common term for this is chronic fatigue.

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