Candida Yeast Recovery Time

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Candida?

To explain the answer to this question, first consider that in Hanna Kroeger Healer’s Natural Healing practice I make a distinction between Candida Overgrowth and a Candida Infection.

Candida Albicans Yeast Overgrowth in the bowels often leads to general malaise, chronic constipation, energy deficits, fatigue, poor sleep, and a myriad of other strange to diagnose symptoms.  A Happy Feeding Candida MicrobeCandida Overgrowth means you would need to take probiotics, and avoid sugar, and other foods that feed Candida until the flora in your intestines is rebalanced. This can take anywhere from 3-6 months depending on your constitution, if you are taking the proper supplements to inhibit candida growth without causing your liver any difficulty, whether you have heavy metal poisoning, the energy of your organs, and your ability to rotate foods judiciously to keep your stomach acid up.

Heavy Metals Bound To Candida in the Bowels

However, if you have candida overgrowth, and the reason for that is that you have heavy metals which the candida in your bowels has been bound to (or captured by), killing the candida-yeast indiscriminately would allow the Candida to die, and release those heavy metals again! A very bad thing.

In other words you are then re-poisoning yourself, and hurting your organs and immune system. In addition if you have improperly removed the fillings in your mouth without strengthening your organs or properly detoxifying heavy metals before and after, you will have heavy metals released in your body usually in a vapor. Those will need to be detoxified.  Usually such an improper amalgam filling removal will cause an increase in organ energy deficit.

The More Difficult To Conquer Candida Infection

When you have had candida overgrowth for a while (perhaps unknowingly for 10+ years), and you have tried to eradicate it from your body one or more times, and perhaps malnourished yourself in the process you could have a candida infection.

Just like a bacterial infection is not easy to get rid of, a candida infection can be ONE THOUSAND TIMES MORE DIFFICULT to heal. Yes, that is true!

A Candida infection is defined as a pattern of organ weakness, and gland weakness, caused by the proliferation of candida toxins in your body over several years.

As well, a person with long-term candidiasis can have leaky gut disorder or intestinal impermeability which is a large barrier to healing. When you have a candida infection, your body is in equilibrium with the yeast overgrowth in the bowels, but it has low organ energy, such as low liver energy, or low kidney energy.  After more organ energy deficits result, you begin to have more pronounced symptoms and start looking for real Healing answers! Then you may understand that the Candida Cleanses so popularized and marketed do not work in the long term! That is true because they do not support organ energy or Heal the glands.

Symptoms of Organ Energy Deficits

You may have symptoms of burning eyes which is low liver energy, or weak will, which is a sign of low kidney energy. The kidneys and the liver can be tonified to bring their organ energy up.  This is what acupuncture is all about, tonifying and balancing the “chi” organ energy which flows over all the body.

With the Systemic Formulas® (The Ones That Work), professional line of Natural Health Supplements, in particular the 5 Chinese Element Formulas, many energetic (chi) imbalances can be corrected without having to go to an acupuncturist. The Healing becomes more cost effective, and much faster.

Here is an example of one of the Chinese 5 Element Formulas: the Earth Tonify formula used to Heal the Spleen. One of the most popular formulas to heal the Kidneys for a Candida sufferer is the Water Tonify formula, and K-Kidney formula.

With respect to acupuncture, your body may also not be able to tolerate metal needles being inserted because most modern acupuncture needles also have silicon on their surface to facilitate entry. It all depends on your chemical sensitivity and how long you have had Candida, and how well you have removed those things that bother you and your immune system.

Sometimes to accommodate the benefit of acupuncture, if it is absolutely necessary, you need to take supplements before or afterward to get the full benefit. But most of if not all healing can be done with just the Systemic Formulas®, in fact the Systemic Formulas® can do what acupuncture cannot so easily do, help the body with nutrients and bio-energy to help heal the tissues.

The Systemic Formulas® have many formulas to facilitate healing of the tissues of any organs. Since the Systemic Formulas® are bio-energetic formulas, composed mostly of herbs, they can provide your body with the nutrients to heal the tissues in need. They are very cost effective formulas.

Healing Thyroid and Adrenals in Candidiasis

Many people who have a candida infection may also have thyroid difficulties, or adrenal weakness/fatigue and not even be aware of it. These conditions can be helped with the Gf (thyroid), and Ga (adrenal) formulas at the appropriate time.

The time line just for taking the Adrenal formula, and Thyroid formula is from 2-3 months. Sometimes there is enough improvement created by using them for improving energy in 30 days, that they can be returned to later. Usually higher doses can help, and divided during the day in quickly improving adrenals function in 30 days.

Many people will also test on the Gt (thymus) formulas as well. Gt is used to build up immunity.

Most of the Systemic Formulas are available in a liquid version as well as a capsule version.

See a full list of the Systemic Formulas®.

Download a Flyer on the Systemic Formulas® manufactured in Utah (Note: a Large 2MB download).

The Systemic Formulas® are a Professional Line of Wellness Formulas only available through Hanna Kroeger Healer. They are shipped throughout the United States and Canada.

Organ Energy Deficit in Candida Infection

For many people who have had a candida infection for several years you may not even know what it feels like to be well again, and not have to curtail your life because you need to avoid offending foods.

When there are Energy Deficits in the body the recovery time for a Candida Infection and rebalancing the immune system can take some time.  Recovery time means more than 6 months of intense work is usually necessary. Improvements in well-being are easily achieved using the Systemic Formulas.

However, when amalgam fillings need to be replaced, more careful planning and time is needed. Testing would reveal when the amalgam fillings need to be replaced.

Proper Heavy Metal Detoxification

Each time heavy metals are detoxified, often more time is need to rebalance the body. Detoxifying heavy metals can weaken the body and usually concurrent rebuilding with bio-energetic supplements is necessary.

Even with proper biological dentistry removal of amalgam fillings, there is always heavy metal exposure.

An unfortunate consequence of improper previous amalgam removal, is: 1. having most or all of them removed at one or two sittings without proper detoxification, 2. the incorrect choice of ceramic fillings to replace the amalgam.

Hanna Kroeger Healer creates a Vibrational Reading Supplement Plan unique to each person. A Vibrational Reading Supplement Plan is a channeled Angelic Reading for the client to Heal.

A Vibrational Reading Supplement Plan is a Vibrational Reading

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How Do You Tell I Have Energetic Imbalances?

Many people need to make the leap of understanding to the need for a multi-supplement healing program with bio-energetic supplements to Heal a candida infection, instead of candida cleanses which reduce organ energy.

If you have done a candida cleanse one or more times, you may know that you are stuck in a chronic pattern of cleansing and return of the Candida symptoms. You are more chemically sensitive, chronically constipated and have trouble getting up in the morning, and have many signs of adrenal weakness.

The Energetic pattern of a Candida infection is easy to understand if you accept that each organ needs energy to function well, and that each season of the year supports each organ separately.

With this explanation, you could understand that in February when the real Spring Liver Energy is abundant in the northern hemisphere, your liver is begun to be fed energy, and then your ability to detoxify the candida toxins with more liver energy makes you feel much better! It’s like a fan going from the medium setting to the high setting; more electricity means more power, and more natural cleansing.

In women, this freeing of the liver energy causes hormones to be cleared more easily and noticeable symptoms subside. As the liver energy is rebuilt, a person feels better. Once the liver energy grows by the time of the hotter weather in the summer time, your liver would be ready to cleanse naturally.

Men who have chronic candida infection also feel better when the liver energy starts feeding the liver in early February.

In both cases the liver energy is used to push toxins into the bowels so that the candida toxins do not make it so much to the blood stream. Mood brightens, constipation subsides.

You can now understand the “energetic pattern” in a person’s body contributing to the candida infection. Probiotics do not help the energetic pattern to heal at all. Only a transition to a more energetic rebalancing season helps.

However, with the Chinese 5 Element formulas and other formulas from the Systemic Formulas® line, that test “vibrationally” for a client in a Vibrational Reading, rebuilding is what is always done within any start date within any season.

Rebuilding With Energetic Supplements Works (Not Cleansing)

Rebuilding, rebuilds the tissues, and the energy of tissues, and then causes cleansing. This concept: “rebuilding to cleanse”, or throw toxins out is different than ingesting herbs specifically designed to cleanse which reduces organ energy. When rebuilding is performed, there are usually additional supplements that are needed in a VRSP (Vibrational Reading Supplement Plan) to support the toxins leaving the body easily - especially heavy metals.

Do You Want Recovery or Healing?

Here, I’d like to mention that the term recovery implies the possibility of relapse, and not complete healing where you can eat fruit, and other currently offending foods and not pay a terrible price -- ill health or malaise for days.

The term “recovery” is often used from the Medical point of view because there is no known “medical” cure for some medical disease, no known single prescription cure. Often times from a medical point of view, a relapse is expected, such as for people who suffer from chronic anxiety.

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