Odd Signs and Symptoms You Have Candida Overgrowth

Cuticles Inflamed Red and Opening Up

When I was young and had taken several rounds of antibiotics, by the time I was 14 years old, my cuticles would open up all the time.

They would just slightly open up, and they were red and inflamed all the time.

I remember they just seemed like they always got caught up on the carpet just irritating them more – ouch! (I used to lay down on the carpet a lot to watch TV).

I used to drink this Italian Almond drink called Orzata.

Now looking back I realize it was loaded with refined sugar and very sweet.

I would imagine that lots of teenagers drink sweet drinks just filled with sugar — I know they do...

Those inflamed cuticles also probably started because of some anti-biotic use, lack of exercise, and not breathing in fresh air some of the time.

We never aired the house, and never had an appreciation for fresh air.

So, now I wonder are hang-nails, and general red irritation around the cuticles a sign of candida overgrowing?

Being Put on Ant-Acid Drugs

If you have stomach problems you may have an H. Pylori infection, but you can also have yeast overgrowth which is causing you heartburn.

When I was in University I got heartburn, and the cause was heavy metals, and candida interacting, because I was not detoxifying the heavy metals.

My diet did not have a great source of sulfur in it.

Not eating your cruciferous veggies is a bad thing, because they are a source of sulfur which the body needs to detoxify heavy metals.

High quality eggs, organically fed are a great source of sulfur too.

Unfortunately most people who have a Candida Overgrowth progressing to an infection cannot eat eggs because they affect the digestion too much.

So, I went on those Acid Blocking Drugs, Drugs Like H2 Blockers and later graduated to PPI's (Proton Pump Inhibitors that reduce stomach acid) Omeprazole®.

The result was even lower low digestive acid, which can eventually cause a Candida Overgrowth to become an infection, and you are locked in as well!

Burning of the Tip Urethra Upon Urination (Especially After Sex)

While you may get frequent UTI's as a result of Candida Overgrowth, a more subtle sign is burning upon urination.

The burning occurs at the end of the urethra, where the urine comes out.

What is interesting about this symptom is that it is probably more pronounced after sexual intercourse.

Take that sign as a warning that you may have an intestinal flora disturbance which can be a result of Candida Albicans Overgrowth.

If you are not eating yogurt, then if you are not a Blood Type O, you should seriously consider eating the correct yogurt.

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