Energy Deficit Aspect of a Candida Infection

Focus on Energy Healing rather than Cleansing

Many people who have Candida Infection are focused on cleansing it, but keep getting into a circular pattern with the seasons, year after year, keeping the Candida at bay, and hoping it would go away.

Perhaps trying one cleanse after another.

Can you take a Probiotic/Acidophilous?

To understand the Energy deficit aspect of having a Candida infection, consider that there are some people who cannot eve take a probiotic (acidophilous).

What is going on with their body and perhaps yours?

The choice of a Probiotic would first need to be vibrationally resonant with that person’s state of health.

If a Probiotic is not vibrationally resonant then that usually means there are other supplements which need to be added to allow the Probiotic to do it’s work and move Candida out of the bowels.

The other thing that means is that there is another probiotic that would be more resonant with the person.

Simply put if a supplement like a probiotic is vibrationally resonant it supports you both nutritionally and energetically.

A person who wants to Heal Candida must have the balance of supplements be vibrationally resonant with them.

That is why the Vibrational Readings take a stage by stage approach to begin Healing the Candida.

Then you are taking many steps in the correct direction because you have the correct supplements, and the correct number of supplements to get towards your goal.

Some people can only take one capsule of a probiotic per day.

If a probiotic is taken on it’s own, only one capsule can be taken, and there is not enough energy in other supplements, to provide a correction to the body's organs and glands to increase the amount of probiotic or to handle the effect of the probiotic.

So Healing is very slow.

The inability to take a larger dose of a probiotic is physically usually due to:

  1. A Malfunctioning colon
  2. A Weak and congested liver which needs to be supported
  3. Weakened kidneys which need to be tonified (supported)

The result is that toxins move up the Liver instead of going out the Bowels.

Producing more mood swings, and more constipation.

Trying to move Candida out of the body with the wrong supplements is like lifting a huge transportation container you see at the local Port Docks arriving from overseas ships, with a measely forklift.

You know those containers that are shipped come from Japan, and Korea, and China, with all those iPod, and iPhones, and electronics you desire.

Getting back to the taking of probiotics, there are also some people who cannot ingest probiotics because they are too cooling. This is usually a result of eating too many cooling foods, like bananas.

There are still other's that need deeper healing of the Spleen-Pancreas meridian, and the spleen itself.

These energy imbalances too can be corrected by the appropriate formula, usually a Chinese 5 Element formula  from the Systemic Formulas line.

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