Emotional Causes of Candida

Does Candida Have an Emotional Cause?

Well the answer is not simply yes and I will explain why. The answer is mostly no.

Candidiasis is fundamentally a result of an imbalanced flora environment in the intestines.  Being very emotional, or being angry all the time for whatever good reason causes disturbances in the qi circulation in the meridians in our body and disturbs the liver.  What results is liver-qi stagnation related to the anger, and weakness of all the body because meridians feed all the body's glands, and organs. There is weakened emotional body as well.

I believe that clinically over 95% of people who have candidiasis do not have a pure emotional cause!  The other 5% do, and they are the first ones who usually end up in the psychologist or psychiastrists office before they find out they have candidiasis and then persue other avenues for Healing.

Working on your emotions, clearing emotional baggage, not taking things personally, not making assumptions (following the Four Agreements) are essential to Healing Candida at any stage.

I want to also state explicitly that after several years of having candida overgrowth and therefore before the condition of ill health becomes bona fide candidiasis, its not obvious from the condition of ill health that there are emotional causes of candida, because candidiasis drives and feeds emotional causes which feeds candidiasis, parasites, adrenal insufficiency. 

So, the saying "Control your emotions, control your world." means here control your emotions, and reduce your causes of ill health.

Our emotions and more specifically our ability to handle them, express them, and emotional difficulties can cause candida to become a great and very serious difficulty, and can result from candidiasis. For example, internalizing emotions, over-expressing emotions, or emotionality are I believe other “emotional” causes of Candida. Are you constantly grumpy because of candida and over-expressing your emotions? Anger may be a sign of liver toxicity, or your liver being unable to handle the die-off toxicity.

The source of anger is definitely candida (actually liver disturbance), but often there are other physical causes, such as reduced enzyme output of your pancreas, an under-functioning stomach, or more deeper and difficult causes to Heal such as heavy metals. Heavy metal toxicity is an extremely difficult and very powerful cause of Candida to Heal.

One thing I know for sure at the present time is that our ability to sense our emotional body or more precisely our ability to not sense our emotional body and let it constantly carry the emotional baggage of life is a ticket to Ill Health.

Its often not easy to separate only one cause of candida because usually there are multiple causes. Having candida can feed emotions like anxiety, anger, or blaming others. Many years ago, you may have had one cause for candida, for anxiety or anger but years later after these emotions have reduced you may have more important multiple physical causes of candida. Some people may spend years in the doctors office, or more precisely the psychiatrist's office because the “physical” candida difficulty may cause the emotional or mental difficulties. As well, the relationship with your mother for men, and the relationship with your father for women may also be a direct “emotional” cause for candidiasis. That relationship may need to be healed or let go in its entirely.

In the case that you have chronic anxiety, you will need to address that in a complete Healing, i.e. including emotional, mental Healing with either Homeopathy, Flower Essenses, or other vibrational remedies.

What comes later may need to be healed first. Taking birth-control pills, or antibiotics over a long term basis can cause candida over-growth. The most common cause of of candidiasis in women is taking birth control pills over a long-term basis, estrogen replacement, imbalanced hormones, and long term antibiotic therapy, and a high sugar diet. Candidiasis can cause immense cravings for sugar until one day you may realize that you body is not needing the sugar but being persuaded by the overgrowth of candida. In other words the Candida has taken over your eating habits!!! At this time, you then need professional help! When you are in a constant state of sugar cravings, your pancreas will be underfunctioning, the spleen-pancreas axis in Traditional Chinese Medicine will be stagnant, and then begins the downward spiral of Ill Health because your kidneys will become underfunctioning as well!

Anxiety can contribute to candida, because constant chronic anxiety will reduce your digestive energy, and reduce your ability to keep any candida in the gut in check. Chronic emotional stress is a cause of candidiasis since such emotional stress disturbs your digestion. A properly functioning digestive system is essential to Healing Candida.

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