Candida Die Off Kidney Pain Help

During a regular intense Candida Cleanse, with most likely intense yeast killers, you may be the type of person who experiences kidney-pain.

Popular Strong Intense Yeast Killers Causing Die-Off

You know you are taking intense yeast killers because they are strong enough to destroy the candida fungus within the bowels. An intense yeast killer works best (strongest) when the yeast have not been fed by sugars, wheat, etc for a period of time, (usually 2-4 weeks) and therefore are weak and just waiting for food or to be removed.  This kind of diet is technically called a “Candida Calming diet”, but is often called a Candida Cleanse Diet.

Usually the yeast killer works best when taken on an empty stomach. And later in the day, when the yeast “blow-up” the person taking them can feel some symptom.

Headaches are usually attributed to the sudden-die off of the yeast matter, which is then processed by your liver. But many kinds of symptoms can results depending on the your body's ability to detoxify and its weaknesses.

Another symptom that can result is constipation because your liver is too busy and backed up with detoxifying the yeast matter. But other difficulties can result such as sleep disturbances, gall-bladder pain, muscle weakness, anxiety and of course depression. If you have these symptoms and are not aware of them, they are often made much worse.

The Reason for the Kidney-Pain.

There are a variety of types of kidney-pain, and whether you have left or right kidney-pain is vitally important too!

The most likely cause of intense, throbbing, "pointy end-of-the-knife-like" stabbing kidney-pain, usually in the right kidney is that you are killing yeast too fast for your body to process the heavy metals that are being released. Yes, that is right, the yeast have heavy metals, and they are released!

Another more poignant way to put this is that the Candida blows up and releases heavy metals, which your body cannot detoxify. The heavy metals then get stuck in your right kidney tissue waiting to be excreted.  In this case when you are stuck, the only way out to great and vibrant health would be a vibrational reading of bio-energetic supplements. There is another temporary solution, but it is not a long-term solution.

This heavy metal release during a regular Candida Cleanse with powerful herbals is very detrimental to your health, and will not help you in the long-term, because it only means that the heavy metals, usually mercury have no easy way to exit your body, your pathways of elimination are not open enough, and your organs are weak, and lack sufficient qi or energy.

This is why A Candida infection is defined as a pattern of organ weakness, that allows the Candida to stick around a long time, and not just overgrowth in the bowels of Candida. It is the energy deficiency and tissue weakness which results in the circular cleansing repeat cycle of candida cleansing. What organs and glands need fixing come up in a Vibrational Reading.

Candida fungus holds heavy metals for you, and the heavy metal poisoning is already a cause of Candidiasis. This circular pattern is the reason people go around and around in circles never getting better with standard cleanses which do nothing to rebuild and detoxify the organs.

Again, the Candida Cleanse you are doing is very detrimental to your health, and should be stopped because you could cause further damage to your body. You should focus on Energetic Healing techniques to to treat a Candida Overgrowth Infection which can involve acupuncture, qi-gong healing, bio-energetic supplements - essentially rebuilding and energizing. But forcing the body to cleanse is going to further decrease organ energy, and cause further symptoms, only leading to poorer health, discomfort and probably distrubed sleep too. 

Different Kinds of Kidney Pain, Different Causes

In order to process the heavy metals, and excrete them, energy or qi is necessary. So, the kidney pain can also mean an energy deficit in the kidney-qi, which cannot process the metals. However, the feeling of heavy metals lodged in the kidney, usually of a stabbing nature is not entirely related to diagnsoses in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Kidney-qi weaknesses can also manifest as hearing issues even temporary, discoloration underneath the eyes, and other kidney- deficiency signs, such as night sweats, poor digestion (food items in the stool) can result.

Here I want to distinguish between the kidney-pain under discussion and the kidney-pain, often called lumbago, which Dr.’s of TCM (Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine) often describe as a symptom of kidney-deficiency. Lumbago is lower-back pain which is as a result of the energetic disturbance of the kidneys, usually both. Lumbago is felt on both sides of the lower back, and not just one side. Its is often a dull achy pain.

Incidentally because of the kidney-meridian energetic system going through the knees, imbalances in the gait when walking, and knee pain are also energetic signs of the kidney's needing Energetic Treatment, or tonification. Because most people learn about cleansing with herbs or complex detoxification powders first, rather than Energetic Tonification, there are a lot of pitfalls awaiting in performing a regular Candida Cleanse.

Another little known energetic kidney imbalance that can result, which is little known by practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is of the same name: Kidney Imbalance. If you look up kidney imbalance on the internet, you will not likely find the correct meaning here. That is because kidney imbalance is a catch all term used by most practitioners in their writing on the web, for any kind of kidney imbalance. In TCM, capital letters are often used for the organ systems, so Spleen, means a different thing than the western anatomical spleen.

Kidney Imbalance in capitals, is an energy imbalance between the left and and right energy meridians of the kidneys, often due to kidney tissue damage.

It can make you feel locked up in your mind, like you are one of those prisoners in space in Superman II, where General Zod and his inmates are trapped in the Phantom Zone “Space” triangular Prison.

When the pain is in the right kidney it is mercury being released, because mercury has an affinity for the right kidney.

When the pain is in the left kidney, it is nickel poisoning that is the issue, because nickel has an affinity for the left kidney.

People who have incorrectly removed their fillings also can have kidney damage, and weaken their kidneys.

In addition circulating heavy metals can cause kidney-yang deficiency, which can cause lack of warmth in the body, aversion to cold, and bits of food in the stool.   This is called a yang deficiency in chinese medicine. It can come from a kidney-yang deficiency or a spleen yang deficiency.

Lets not forget the classical symptom of tinnitus or ringing in the ears, or frequent urination including frequent urination at night.

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