Candida and Burning Eyes


Although this page is titled Candida and Burning Eyes, it applies to everything having to do with burning eyes, and will give many reasons for burning eyes.

Candida-overgrowth sufferers usually have burning eyes because the cleanses they undertake reduce liver-qi or liver-energy. This improper cleansing can have to do with the season they are in.

People who are exposed to chemicals, or cigarette smoke can also have burning eyes, for the same reason. For example exposure to pesticides, lawn and garden chemicals, formaldehyde from new furniture, or new car smell can cause burning eyes.

Why Are My Eyes Burning?

Burning eyes are a characteristic of low liver chi, or your liver struggling to detoxify some kind of man-made unnatural chemical. Liver-chi is also expressed as liver-qi or liver-energy.

Cleanses, Poor Air Quality Can Cause Burning Eyes

Burning eyes can also happen while you do any kind of cleanse or just being in a room with stale air or little fresh air.

The burning eyes basically means that you need to stop, and regroup to determine if the cleanse is of any benefit to you.

If it is the air in a room that is bothering you, you could air it out, remove any offending chemicals, or leave altogether. If it is a chemical exposure, you need to exit that circumstance as well, and probably take preventive measures for the future.

You could however, literally be exposed to any chemical at all.

Other Reasons For Burning Eyes

Burning eyes can also happen when your liver is overburdened because your bowels are not moving sufficiently quickly, in other words you have some kind of constipation. Even very subtle.

A further reason for burning eyes, which may also be characteristic of candida sufferers is gallbladder weakness. So, for example eating a high fat meal, or eating peanuts can cause the burning eyes.

An Interesting Example That May Cause Burning Eyes

Many people are toxic, and their livers are not working well enough. They drink the wrong kind of water, and eat in a way that causes congestion of energy in the body, and organ, and gland weakness. Also not getting enough sleep can do this as well.

New Car Smell Can Cause Burning Eyes

After purchasing a new vehicle, and driving in it for several weeks you may finally notice your eyes are burning, or some kind of mood swing. These symptoms may be as a result of the fact that you are detoxifying the chemicals of the new car.

Your liver is working to remove these chemicals from the body in real time as you are driving, and usually then exit them from the bowels. However, sometimes more frequent urination can result when your body removes the chemicals via the kidneys. Your liver could get overburdened with all this work, and your burning eyes could be the only symptom you are aware of.

It would be wise to increase your protein and nutrient intake at breakfast time, and ensure a cleaner bedroom to help you rest your organs at night. Also be careful with children being exposed to the new car smell as well.

New Carpets can Cause Burning Eyes

Burning eyes can also be caused by having to detoxify new carpets soup of chemicals. There are certainly a myriad of new chemicals in carpets. Chronic exposure to these new chemicals can cause multiple chemical sensitivity.

What exactly is Burning Eyes?

Burning eyes is burning that occurs at the angle of the eye where it is closest to the nose.

It is not a complete burning of the whole eye, that is characteristic of when you are exposed to smoke, or particulates in the air, although that exposure can cause the local burning mentioned here. You may need to see a medical doctor for burning or redness of the whole eye, or other related symptoms.

The burning eyes that Hanna Kroeger Healer is referring to here may also not be that pronounced, and therefore can be very subtle.

But if you find that you have chronically burning eyes, or intermittent burning eyes then read on and seek help with a vibrational reading to increase the vibrational energy of your organs and glands, rebuild and detoxify.

What Does Burning In Your Eyes Really Indicate?

Burning in your eyes indicates to put it bluntly, you are not able to detoxify something, and that you are probably being exposed to particulate in the air that is causing trouble for your liver.

You could also be using some hand cream, lotion, shampoo, nail polish, perfume, cologne, cleaning chemical or be exposed to such a chemical from your partner, or at work. Even natural gas from a fireplace or from the stove can cause burning eyes.

When the gasses in the air are at a high enough concentration, your body can give you clues such as burning eyes.

Pesticide Exposure Can Cause Burning Eyes

Pesticide exposure can cause burning eyes. This burning eyes symptom is a good clue to what pesticides may be in the air during the week. Avoid lawn and garden chemicals.

Even temporarily being exposed to new paint can cause harm.

What is Low Liver Qi?

Each organ in our body contains energy, that helps it run. When you cleanse it’s extremely important that the kidney-chi and the liver-chi are functioning properly. Qi (pronounced Chi) is that invisible life force which runs through all of us and is in each organ.

Remember Energy rules physiology. That means that the limiting factor in cleansing is the energy which limits the natural chemical reactions of the body.

Are you cleansing without regard to your liver-qi? Whether you have enough liver-chi will determine whether you can cleanse smoothly. If you are a frequent cleanser, then low liver-qi and low kidney-qi may have resulted. This is common with bowel cleanses. Also common is a loss of liver-yin energy, and then kidney-yin energy, the energies that help build fluid in the body, and keep the organs healthy.

Mood Swings, Emotional Life and Liver-Qi

If you do not have enough liver-chi, or are chronically low in liver-chi, you can have a very emotional life, or mood swings.

Mood swings have their source in how smooth your liver-chi is. This is because the liver is responsible for a smooth emotional life. If the liver-chi stagnates, every time you get exposed to chemicals, cigarette smoke, eat fatty foods, do a candida-cleanse you may get emotional, angry, frustrated, irritable, nervous, anxious, fly off the cuff, get in arguments, and have colon difficulties.

Exposure to Chemicals Causes Burning Eyes

Ever sprayed a room with air freshener, or been in a washroom where air freshener was just used? Did it make you feel good? Usually not!

Most of us are not aware of the amount of chemicals we breath in, or ingest in the form of pesticide laden fruits and vegetables, preservatives, and additives in food.

These kinds of air born fresheners are not natural, and can cause that burning in your eyes. However, even defusing essential oils into the air could cause some discomfort if the concentration is too high or the resultant effect on your body causes detoxification.

Eating some kind of preservative in a tv dinner or food at the buffet can also later result in burning eyes.

Perfumes and Colognes, Creams, Scented Products Cause Burning Eyes

It may not be obvious to you, but perfumes, colognes, scented hand creams, scented products can all cause the burning eyes.

Here are other examples: laundry detergent's that have strong scents, fabric softener, smell of gasoline, being exposed to formaldehyde, dry cleaned clothes, a walk in the mall, or visiting a dollar store where there are hundred of chemicals off-gassing in the air.

Does Burning Eyes Come From Taking Medications?

Burning eyes is a very subtle symptom probably not noticed by many people. In fact its also possible for people taking medications to have this symptom.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the eyes are connected to the liver and the eyes show this connection. This connection is very real. That is why when someone has an eye disease, Acupuncturists, or Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine treat the liver to Heal the eye disease.

When you are taking medications for too long, your digestion could get imbalanced, and your liver become weak. Most medications put an increased demand on your body for nutrients. When you have an increased demand for nutrients you liver's ability to detoxify can suffer and you get the burning eye symptoms. The result depends on the amount of other chemicals you have to detoxify.

What Else Can Cause Burning Eyes?

Burning eyes is one of those symptoms and gifts our body has given us to help us avoid further disease down the road.

It’s important to mention that even natural supplements can cause burning eyes, and mood swings. When a natural health product is created there are usually some assumptions that can be made about it. The most common assumption is that people's organs are working fine and they have enough qi (chi or energy) to process the supplement. This is also obviously true of pharmaceuticals.

Leaky Gut Syndrome Healing Causes Burning Eyes

The disturbance Hanna Kroeger Healer has seen to the body during cleansing is certainly true with some supplements to heal Leaky Gut Syndrome.

For example, the Natural Factors product RevitalX™! available in Canada and the United States is a often a very tough one to take at the recommended dosage. Taking this product demands a much more rigorous supplement regime to heal the leaky gut. Incidentally a leaky gut can cause burning eyes as well.

Increasing Liver-Qi

Vibrational Supplements To Increase Liver-Qi

There are very, very few supplements which increase liver-qi.

As well as the Professional Vibrational Supplements Hanna Kroeger Healer uses, one formula from Kroeger Herb™ increases liver-qi. It's called Liver Formula™, previously Livah®

Foods Which increase Liver-Qi

Green leafy vegetables will also increase liver-qi.

Almonds eaten raw, are excellent for low-liver qi. Low liver qi is often indicated by waking up in the middle of the night between 1am and 3am, and optionally going to urinate.

Sour Foods Can Decrease Liver-Qi

While eating sour foods can benefit the liver, over-cleansing with cleaned with lemon juice, or grapefruit juice could have reduced liver-qi.

Remember oranges as well as some apples also have a sour flavour.

Also remember cranberry juice is naturally very sour, but when commercially purchased contains so much sugar the sour flavor is diluted.

Solve your Burning Eyes

The solution to burning eyes is simple. Natural Healing with a vibrational reading.

Professional Vibrationally Resonant products used in special Vibrational Reading Plan are needed to be able to Heal the liver, and reenergize it.

A Vibrational Reading Plan often has stages which are often in sequence and in synergy with the seasons and which naturally provide energy to Heal the Organs. Using Vibrational Supplements targets the organ or gland precisely and thus very powerful and work very fast.