Body Building and Dizziness During Training

If you are a regular body-builder and have used a lot of different supplements you may now have dizziness during training which can be very concerning.

Medical Reasons for the Dizziness

It's important and essential to visit your medical physician to rule out any medical causes for your dizziness.

When your physician or health care provider can find no answers, read on to find some other bona fide answers.

What is causing the dizziness?

The dizziness can be caused by an inflammatory cascade within your body called the NO-ONOO (Nitric Oxide, Peroxynitrate Inflammatory Cascade).

You may also not experience that Nitric Oxide pump after an hour or two of weightlifting anymore.

The NO-ONOO cycle cascade could be caused by exposure to toxins in your environment, or it can be caused by the inability of your liver or kidney to process the supplements you have used or are currently using. Yes, body building supplements you have used could have been harmful to your body.

I Master Healer Salvatore Crapanzano, Hanna Kroeger Healer am an avid casual bodybuilder interested in the long-term benefits of strength or weight training.

I have found bodybuilding, and specifically some body-building exercises to be beneficial for sleeping more deeply, having more energy when I work at the desk, reducing back pain, and providing a general overall feeling of well-being.

I feel much better the day after a bodybuilding session at the gym, having done a “hard” days work at the gym.

It’s nice to feel tired for a very good reason!

When I have looked at all the supplements advertised in Muscle and Fitness ®, over the past 2-3 years, I have been very overwhelmed.

I imagined myself being a professional body builder, and going through the maze of which bodybuilding supplements to select…

And for what gains.

And not only that but ensuring they are bio-compatible with my body and also going to increase my health, rather than harm it.

The bio-compatibility with your body is what I test people on all kind of supplements for, and it is called the Vibrational Resonance of Supplements.

Vibrational Resonance is examined more fully in a Vibrational Reading.

I have personally used a Mass Builder available in Canada called Mutant Mass manufactured by PVL.

I have used some recommendations from the book, Scrawny to Brawny for post-workout foods.

I have seen professional competitive bodybuilders who have kidney weakness.

I have seen junior bodybuilders harm their kidneys before a competition by drinking less water in order to show how cut they are.

Drinking less water is associated with medical disease creation.

The conclusion is that professional bodybuilders could need to have a Vibrational Reading Supplement Plan developed at the same time as their training to improve the health of their organs and glands, and to sort out the supplements they have used -- the good and the bad - the bio compatible, the valuable and the useful from the harmful, and the money wasting supplements.

A Vibrational Reading Supplement Plan sets up a long-term plan with the best Professional supplements, testing the client’s positive usage of all kinds of supplements, and gaining a better understanding of vibrant and sustainable health.

A professional bodybuilder could need a program of Professional Supplements set up for several months to heal some organ weakness or damage, sleep issues, thyroid issues, or adrenals issues, etc.

Perhaps as a bodybuilder you are no longer getting the Nitric Oxide pump.

When I was in my 20's and at University in Ontario, I loved hitting the gym, and getting that pump in my muscles. I loved the gains I was making at the bench, and on incline bench too.

At that time I had no idea it was a Nitric Oxide pump. The same mechanism used to create an erection in the body.

As a Professional Natural Health Practitioner, I use the Systemic Formulas manufactured in Utah with my clients.

Systemic Formulas which has been a leading provider of Professional Formulas in Utah for over 30 years, has several newly introduced formulas to arrest the NO-ONOO inflammatory cycle and fix the Nitric Oxide production in the cells of your body.

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