Amalgam Filling Removal, Should You Do It?
And How Do You Do it Properly?

Even if you have any Amalgam Fillings removed in the best way possible, by choosing a holistic biological dentist, is having a dentist remove the fillings and then just putting in a composite “white” filling of your dentist’s choice a good idea?

Many people who come to be concerned about retaining their good health are concerned about heavy metals in their body, usually coming from any Amalgam Fillings in their mouths, because those mercury-silver fillings off-gas mercury vapor over many years, and also cause mercury to be displaced into the tissues, for example after drinking hot beverages.  More over, the effects of the heavy metal intoxication may not be known until later in life, when there is serious medical disease.tooth with mercury amalgam on top

And mercury is a deadly toxin. It damages tissues, and it loves fatty tissues the most, like your brain. But I am not going to list all the bad things about mercury intoxication – I want to provide you with information on the best ways to get it out of your body safely, and how to rebuild. I will however, discuss some other metals that can be of concern as well.

The reason other metals will be discussed is that often people become aware of the heavy metal mercury sourced from amalgam fillings, but you must be aware that there are several other heavy metals, that need to be detoxified including some used in day to day supplements which can be of concern if ingested in excess. For example Zinc has come up repeatedly as a cause of Ill Health in a 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health Reading.

Other Heavy Metals and Non-Heavy Metals To Be Concerned About

Even if you have no fillings in your mouth, but you had braces when you were younger, that is of concern as well because nickel is a heavy metal. Adolescents can have health disturbances, such as irritability and mood swings after nickel-based braces are put in their mouths. If the Nickel is not naturally detoxified by the adolescent it then can then become a cause of ill health such as infertility later in life. That is why Nickel is one of the heavy metals tested in the 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health Reading. Rev. Hanna Kroeger developed a Vibropathic™ remedy for Nickel, called Nicocolum met (Metallic Nickel), and even one for Nickel in the tail-bone.

Copper Poisoning

Then let us not forget about copper poisoning. I’m writing about copper poisoning from drinking tap water coming from water pipes. The symptoms of copper poisoning are numerous and they do not need to be overt. Copper poisoning means having excess or bio-unavailable copper in your body. Copper is needed in small amounts, and in excess creates difficulty.

I had copper poisoning since I was very young; it runs in my family. And I’m very grateful it did not hamper my health in any noticeable or significant way. But the “bad” copper needed to come out (this is called inorganic or bio-unavailable copper).

The way I did it was very fascinating to me, because I was not aware of having done it until the inorganic-copper was all out. I started using regular strenuous exercise (running) to increase blood flow, and to increase my body’s ability to detoxify. After doing it for about 6 years, and “metabolizing” the “excess” bad copper in my tissues, I found that I was unable to contract the muscles in my legs properly.

My copper “storage tank” was empty. When I realized this, I started to eat baked potatoes on a regular basis (with the skin), and not wrapped in aluminum foil paper of course, to get back the proper “organic” copper in my body. What basically happened was my body was easily able to get rid of the bad copper through exercise, rather than any other heavy metal in my body though. Copper was the priority.

You may be fascinated to know that the reason I could not contract my muscles, is because copper is needed to build and repair all connective tissue, which includes tendons, ligaments, skin, hair, nails, arteries, and veins as well. Since my copper ingestion and therefore absorption had become deficient, my tendons would not function properly and since tendons are attached to muscle, I could not contract the muscles properly.

Glutathione or GSH, the Master Antioxidant and Detoxifier

Exercise increases glutathione production.

Glutathione is a master anti-oxidant, and detoxifier manufactured by each and every one of your cells, which helps to detoxify many different toxic compounds, including heavy metals.

By exercising vigorously, I saved myself having to take supplements to detoxify the copper, and I did it safely; I did not force out more heavy metals than my body could excrete.

There are many more heavy metals. Aluminum being one of them. The odd thing about some of these metals, whether they are heavy or not, is that they are useful in human nutrition, and thus they are needed in trace amounts by the body.

For example, most everyone knows about Zinc and how useful it can be for colds and flu’s, shortening their duration, but did you know it can actually be toxic to your body? The same goes with iron, copper, chromium, and vanadium, and selenium. Some of these come from over-supplementation, when your body cannot excrete the excess.

Hanna herself, taught that mercury had an affinity for the right kidney, and settled there, whilst nickel resided in the left kidney.

So, How Do You Get The Heavy Metals Out?
And How do You Get Your Fillings Removed Properly?

Is one supplement or two supplements enough to detoxify mercury or other toxic metals?

And what are the correct supplements to use?

I had another interesting experience when I was first taking the thyroid formula – Gf from Systemic Formulas (the Professional Formulas I use with my clients).

Interestingly, the Gf-thyroid formula basically started healing the tissues in my thyroid (because it had mercury in it), and then the mercury was immediately thrown out into the blood stream.

The Gf–thyroid formula increased the vibration of my thyroid gland, and then the mercury was expelled.

I knew it was mercury because of the state of enormous fatigue I was in. It felt like an Anvil had been dropped somewhere in my body. I was not however, taking enough supplements to capture the mercury and excrete it safely. A very valuable lesson learned.

The same kind of scenario happens when you have fillings removed, even with a dental dam, and an oxygen mask. You still get some of the vapor coming off the mercury fillings, if a drill is used.

If you have not had the fillings removed correctly by a biological dentist, and with the dental dam, then you probably have been poisoned by even more mercury.

I’ve worked with people who have not only had their fillings removed incorrectly, but even had all of them removed at once. A very bad idea.

There are a lot of different supplements to detoxify mercury from the body.

In the Systemic Formulas® Professional line there is a long-standing formula for removing heavy metals and other toxins from the body, called appropriately, CLNZ. This formula is usually consumed in large quantities, 5 or more capsules several times a day for this type of situation.

One of the other formulas I've used with my clients is Enconugenics PectaClear™ a modified citrus ORAL pectin Chelation Complex.

Both of the aformentioned formulas do not disturb minerals in the body, but please do not think that removing heavy metals from the body is often as easy as using any of these formulas by themselves.

Body Burden of Heavy Metals Before Amalgam-Filling Removal

It is most important to understand your body burden of mercury before filling removal.

Filling removal without sufficient improvement in health, or preparation before hand is most likely to make a person worse, and much worse too.

This situation is called “Going from the Frying Pan, and into the Fire”.

I believe it is very common.

If your body burden of heavy metals gets lowered before the dental filling removal, then all the better. But this is usually a very delicate procedure requiring a few months of supplement work, to detoxify heavy metals, and rebuild, rebalance, and regenerate the organs, or glands at the same time. You can understand that heavy metals reside in a multitude of tissues, such as the thyroid as I stated above, and excreting them from the body is not easy.

After proper filling removal, you can then continue detoxification, and pay attention to mineral intake as well. Usually only one or two fillings are removed at one time, and then several supplements are used to help your body rebalance over one or two weeks.

Detoxification of Heavy Metals Is Complicated

The reason has to do with the fact that when you are a low-glutathione producer, and also a low-physical-activity person, your body cannot process any excess of good metals already mentioned and they get stored in the tissues as well. These then need to come out too. This is the case because your body burden of mercury is already very high, and your ability to detoxify is highly impaired.

When a client is detoxifying heavy metals correctly, you may need a lot of support for the organs both energetically, and tissue rebuilding factors (available in the Systemic Formulas) at the same time as the metals are being removed. This ensures that your organ and gland tissues don’t get worse, and you don’t feel worse either. This is by far the best way to detoxify heavy metal.

If you’ve ever tried to do a straight forward heavy-metal cleanse, without enough multi-organ and gland support and you are the type of person in this situation just mentioned (low glutathione producer, or high body burden of heavy metals), you would have really felt like you got into a high-speed race-car to get the heavy metals out, but you crashed “hard” into a brick wall just after you started driving. You didn’t know it would be so tough to handle the heavy metal cleanse, and you just leaped into it.

The symptoms of “crashing” can be constipation, temporary loss of motor function, increased “nerves”, irritability, mood swings, increased chemical sensitivity, brain fog, skin eruptions, insomnia, and generally not feeling so good. By temporary loss of motor function, I mean you can’t turn your steering wheel properly; you can’t open a door properly, or cook in the kitchen properly, or sit down and turn around in the office chair properly. Something does not quite seem right with your body movement.

This type of reaction usually means the metals are kicking around, your channels of elimination are not open enough to excrete them, and you have not done enough tissue healing so you just can’t handle the excretion.

It’s probably going to be better to “locally” get rid of the heavy metals in the kidney and liver, first, excrete those comfortably, rebuild the liver and kidney, and then continue on with general tissue detoxification.

Everyone wants to feel well as soon as possible.

happy tooth healing with a VRSP! The good news is that once you start on a proper supplement plan tailored specifically to you through a Vibrational Reading Supplement Plan, you can get rid of the heavy metals quickly.

A VRSP program might include, strengthening your organs and glands, and then taking glutathione enhancing supplements to get the mercury out of your cells, as well as supplements which bind to the mercury to make sure it leaves your body and does not come back.

For the low-glutathione producers, this is done very, very slowly, so as not to stir too much up at once. Once you can get some out at the beginning, and then take care in supporting your organs and glands, then soon enough you can go faster, take more supplements at one time and get more out faster. Then you may be able to plan doing further proper Amalgam removal.

All of this is done with oral detoxification.

What About the Amalgam Replacement Materials?

How about the replacement of the amalgam filling with the ceramic composites, those white fillings? Let me be blunt. Even those can hurt your body.

I’ve spoken with people who after “safe” and expensive filling removal and replacement with composites, had a chronic infection for several months.

There are also people who have the wrong composite filling material in their mouth.

It constantly disturbs their immune systems, and their bodies cannot be restored to complete health without replacement with a non-reactive composite material at some point in their healing.

The reason is the composite is reacting with their immune system, and constantly disturbing their meridian energy flow. This could mean pain localized in the area of the tooth which has nothing to do with any existent gum or periodontal disease.

Whatever disturbs the organ and therefore the meridian energy flow, can show up as pain in the teeth, irregardless of whether there is composite material in any tooth of the mouth, for example when you are detoxifying, you may get some strange tooth pain. It is merely a signal that your cleanse is working, but could also indicate a deficiency of organ energy.

There are laboratories in the United States which take blood work and test the reactivity of many types of dental filling materials, including composites, etchants, and bonding agents, to ensure they are bio-compatible with your body over the long-term.

Testimonial about Heavy Metal Detoxification

I would like to begin my Testimonial by saying that “Master Healer Salvatore Crapanzano” (Hanna Kroeger Healer) has helped me immensely since starting his program at the beginning of May 2010.

I have had a long history of about 10 years or more of health issues regarding “Candida Albicans” throughout my Digestive Tract, Heavy Metal Toxicity (I currently have about 12-14 mercury fillings in my mouth) and Hormone Imbalances that are caused by the above health issues. I have searched and tried many different Naturopaths and Alternative Medicine doctors over the years in order to help me with my various health issues and have had no success. I was with a particular Naturopathic doctor that specialized in the removal of “Candida Albicans” from ones system and did the program for about a year and a half. In that year and a half, instead of feeling better and trying to completely eradicate the Candida Albicans from my system, I became and felt so much worse and developed a Duodenal Ulcer in the process of it all. The reason for the development of the Ulcer was the supplements I was prescribed to take during the program and the improper monitoring while taking them.

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