Trauma and Miasm & Residue of Childhood Illness: The 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health

I've been writing for the past 3 months about the 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health, a system developed by the late Reverend Hanna Kroeger for Healing and disease prevention.

In this last newsletter in the 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health series I will write about Trauma, and Miasma, and Residue of Childhood Diseases, two very important causes of ill Health.

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The 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health

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Here are Reverend Hanna Kroeger's 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health:

1. Neglect

2. Congestion

3. Trauma

4. Environmental, Metal and Chemical Poisons

5. Infection

6. Parasites

7. Miasma and Residue of Childhood Diseases

So, let's continue this discussion about Trauma, and Miasma and Residue of Childhood Diseases.

Trauma as a Cause of Ill Health

Trauma is difficult to understand and see sometimes, unless someone is trained to notice it. It can be very subtle, sabotaging your health, and not allowing you to see things that you need to.

Human Aura Field

People with Trauma car carry it for years without any knowledge, only having it manifested in digestive disturbances, and diagnosis with diseases such as CFS, Fibromyalgia, and MCS.

Reverend Hanna Kroeger said that Shock and Trauma will injure the Aura. So the Aura will have to be mended as well as any physical injury.

People that have been in accidents can definitely have Shock, but Trauma can remain long-term in the Aura, and then in the mind set.

There are other types of distressful Health or life situations that can cause Trauma.

Of course, the death of a loved on in the family or divorce as well, can be traumatic.

There are also life threatening situations.

For example, mold exposure can life threatening when you can't just get out right away, or where physical illness results.

If you have a candida infection, mold exposure can make it much worse and cause it to be life threatening too.

People that have trauma in childhood can also have hidden intestinal parasites, often carried for years without awareness.

As an adult you can also be infected with parasites because of trauma temporarily disturbing your digestion.

When it comes to people with Trauma, one way you may be able to to recognize them is that they are not at ease in their bodes.

There may be psychological trauma with fatigue and other symptoms.

Dr. Martin Pall, Ph.D. is a medical researcher who wrote a book in 2007 called the Tenth Paradigm of Medicine.

Dr. Martin Pall wrote that excessive psychological stress over one's childhood or recent adulthood, or a single psychologically traumatic incident is thought to significantly raise the production of Nitric Oxide levels in the body.

This increased production of Nitric Oxide (NO) creates what is aptly called the NO-ONOO free radical cascade.

This cascade then can slowly damage the tissues in some area of the body if not halted.

This is noted as the key driver in most Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) cases and may play some role in CFS, ME and Fibromyalgia patients.

We use specific supplements to arrest this damaging cascade. The good news is we can fix this.

How Trauma is Treated

Many types of hidden Traumas can be treated with the very gentle and subtle Flower Essence Therapy.

Flower Essences are Vibrational Medicine in a bottle made from the sun transferring the flower's healing vibration to the water.

There are so many Flower Essences to choose from.

The most common Flower Essence for treating shock and Trauma, especially at the beginning is the Rescue Remedy from Doctor Bach's line.

For example, if a child were bitten by a dog accidentally, it would be wise to treat the child with the appropriate amount of Rescue Remedy Drops underneath the tongue or in water so as not to carry this emotionally event into life.

For individuals also wanting to make real change in their lives or getting unstuck we offer Flower Essence Readings.

Trauma Treated with Homeopathy/Arnica Montana

Some types of long-term Trauma can also be treated with a high potency dose of the homeopathic Arnica Montana, usually 200CH.

The required number of doses and the time between doses must be determined individually for comfortable and successful healing.

Trauma to the Bones is another type and can also be treated with the homeopathic preparation Arnica.

Trauma Treated with EMDR

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing and it is a highly effective form of psychotherapy for trauma.

Visit for more info.

Working with the Purple Violet Flame Energy

The Purple Violet flame is a spiritual energy invoked using simple mantras.

The Violet Flame is used to Heal Body, Mind, and Soul.

It is used to cleanse your Aura, on your own time, and it is free.

You can download a free Violet Flame Meditation ebook from the web page below:

Violet Flame Info

Emotional/Mental Trauma Treated with Emotion Code Technique

The Emotional Code Technique is also an Amazing Healing technique to release trapped emotions and their energy to feel better instantly.

Every emotion has energy, and when that energy is stored in the body it becomes a hindrance to health.

One of its manifestations are pain. No matter what the kind of pain, back pain, knee pain, etc.

It was created by Dr. Bradely Nelson, a chiropractor.

Emotion Code Info.

Remember do not neglect treating the Trauma for it will undermine your health.

Miasma and Residue of Childhood Illness

Miasma is an inherited tendency to illness in a person's body that often manifests later in life.

Miasma theory was first suggested by the father of homeopathy, Hahnnemann in 1828 to explain where all Chronic Diseases came from.

A Miasma's profile can explain the origin of many symptoms.

According to the theory, a person's ancestors who were sick with some illness would carry the vibration down generations.

The vibration is then stored in the tissues in the cells.

Dr. Tomas Paschero's definition of miasm is very enlightening: "A miasm is not an infection or intoxication, but a vibratory alteration of man's vital energy, determining the biological behavior and general constitution of the individual."

There are two Miasm's I will briefly mention here, since they have big names but there are more.

Syphilis and T. B. (Tuberculosis).

According to what I was taught the Tuberculosis Miasm can manifest as scoliosis in a young person.

So, where did did the scoliosis come from? The T. B. Miasm!

The Syphilis Miasm is not what the word intends it to mean, a sexually transmitted disease.

It's source is from someone who had Syphilis, but can produce chronic intestinal disturbances, and many other odd symptoms.

It is merely a vibration held by the body.

All these are treated with Vibropathic™ remedies.

Miasma and Residue of Childhood Illness

Finally Residue of Childhood Diseases looks to take care of the vaccination damage caused to the immune system from various childhood vaccinations.

These types of vibrations can reside with you even into adulthood.

They include such vaccinations as

  • MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella (German Measles)
  • Diptheria-Pertussis-Tetanus
  • Pertussis (Whooping Cough)
  • Chicken Pox
  • Small Pox
  • and several others...

They are treated very simply by taking a Vibropathic™ liquid with the right vibration for the right amount of time to clear any causes found.

While these vaccinations may not have done severe damage to you as a child, there is a vibratory remnant in your body which can ultimately affect your life-long health.

As such these redidue's need to be cleared.

When it comes to healing from modern day vaccinations such as the vaccine damaged teenagers hurt by the HPV Gardasil® vaccine, a different more sophisticated approach is neeed though.