Neglect as a Cause of Ill Health: The 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health

Are you Neglecting some aspect of your health?

I've been writing for the past 3 months about the 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health, a system developed by the late Reverend Hanna Kroeger for Healing and disease prevention.

Today, I'll be writing about NEGLECT.

NEGLECT is the first of the causes of Ill Health in the list below, but it is not necessarily the most profound or important.

However, when you understand what Neglect can entail, you might just think it is a very powerful cause of ill Health.

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The 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health

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Here are Reverend Hanna Kroeger's 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health:

1. Neglect

2. Congestion

3. Trauma

4.Environmental, Metal and Chemical Poisons


6. Parasites

7. Miasma and Residue of Childhood Diseases

So, let's continue this discussion about Neglect.

Neglecting Sunshine

Neglect is something that you are not doing that you need to do to stay healthy usually on a regular basis.

This Reading can point to the not so obvious and subtle ways we undermine our health.

We've all heard how we need to do get our Vitamin D-3 levels up and check our blood work regularly.

But as Dr. Mercola says, sunshine is the best source of Vitamin-D synthesis. In other words, get your body to make your own.

I recently did a 7 Physical Causes of Ill Reading for a man in his 40s, and Sunshine came up under Neglect.

That is no surprise, since we almost all need sunshine on a regular basis, but since he is Mediterranean, it might be all the more important.

The implications for him are lifelong.

It means that for his specific body type and ancestry, sunshine is that much more important.

The sunshine, or sunbathing might be necessary all year round but some sunshine in the summer time to replenish the body would be very beneficial.

This kind of information is what helps you to achieve Vibrant Health.

Sunshine must be taken therapeutically and slowly so as not to create more ill health later.

Sunshine is also beneficial for inhibiting fungus in the body too.

Dietary Neglect

Are you following the right diet?

Dietary Methodology is perhaps the most difficult decision to make about one's lifelong health habits.

I would estimate that in about 65% of people, there is a simple diet methodology they need to follow lifelong.

For example:


Zone, or

Blood Type Diet.

Rotation Diet, Elimination Diet.

Gluten Free Diet.

Then there are temporary diets which are therapeutic in nature.

In the 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health Reading graciously provided by Andrea below, the Body Ecology Diet resonated with her.

If you have reached 40 already you know what foods you can and cannot eat on a regular basis.

But you probably don't know why you should these bad foods.

For example, it is common for Blood Type O's to be "allergic" to dairy.

Both yogurt and cheeses.

But dairy is an avoid food for Blood Type O. It just so happens you found out about this later in life.

Most people do so you are not alone.

I am not saying to follow the Blood Type Diet strictly, because following any diet without paying attention intuitively to your body's needs will most certainly cause you ill health.

If you are a Blood Type A, and you want to follow the Blood Type Diet, you may think that you should be a vegetarian. While that may be preferred from a stomach acid point of view, it may not be preferred from a nutritional point of view. You are just not a natural meat eater, being able to eat Red Meat so frequently.

I've found that the Blood Type diet is accurate in terms of my avoid foods, and super-beneficial foods too.

Those avoid foods are important to know.

The problem with the avoid foods is that if you keep eating them over and over again, you may find yourself in a state of inflammation, and with a weakened immune system.

Setting you up for dis-ease.

Some other Dietary Neglects

You might be surprised to know that some people neglect to eat any of the basic food groups:



and Fats

Neglect of Drinking The Right Water

When it comes to drinking water most people know that it needs to be filtered and that drinking tap water and expecting better health is a bad idea.

But filtered tap water usually does not have the right vibration either!

Imagine spending a good deal of money on supplements to increase your health only to find out your are not getting great results because of the Water you drink.

It's Vibration is poor...

Good Water also needs minerals, and has the right alkalinity.

Proper water is foundational to your health building program.

(So is the right Sea Salt for trace minerals.)

And you may have a choice in picking the correct water.

Some people have elaborate machines to filter water, put in the minerals again, and then adjust the vibration.

And there is a popular Spring water delivery company in the U.S. that has good quality water but has a poor vibration.

Somewhere along the delivery route this water is altered in Vibration. Ouch!

Water gives life, so it has to have the right vibration.

This vibration alteration can also happen at home to if you accidentally put Spring water (or bottled water) near an electrical outlet or a cord.

Reverend Hanna Kroeger developed a device for restoring the vibration of water.

To give it the proper electromagnetic life force again.

All you have to do is put a pitcher of water on top of it.

Find out about the Water Revitalizer here:

Get Info on the Water Revitalizer.