Do You Have A Nasty Infection Ready To Harm Your Body?


Infections can be nasty bugs to have in your body. They can even kill you and shorten your life. When you don't know you have them, and your health slowly declines, soon or later, you will need to reach for some help. But finding out what is bothering your health with hidden infections can be tough.

Do I Have an Infection?

We all expect to have big fever, and malaise that puts us in bed for days if we have an infection.

But this does not have to be so. And I'm not even talking about the pesky Candida Albicans infection.

Even finding out how to treat them, and what to take can be very difficult.

You don't want to just reach for an antibiotic, and what if it is a viral infection, what to do next?

And since you are going to have inflammation as well, what are you going to take for that?

You have probably heard of Helicobacter Pylori a bacterium discovered to inhabit the stomach, and cause excess acid. Stomach acid can go up your food pipe at night and erode it causing pain.

Infection is Cause #5 of SEVEN in Reverend Hanna Kroeger's System of Healing called the 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health.

And since the body works as a whole, there is usually more than one cause that is lurking undetected.

Like Heavy Metals, Chemical and Environmental Poisons mentioned in last month's Newsletter.

If you missed it, you will want to read about how I tossed some Heavy Metals out of my thyroid with a Vibrational Supplement from a Professional line of products I use with my clients...

We have also already covered: Cause #2: Congestion, and Cause #6: Parasites

7 Physical Causes of Ill Health

Here are Reverend Hanna Kroeger's 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health:
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  1. Neglect
  2. Congestion
  3. Trauma
  4. Environmental, Metal and Chemical Poisons
  5. Infection
  6. Parasites
  7. Miasma and Residue of Childhood Diseases

What Are Some Infections I Test For

Hepatitis C, A, B, are some viruses that cause liver-inflammation, hence called Hepa-titis viruses.

And there are some nastier viruses than those that I just won't mention.

There is a simple Herbal Based Kit with 3 parts developed by Reverend Hanna Kroeger for the Hepatitis C virus and more (not Hepatitis A, or Hepatitis B).

There's a Vibropathic™ in it called the 90-22 Vibropathic.

To refresh your memory Vibropathic's™ are 1oz liquid bottles which are charged with a frequency to get rid of something in your body.

It works like a homeopathic, if you take it in dosages per day, and for enough time then it can do its job.

The X-40 kit treats many different viruses. I promise you won't necessarily feel discomfort after taking it, but you may need a lot of rebuilding and diet change afterward though.

It's fairly inexpensive, and just requires a little focus to get it right.

I was advised to take this first off, when I first had my own reading in 1995. I was have never had Hepaitis of any kind and had medical testing to proove it. But I still tested for some viruses this X-40 Kit removed from the body.

Get Info on the X-40 Kit

Want to Avoid the Shingles Virus?

There's one thing even if you are supposedly healthy that you should be concerned about besides what I mentioned above. It is the Shingles virus.

Shingles is the condition, the 2nd outbreak of the Chicken Pox virus later on in life, usually after you are 50. It occurs in 1 in 5 people who have had chickenpox.

There's a reason you should be concerned about it:

Ask someone who has had it later on in life, usually after their 50's.

If they really want to talk about it, and tell you truth, they will tell you that it is an enormously painful condition.

Very difficult to manage.

I can guarantee you that if they knew that there was something they could take to prevent it, a series of supplements to strengthen their body, they would have easily even spent thousands of dollars. And avoided Shingles.

But looking back is always easy, when health became unpleasant. It's the forward looking part that is difficult.

There so much choice of supplements out there.

It's when you think that you are healthy and you are not really that healthy that things can go wrong.

Especially when you are spending money on supplements to keep you healthy, but then the viruses are still lurking.

I've never had the Shingles, and I would be keeping my kidneys healthy as I age (that's a hint), but I know someone who did.

Shingles has a translation in Italian which is very indicative of the pain: "Fuoco di San Antonio", Fuoco means fire, so the literal meaning is "The Fire of St. Anthony".

Get info on the Shingles Vibropathic™ in Reverend Hanna's Vibropathic™ Line.

Principle of Vibrational Resonance

In order to do any healing, the correctly resonant supplements must be chosen for some healing purpose for your body, e.g. clearing an infection.

And then you have to take them for the right amount of time, with the right amount of other supplements, in the right dosages per day.

A correctly resonant supplement is in essence able to balance your body energetically, and provides nutrients physiologically.

So to bolster your ability to keep infections away in the future, I might need to give you a supplement to Energetically bolster your Kidneys.

That's what I do for my clients in a VRSP - Vibrational Reading Supplement Plan. These last several months because there is usually a few things to take care of.

I had a lucky experience in University in Toronto, when I visited the local health food store close to where I used to live. Noah's.

Out of the blue I decided to visit a health food store for the first time, and buy a multi-vitamin mineral.

I did not know it at the time I bought it but the woman who supervised the supplements section purchased that supplement from the United States, and put it on the shelf for resale.

This was in the 1990's when cross border shopping was more difficult, and there was no Internet.

It was one of Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems' Food Grown Vitamin Mineral supplements.

It had a lot of things in it. And they were big pills.

Looking back, I think I was feeling a little bit off and wanted something to help.

Did I really feel good on that Multi-Vitamin Mineral!!!

I honestly felt like I changed into Superman: super energy.

And that is the sense of well-being that you should feel all the time too.

But unfortunately, I could not get anymore of it after my bottle was gone, because of restrictions on cross border shopping at the time.

About 3 Years later, when I attended a retreat in Washington, at Sedro Wooley, guess what was on my mind (that's how much of an impression it made on me).

I got someone to buy a bottle from town, because it still resonated with me.

But it did not give me the immediate energy I was expecting of it. I think I was expecting too much right away and it's resonance did diminish since the first time.

I did not know how to accurately dowse then, so I only took one bottle.

I should have taken 3 bottles over several months to feel the effect again.

What I was taking was the Master Nutrient System™.

It was the Herbal Botanicals in Synergy with the Vitamins and Minerals from a food grown source that made this now discontinued product so resonant.

This Energizing Support aspect of this product now appears to be reformulated and split into another product called Bright Energy™

How many times have you found a supplement that gave you an enormous boost of energy, only to find it was discontinued, or it stopped doing it's work.

How We Heal Bacterial Infections

There are a few approaches to killing bacteria.

There's the antibiotic and natural way to kill them directly, and deal with the die-off.

Like the natural use of Wild Oregano Oil for a bacterial infection, but dealing with the die-off.

Then there's the Immune Boosting aspects, or immune restoration which is used with Candida Infections to restore strength to the immunity.

And then there is disruption of Quorum Sensing called Quorum Sensing Inhibition.

Quorum sensing is the method by which bacteria signal to each other so they co-ordinate their efforts, grow bio-films and try to take over your immune system.

In practice with deeper infections, we use multiple supplements to enhance the immune system and rebuild the body.

For Women and Some Men HPV: PAP

There's a danger to many women and some men due to the Human Papilloma Virus.

It's the reason women go for routine PAP smears to check for abnormal cells.

According to Wikepedia nearly all cervical cancers are due to 2 types of HPV.

But the HPV virus is associated with many other type of cancers in the body for both men and women.

In about 50% of the 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health Readings, I find it is already a bona-fide infection.

Wreaking it's virulence.

In others it is sometimes there lurking to become an infection and cause damage.

Even if not an infection, it can be require a few supplements to eradicate it. But it must be done.

Reverend Hanna developed a formula, and also a Vibropathic™ formula to remove this virus from the body.

We also do rebuilding of the female reproductive tissues, to vibrationally enhance the tissues there. So, the tissues hum along healthfully...

This is an example where women should be feeding their reproductive tissues to keep them healthy from a young age. Even in their 20s and after pregnancy too.

You can feed these tissues through the use of a Professional Formulas purchased through me. They are called F+ :Female Plus, and Fpms.