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Just this past December 2016, I started to write about a system of Healing and Prevention that Reverend Hanna Kroeger developed that could be used to detect potential illness before it became a true medical disease, or just dis-ease.

It would make sense then that it would be dealing with causes of Ill Health, and so it is called the SEVEN Physical Causes of Ill Health.

It is such a sophisticated and comprehensive system that I have developed a well organized computer database to handle this Testing/Readings. And more modern information is continuously being added to it.

The time and funds it can save to get a 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health Reading and the supplement plan can truly be boundless.

It can deal with illness well before it manifests, and also illness after it manifests.

You will find a very recent testimonial of a 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health Reading just below.

Remember that Reverend Hanna Kroeger believed that any disease could be cured using Natural Methods.

A 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health Reading is for you if want to improve your quality of life, and ensure you are free of potential disease.

This month I am going to write about Cause #6: Parasites

What Are Reverend Hanna's 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health?

The 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health are

  1. Neglect
  2. Congestion
  3. Trauma
  4. Environmental, Metal and Chemical Poisons
  5. Infection
  6. Parasites
  7. Miasma and Residue of Childhood Diseases

In Part 1 in last month's newsletter (December 2016), I wrote some about what cause #2 in the 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health: Congestion really means in the physical world.

Briefly, I wrote about how congestion is stagnation of some bodily fluid, or of an Organ's or Glands function, or an obstruction.

I related an example of how the 7 Physical Causes can pin point earlier than a physical manifestation, Colon Congestion which can be further physically manifested as constipation.

I also mentioned a more poignant life-saving example in a 7 Physical Causes Reading: Arterial congestion which may proceed to a Heart Attack, Chest Pain (Angina), and Atherosclerosis.

There are many other anatomical sites of congestion, Thyroid, Adrenals, Brain Congestion, Liver/Gall Esophagus Congestion, Stomach Congestion, Small Intestine Congestion, Lymphatic Congestion, and even Congestion in the Reproductive System of men and women.

This month I am going to write about Parasites as a cause of Ill Health.

This 7 Physical Causes Testimonial was given after having performed a 7 Physical Causes Reading this month (January 2017).

7 Physical Causes of Ill Health Reading Testimonial: January 2017

Woman, Age: 42 years, January 2017, 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health Reading

I found Master Healer Salvatore searching the web to find help with my health which is at an all time low. I have made contact with him feeling like I didn't know which direction to turn with my illness, which has been going on for over 12 years.

We have never met but spoken by email and through the amazing technology of Skype. Not knowing what to expect at first, it was refreshing to talk to someone who considers me as a whole, not just the problem.

When I first collapsed in 2014 and ended up in hospital for 2 weeks having many tests done., the medical doctor was clueless as to why I was so fatigued and weak, just that he knew something was affecting my body but he couldn't find it.

So I was told to go home maybe it was a virus and let it wear its way out of my body. I was getting worse and so ill and not getting any answers I went on a complementary route to find answers.

The first thing I was able to find out was an overload of mercury and metals in my body through a live blood analysis.

I had been to a dentist some months previous with a little toothache and was told I had my amalgam fillings a long time and that they should be removed, not only were they removed but some new ones were put back in again. If only I knew then what I know now, it was not the right thing to do, my body was not prepared for this.

I noticed a downturn in my health but not connecting the two.

After sometime, I was advised by a practitioner to bite the bullet and have the rest of them removed through a holistic dentist. So I went on that advice and having the first filling removed I felt something strange happening to my body before I got to even get out of the dentist's chair. I ended up going into some kind of anaphylactic shock.

So after doing many therapies over the years I wasn't quite sure if the toxicity was still an issue.

This was not the only problem, I have also done a lot of travelling over the years to various different countries and know I have been bitten and picked up infection from time to time.

My diet would not have been great either so that was another knock on effect to my digestive system. By having the testing done it has revealed to me what infections are left to deal with, including parasites, viruses etc.

Over the years I have tried the medical route for help with this and was told infections were not a problem that I had chronic fatigue syndrome and this was my life now and accept it.

Wow, luckily I am a very determined person and haven't given up and did not accept this statement.

My sleep has been very disturbed from chronic pain and often have to get up during the night to urinate.

I suffer daily with ongoing right-sided pain, swelling, dizziness and am unable to work. I have difficulty concentrating and am unable to exercise because of the awful fatigue I experience.

I must admit that it's a chronic condition. It's really a tough time, struggling most days just to get through, so you can imagine I look forward to raising my energy levels and returning me back to me, and finding happiness again.

I have felt comfortable talking about my problems and Master Healer Salvatore has been great at taking a detailed history of my health. I take on board the issues, help and guidance he has to offer.

Words cannot express how grateful I am to the work he does, especially after so many referrals to different specialists and feeling like I was getting no where. There was times I must admit I would lose hope. So I am going to live for the now and leave all this in the past where it belongs.

With Master Healer Salvatore's knowledge and professionalism I look forward to starting my journey on the health program that vibrationally will work for me.


No Luck Getting Rid of Parasites?

Every so often I get a call from someone who has tried many other practitioners, but not obtained sufficient results.

It's always very sad to hear their story.

It can always be difficult to explain to someone the value of working with me, when they have not found the answers with so many other practitioners.

Just this past summer (summer 2016) I received a telephone call from an American woman in her 50's interested in working with me. She had spent much time and money trying to get rid of parasites.

Not at all successful at getting rid of the parasites.

She said to me, “I've spent over $200,000 dollars trying to get rid of the parasites!”


Unfortunately she could no longer afford to work with me to do a Professional Parasite Cleanse, or probably anyone else.

Her quality of life was still not very good because of the parasite infection.

She also mentioned that she had been a teacher and lost her career.

This whole conversation astonished me.

While I have written about the many things to cleanse parasites, even with this knowledge the do-it yourself approach is usually incorrect too.

Parasites are extremely sturdy creatures, and if you don't get all the information specifically for you: dietary, lifestyle, and take the right amount of supplements, in the correct dosages, and leave something out to undermine killing them, then it will not get rid of 100% of them!

Getting Rid of Parasites: Like Climbing Mt. Everest!

I like to think of the difficulty of performing a proper parasite cleanse to achieve much better health, like a person trying to climb Mount Everest with very little preparation, training (fitness), gear, and hardly much of a plan. Not much of a chance of success in this case!

I give you the plan, in the form of a Vibrational Reading Supplement Plan (VRSP). The Preparation is detox, and drainage of heavy metals, or other poisons. The training is the rebuilding and re-energizing of the organs. And the gear is knowing what foods to pick and ensuring your digestion is good enough. And then you do in Stages.

Mount Everest is of course, the highest mountain in the world.

So, for example, trying to kill parasites, with just pumpkin seeds, or apple cider vinegar is like trying to climb Mount Everest with a pair or shorts and a short sleeved shirt in the winter.

Climbing Mount Everest is just as difficult as getting Great Health

In other words, you are bound to get hurt, if you keep thinking you are going to be successful.

In fact most of what other people do won't even get rid of 10% of them, speaking of nematodes, or roundworms of course. I can guarantee you that!

One missing piece of the puzzle, and I can absolutely guarantee you that you won't even get rid of 10% of them!

And what's worse: you will definitely degrade your health in the process!

Two missing pieces of the puzzle, and I can also guarantee you won't even get rid of even 1% of them, and all you may experience is just a huge back lash from them!

A missing piece of the puzzle might be not supporting or under-supporting that certain organ, such as the Kidneys, while you cleanse, therefore ending up not having success.

A second piece might be failing to understand and be very clear on the therapeutic nature of your diet. And usually this is removing foods which can degrade your immune system's fighting of them. Staying on the same group of foods you usually eat and have good digestion with. That piece is a lot more complex than I can explain here, and individualized for each client.

And being able to successfully start a cleanse assumes that your body is rebuilt, and re-energized sufficiently before hand.

Any adult who has ever tried to get rid of pinworms knows how difficult it is, but there are other more nasty and sturdy ones such as Necator Americanus, and Whipworm that are much more difficult to remove.

Having worked with enough people, and knowing they are well hidden, and a cause of Ill Health, I know that following a unique Vibrational Reading Supplement Plan builds up to killing all of them, providing your body with what it needs to cope with die-off, and detoxification but if some piece of information is missing, or the program is incomplete, then the whole cleanse will be incomplete.

Just trying to kill parasites without considering how to process die-off and the effect it has on your body will guarantee failure!

I frankly would not be able to help a person who has them, get rid of them so easily and steadily unless I could determine through my Vibrational Testing, the correct supplements, and the plan.

And of course, fully discuss a therapeutic diet with the client.

Some people who just don't have the time, and want to continue working, just end up taking the appropriate Protein Powder to keep the bile flowing.

Each person is so unique. And each person's supplement plan (what I call Vibrational Reading Supplement Plans) is also quite sophisticated.

Organ Energy Deficit Brings Symptoms

People usually have such organ Energy Deficits having tried to get well, whether there is a Candida Infection, Parasite Infection, or Chronic Viral infection that they have inadvertently degraded their own organ energy previously trying to get better.

And then they have further symptoms of malaise that is something that can keep you in a state of pessimistic thoughts and talk.

The difficulty with going right ahead and doing some parasite cleanse, or viral cleanse, or candida cleanse then is to rebuild and re-energize the organs, and glands, but the thoughts have to be taken care of first.

When this energy deficit is low enough very uncomfortable symptoms result.

Most Cleansing takes up organ energy, and failed cleanses, and taking supplements that require energy to process them rather than enhance well-being will only cause further organ energy imbalance.

That is why herbal healing with the right Energetic formulas is needed.

Getting Out of Pessimistic Thinking

I mentioned how being in an Organ Energy Deficit or Energy Imbalance will often result in negative thinking or pessimistic thinking because of the symptoms of ill health.

It is only through shifting your thoughts, perhaps doing more positive Affirmation work, visualizing what you want being there already, feeling well in spite of not being well, Vibrating wellness, that the path is cleared to get well.

It is going from pessimistic thinking, to optimistic thinking, to positively expecting success, to joy.

It is believing that you can be well, and succeeding!!!

7 Physical Causes of Ill Health Reading Provides a Complete Picture

The 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health Reading provides a more complete and rounded picture of your health status. It is a Reading and Supplement Plan that requires a long-term commitment of at least 7 months. Often times for someone in their 50's who has not done much significant Natural Healing, and is not so healthy it is even lengthier.

View A Real 7 Physical Causes Reading From a Previous Client

Andrea was an excellent client of mine who did extensive Healing with a 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health Reading.

Here's a link to Andrea's 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health Reading pdf graciously provided.

Andrea requested this Reading when she was 43, and healed Chemical Sensitivity, Trauma, and Multiple Parasite Infection and got some very astounding results that surprised me.

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